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  • What are some of the benefits of playing paintball? (Part 1)

    Aloha my avid and enthusiastic readers! If you’re browsing this article and asked yourself this question, you’re in luck! Weather you’re a new player or looking into this exciting, diverse and unique game for someone else, you are interested but still curious what the total draw is. You get it, people get to shoot at their friends with paint filled projectiles, but is there something more? Well you found the right spot to school yourself with some knowledge you may not have considered! Sports are great to have fun playing, but also something we consider doing or getting our families into for added benefits, like team building and fitness. Paintball is a unique game/sport that is unlike any other activity, with several different variables that offer a ton of benefits to your life! Keep playing this game, and you’ll not only find yourself having a blast and looking forward to your next outing, but also improving other aspects of yourself as well!

    Paintball offers a countless amount of benefits, but today I’ll be sharing with you some of the most important more general things you can expect to gain by learning to play the game! The first one and most obvious is that it keeps you active and improves your health. Are you bored and restless from playing video games or watching TV? In order to play paintball, you have to be at the very least, somewhat active! It will get you outside (or at least out of the house to a large indoor field), and moving. Any version of the game/sport will have you running or at least moving from bunker or obstacle to the next one. You’ll get the benefits of fresh air, and physical activity all day long that helps keep you active and healthy. The adrenaline rush and constant increase of your heart rate is great for your cardiovascular health as the excitement of the game keeps your blood pumping at a much higher level then most leisure activities. To play the speedball sport version of the game, you’ll be tasked to act even more physically. Strap on your paintball pads and get ready to test your body with a lot of physical movement! Players are constantly sprinting, and diving around, and playing tight in bunkers often means holding yoga like poses that are great for flexibility, stretching, and muscle strength. Some games can go for several minuets, which will allow you to slowly develop more and more stamina and core strength through the holding of these difficult positions, holding your marker up, and controlling your breathing. And playing game after game will increase your cardio, endurance level and ability to recover! Take all of the physical parts of the game, and combine them with a warm day, full protective gear, and the weight of your pod pack filled with paint, and you have a really fun, but active, calorie burning, limit pushing, movement filled activity that is guaranteed to leave you exhausted and satisfied at the end of a long day! Do this all the time and you could see how you can become quite fit! Paintball helps with strength, speed, flexibility, cardio, burning fat, and breathing, which make its “get active” quality one of the best benefits!

    Another great benefit that committing to paintball will surely bring is in work and practice ethic! This is crucial not only for this and other sports, but also a great trait to develop toward your everyday life in everything you do. Anyone can play paintball, and have a blast regardless of how well or poorly they are doing. From my experience bringing out hundreds of players and seeing thousands more, that is almost a guarantee! There is something so exciting and fun about firing balls down field and getting the heat of shots returned back at you that is the initial magnet that sucks us all in. However, it’s a lot more fun to consistently be able to eliminate other players, and of course win games. In order to do this, players have a ton of work to put in to improve their abilities in a massive array of different areas of the game. “To master any physical activity requires 10,000 hours of time doing it” I’ve found this to be true myself in nearly anything I’ve done. To get good at paintball takes a lot of practice, but like anything else, to master it takes that much time for it to become unconscious muscle memory. What that means is, when you want to make a move, you no longer have to think about what steps your body must take to execute the move or what the best way to do it is. At that point, your form is perfect, you know where your shot is going, and your timing is down to the point that performing the physical move will be automatic when you recognize that you must do it.

    To do this you will have to develop good work and practice ethic. The first part of that benefit is around overall work ethic. To play the game well, lets say well enough to be on a local beginner team, you’ll have to develop traits like dependability, and reliability. Just like with a high end marker, these are things you must develop in yourself to perform well at anything. Practices have to be attended so you’ll find yourself needing to be responsible enough to be at most every practice and building up this area of dedication and responsibility. You also have to be ON TIME to practice, so that your teammates aren’t waiting for you and your not losing time to play. This is a great benefit to have and work on, as it will translate to areas of life like getting and keeping jobs.

    The second part of this is practice ethic. In order to improve at these skill sets, you will have to learn how to practice properly and practice hard! Running and gunning at a football-sized target 100 feet and hitting it, is not a skill that comes easily! Going through the motions and half effort execution will not help you improve. Consciously working on improving your form, speed, accuracy and movements will improve your skill and help you win games. Doing this often and consistently will have you improving exponentially, and this is something you will find to hold true in nearly every aspect of life! By practicing to improve at the game itself, the sport is secretly teaching you how to commit and practice toward your goals in life!

    Staying active and learning work ethic are just the first few awesome benefits of Paintball! Stay tuned for the more mental side in part 2!