Interview with Chris Jansen from Boom Paintball

By Kevin Rudulph

Boom was able to make it to Sunday for their first time as a professional paintball team, how did that feel and what did the team do differently to make Sunday?

The feeling is hard to describe but I would say it made you feel like all the hard work, time away from family, and money spent was worth every bit of it!

We didn't change much other than going back to the basics that worked so well for us in divisional play. We practiced a ton and made sure everyone knew their jobs. We also tried to have more fun with it because when your having fun the little things don't matter as much and you play better. We also cut the roster size down to 7 and I went back to coaching and playing which are all things we did during the divisional years.

How did Rob end up on your 2017 draft board?

Rob used to play for us so we always kept in contact and that made it easy to make this deal happen.

How will rob contribute to the team?

Rob is one of the best all around players and that's exactly what we were missing.

Rob has shown he can play just about anywhere on the field, What position do think he will play for Boom?

I plan to have him play a bit of every position but especially wherever we may be struggling during a match.

What does 2017 look and feel like for Boom?

We feel we are definitely moving in the right direction and the guys believe we can beat anyone and they are finally playing that way. This will be a great year for our whole organization top to bottom!

Talk about your divisional teams. You have more divisional teams than most programs and I think it's great for paintball. How do you do it, and give some advice to other paintball team coaches / managers out there.

I take great pride in our whole organization. I truly want to grow paintball and this is my way of doing that. I work hard to keep everyone happy which is almost impossible at times given so many different personalities…lol. I spend countless hours every day on the phone with our players and sponsors. We offer some of the best pricing for our players for their gear, practice paint, and so on which is important because we all know how expensive paintball can be. Having so many lines is awesome because at practice each squad can help in different ways. Allowing us ALL to continue growing as a whole. My time along with all the other leaders are completely donated. I don't charge any monthly fees, nor do we up charge packages or paint. I believe each line should split costs evenly and never have to pay for the "upper" lines. Those few things really help to have a strong large organization. We have players from all over the United States but we are based out of the Midwest and now have a large branch in California. It's important to surround yourself with players that want to be there and are willing to help grow the organization in a positive image. We have some of the most loyal and talented players in the United States and that makes everything worth it!

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Most exciting moment from 2016?

100% hands down making Sunday for the first time in the pro division.

I need to give a huge shoutout to our sponsors because without them this would be impossible!

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The Siege Paintball

Ohare Indoor Paintball Park