10 Best Airsoft Christmas Gifts

10 Best Airsoft Christmas Gifts!

It's already stressful when the holidays come around and your Christmas shopping list is packed with the names of friends and family you love to find thoughtful, useful gifts for that signify your love! It's even more difficult should one of your loved ones enjoy airsoft - especially for those who don't also play! Let Valken take the worry out of your airsoft Christmas shopping with some of the best airsoft Christmas gifts available this holiday season, so you can get back to socks, underwear and fruitcake!

Airsoft Christmas Gifts!


Valken ASL Mod M Airsoft Rifle

Valken ASL Mod M Airsoft Gun

A full-featured airsoft rifle packed with features that any airsoft player is certain to love as a gift this holiday season that also happens to feature a great price? The Valken ASL Mod M airsoft rifle is packed with standard features like adjustable hopup, fully automatic and semi-automatic firing modes, a standard 300 round hi-cap M4-style magazine, a threaded barrel, an adjustable stock and plenty of sight and accessory rails for the addition of anything from a site or scope to a foregrip, light, laser or anything else a player might need, and it looks the part as an authentic M4-style carbine too! A great airsoft rifle for a new airsoft player or anyone looking to get into battle and keep a few bucks for BB’s in their pocket, the Valken ASL Mod M electric airsoft rifle is a great holiday gift that will keep on giving!

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Valken AP92 GBB Airsoft Pistol

Valken AP92 Airsoft Pistol

While you’re giving the gift of airsoft this holiday season, why not give that airsoft player you love a little versatility too? The Valken AP92 airsoft pistol, while already packed with features like accessory rails, a threaded barrel and a compensator, features the unique ability to switch between CO2 cartridge and Green Gas operation by swapping the magazine, allowing the airsoft action to continue if the green gas or the CO2 cartridges run short! Versatile, stylish and offering impressive performance, the gift of a gas blowback airsoft pistol has never looked or worked better with the Valken AP92 pistol!

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Valken Airsoft Revolver

Valken Airsoft Revolver

With a cool look, like nothing else in the game of airsoft, the Valken Airsoft revolver is a feature-packed airsoft pistol that makes an amazing gift this Christmas season. Offering a six in barrel with plenty of sight and accessory rails for everything from lights and lasers to a scope or sight and powered by CO2, the Valken Airsoft revolver is a true six-shooter, holding airsoft BB’s in brass cartridges and functioning in either single or double action. Rugged, functional and looking like nothing else in airsoft, the Valken Airsoft revolver is certain to make any airsoft shooter smile when they find it under the tree!

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Valken Airsoft BB's

Valken Accelerate Pro Match Airsoft BB’s

It’s pretty simple, really: airsoft players shoot airsoft BB’s back and forth at one-another until someone gets hit and leaves the game. That means every airsoft player always needs airsoft BB’s and Valken Accelerate Pro Match BB’s are some of the very best! Available in various quantities and weights to suit any airsoft player’s loadout and budget, Valken Accelerate Pro Match .20gram airsoft BB’s are biodegradeable and are polished to feed and shoot consistently. For the airsoft operator you’re shopping for, there’s no simpler or better airsoft Holiday gift than Valken Airsoft BB’s!

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Valken Airsoft Green Gas

Valken Airsoft Green Gas

Airsoft players with GBB or Gas Blowback airsoft pistols always need the power sources that makes their gun go bang – green gas. Valken Airsoft Green Gas makes a great holiday gift for the airsoft operator on your list because it’s something anyone with a GBB airsoft gun always needs! Available in various quantities from a single can to a case of airsoft green gas cans, Valken Airsoft Green gas is safe and even provides lubrication to critical seals and o-rings within gas blowback airsoft pistols!

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Valken Zulu Thermal Airsoft Goggles

Valken Zulu Thermal Airsoft Goggles

Is there a better gift this holiday shopping season than the gift of clear, safe, fog-free vision? Valken has it and you can give it to the airsoft player on your shopping list this holiday season, when you give the gift of Valken Zulu thermal airsoft goggles! These durable, thermal airsoft goggles from Valken are comfortable, protect the eyes from incoming airsoft BB’s and offer an adjustable strap for added comfort. Stylish, fog-free and available with yellow, clear or smoke lenses to suit any tactical environment the operator on your list might encounter from indoor play to bright sunshine or the woods, Valken Zulu thermal airsoft goggles make a great gift this season!

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Valken Bravo Gloves

Valken Bravo Gloves

An airsoft BB to the fingers or the back of the hand isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world, especially when the shootout’s happening during the winter months! Keep the airsoft operator on your Christmas list a little warmer, with an added degree of hand protection with a pair of Valken Bravo tactical airsoft gloves this season! Simple yet packed with features at an amazing price, Valken Bravo gloves are comfortable, help a shooter keep a firm grip on their airsoft gun and offer a little extra warmth and protection during airsoft games in the winter!

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Valken Red Dot Sight

Valken RDA20 Mini Red Dot Sight

If the airsoft player on your holiday shopping list does their battling in CQB or intense close quarters combat, a Valken RDA20 mini red dot sight makes the perfect addition to their loadout! A lightweight yet rugged airsoft red dot sight that is ready to drop onto almost any airsoft rifle or carbine’s sight rail, the Valken RDA20 uses a CR1620 battery to illuminate the adjustable red dot and is available in black or tan to match or accent anyone’s combat loadout! For quick target acquisition at close or medium range in airsoft combat, there’s nothing better than the affordable Valken RDA20 mini red dot sight!

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Valken Variable Zoom Scope

Valken Variable Zoom Scope

Gift the gift of long-range accuracy this holiday season with a Valken Variable zoom airsoft scope! Featuring 1-4x20 variable zoom capability for a clear view of the battlefield at almost any range at which an engagement might occur, the Valken Airsoft Rifle Scope even includes a mount so it’s ready to drop right onto almost any airsoft rifle or carbine and get sighted in! Help the airsoft player on your Christmas list put effective aimed fire downrange and reach out and touch someone with the Valken Variable Zoom airsoft rifle scope!

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