10 Best Paintball Christmas Gifts

10 Best Paintball Christmas Gifts

With the holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah come the joy of giving and receiving gifts from those we love. But if the ones we love play paintball, sometimes the desire to find them the best paintball Christmas gift or a great paintball Hanukkah gift hits the speedbump of having no idea where to start, especially if the one buying doesn’t play! Valken has compiled a list of some of the best paintball Christmas gifts and great paintball holiday gifts to help shoppers zero in on the best Christmas gift for a paintball player in their family!

Valken Profit SC Thermal Paintball Goggles

Valken Profit Snap Click Thermal Paintball Goggles

If you play paintball then you know, but if you aren’t a paintball player and you’re looking to give a wonderful gift to the paintball player in your family, one of the best gifts you can give this season is the gift of clear, comfortable vision. Fogged paintball goggles are a plague among the new paintball players of the world, due to the use of inexpensive paintball goggles that use a single-pane lens to protect the player’s eyes. A single pane paintball goggle lens is prone to fog due to all that heavy breathing a player does while enjoying the intense physical activities of running, sliding, diving, crawling, creeping and shooting it out that come with paintball! Not to mention the fact that inexpensive or entry-level paintball goggles use firmer face foam that isn’t as comfortable as higher-end goggles. A fogged goggle isn’t just a nuisance. A fogged paintball goggle lens IS a nuisance, yes, but once a player’s goggle is fogged the temptation to take it off to clear that fog is a dangerous thing, as paintball goggle should absolutely positively never be removed during play. All that can be solved with the advent of a good pair of paintball goggles with comfy face foam and a thermal goggle lens!

A thermal goggle lens utilizes a two-pane design, essentially two lenses separated by a small air pocket that allows the warm air to flow through and out of the goggle rather than causing fog. Most thermal goggles are also higher-end pieces of paintball gear, meaning the face foam is generally more comfortable, making wearing the paintball goggle all day a much better experience. So give the gift of comfort and fog-free vision this holiday season, the Valken Profit Snap Click thermal paintball goggle is a great choice thanks to its thermal, fog-free lens, comfortable and easily replaced face foam, adjustable goggle straps for comfort and safety and a clean, tight profile that’s less of a target than other, larger goggle systems. Affordable yet packed with features, comfortable, fog-free and available in black, red/black or black/blue to suit almost any playing style, the Valken Profit Snap Click paintball goggle is a gift that will keep giving long after Christmas has passed!

Valken Bravo Gloves

Valken Bravo Paintball Gloves

Getting shot in the knuckles is something every paintball player has to deal with, but no paintball player loves. We’ve talked to tens of thousands of paintball players and getting shot in the knuckles or fingers with a paintball ranks right up there with a trip to the dentist for a root canal. So give a gift that will soften the blow this holiday season, the gift of affordable paintball gloves! A pair of paintball gloves provides protection from incoming paintballs, it’s true, but that’s not all, as they also offer a little warmth on cooler days, and protect the wearer’s hands while they do all that sliding, crawling, diving and banging into things on the paintball field.

Valken Bravo paintball gloves offer lightweight, comfortable hand protection to paintball players and are ideal for tournament, recreational or scenario players. Simple but well-made, Valken Bravo gloves don’t hinder movement or fast trigger pulling, put put a layer of lightweight protection between the knuckles and incoming paintballs or the edges of rough bunkers or other cover, and protect the palms while sliding and diving. Comfortable, breathable and flexible, Valken Bravo gloves make a great paintball Christmas gift!

Valken Tech-T

Valken Tech-T

Playing paintball can get messy in a lot of ways. From splatter and spray of paintballs and shell to dirt, mud, grass stain, turf grime and even dripping sweat during hot weather play, paintball is a game that always demands a change of clothes because nobody wants that in their car for the ride home, or wants to dress that way heading into a restaurant for dinner after the game. Then there’s the idea that we like to represent the paintball brands we love when we’re not playing, at the gym, at work, at school or just out and about! A Valken Tech-T makes a great paintball Christmas Gift!

Super soft and extremely comfortable thanks to its lightweight, moisture-wicking materials, the Valken Tech-T line offers unique styles and colors that are ideal for wearing at the paintball field or away from it, doing almost anything while representing the brand, and the game, your paintball player loves! Available in a full range of sizes to fit just about any paintball player male or female, old or young, large or small, an affordable but stylish, comfortable Valken Paintball tech-t won’t fade or shrink and will gift the gift of comfortable style every single time the paintball player in your family pulls it on, so think Valken Tech-T for an affordable paintball Christmas gift!

Valken Alpha4 Paintball Harness

Valken Alpha 4 Paintball Harness

New paintball players, or those on a tight budget, often simply play the game of paintball with however many paintballs their hopper holds – generally around 200 paintballs. While that in and of itself isn’t generally a problem, it can become a problem pretty quickly if opponents on the field are more experienced players, who carry plenty of extra paintballs loaded into paintball pods and carried in a paintball pack or paintball harness word around their waist. A paintball pod pack can hold from two pods to as many as eleven pods or more, allowing a paintball player to reload and stay in the fight again and again! When faced with players carrying hundreds of extra paintballs, giving the gift of a paintball harness and the added firepower that it offers the new paintball player on your Christmas list might be a great idea, and for the money there’s no more affordable yet feature-packed paintball harness than the Valken Alpha4!

Lightweight yet durable and holding four 140 round pods vertically behind the wearer’s back, the Valken Alpha4 paintball harness features a comfortable, adjustable belt and an air mesh back pad for added comfort and to help keep the paintball pods in place while the player runs, slides, crawls and enjoys the game of paintball. Each paintball pod is held securely by a rugged pod strap and ejects quickly for reloading thanks to elastic pod ejector straps, making reloading faster and more efficient. The best feature of the Valken Alpha 4 paintball harness, by far, is its price, at around twenty dollars! Just remember to grab a few Valken flick-lid paintball pods to make the Valken Alpha4 paintball harness a great paintball holiday gift!

Valken Phantom Backpack

Valken Phantom Backpack

At a very base level, paintball players have stuff. All kinds of stuff. Paintball stuff like paintball guns, paintball goggles, paintball barrel covers and paintball tools, a paintball loader and an air tank, for example. But paintball players also have other stuff, like schoolbooks or work items like a pad or a laptop computer, gym clothes and water bottles, etcetera. Add to this that paintball players often travel to play the game of paintball and what you have is a person who needs a stylish, versatile and comfortable way to carry stuff around: that’s where the Valken Phantom Backpack comes in! Give the gift of a durable, stylish and useful paintball backpack that can be used anywhere from school or work to the gym, the paintball field and the airport to carry almost anything and you’ve got a great paintball Christmas gift any paintball player is sure to love!

Lightweight yet rugged, stylish and packed with features, the Valken Phantom Backpack is the perfect companion on any journey, whether used for school, to hit the gym, or to fly across country to compete in a paintball tournament! Carry a laptop or pad, sunglasses, books, a change of clothes or anything else in convenient comfort along with a water bottle or just about anything else a paintball player, student or anyone on the go might need and look good doing it. For a paintball Christmas gift that will continue to give to the paintball player in your life long after the snows of Chirstmas have melted away, the Valken Phantom Backpack makes a great gift!

Valken Attack Jogger Paintball Pants

Valken Attack Jogger Paintball Pants

Paintball players are after style and that’s a fact. They’re also rough on their paintball clothes and that’s tough on their style. Paintball players are always crawling, sliding, diving, kneeling, squatting and doing things that put a great deal of stress on a pair of paintball pants, so a new pair is always a great thing to have and an amazing gift. Plus, timing is everything and the hottest trend in paintball pants currently is the jogger style! Jogger-style paintball pants offer a more athletic, tapered cut that the older, baggier straight-legged paintball pants used for years. Joggers are generally lighter, more comfortable, cooler but offer less features as the trade-off. Valken Attack Jogger paintball pants offer all the athleticism of the jogger cut, but do it all while maintaining a full list of features offered by more heavy-duty paintball pants – the perfect combination!

Valken Attack Jogger pants offer elastic ankle cuffs and a lightweight, jogger-style fit but also offer knee and groin padding, an adjustable waistband, plenty of ventilation and both squeegee/swab pockets and front pockets for ID cards, tools or other items. Available in a full range of sizes to suit almost any paintball player big or small, male or female, young or old, give the gift of style, performance and a fresh new pair of paintball pants this holiday with Valken Attack Jogger paintball pants!

Valken Graffiti Paintballs

If there was one single, solitary item every paintball player always needs, it’s more paintballs. Good paintballs. Accurate paintballs. Consistent paintballs. Round paintballs. Paintballs that break on target but not in a paintball gun. Paintballs that make a bright mark. Valken Graffiti paintballs, respected around the paintball world for their consistency, accuracy, reliability and quality, make a great paintball Christmas gift.

Valken Graffiti paintballs shoot straight, they break on targets near and far, they leave a bright mark and they even clean up easily thanks to their environmentally friendly composition. Valken Graffiti’s consistently round shell make them an ideal paintball for all styles of paintball play, from recreational games to scenario and magfed paintball and even tournament paintball, where accuracy and consistent reliability are everything! Give the paintball player in your family the gift of straight shooting, reliable, fresh, high quality Valken Graffiti paintballs!

Valken Circle Hoodie Sweatshirt

Valken Circle Hoodie

Who doesn’t have room in their closet for another warm, soft, comfortable hoodie sweatshirt? Especially a paintball hoodie sweatshirt like the Valken Circle Hoodie! The Valken Circle full-zip hoodie is a great addition to any paintball player’s wardrobe now that the weather’s cooled off! Whether heading to and from the field in the chill of the morning or once the sun drops behind the trees after a long day at the field, or for wearing to school, the gym, to work or a long drive, a warm, soft, comfortable Valken Circle Hoodie makes a great paintball gift any player at any level of the game will appreciate!

Offered in a subtle grey color that goes with anything, the Valken Circle hoodie is a full-zip style with handwarmer pockes up front and the Valken Circle logo on the chest to make sure everyone sees you supporting your favorite paintball brand! Warm, soft and comfortable, ideal as an outer layer for the gym or school, or under a heavier jacket for working or spending long hours outside, the Valken Circle paintball hoodie is nothing less than the gift of warm comfort this holiday season!

Valken TR50 Paintball Revolver

Valken Combat Grey TR50 Paintball Revolver

Though serious tournament players might not have much use for one, a paintball revolver like the Combat Grey edition of the Valken TR50 paintball revolver is a lot of fun to shoot and ideal as a backup gun or tactical training gun for a magfed paintball player or paintball player who loves paintball scenario games! Whether it’s a sidearm for a hard-core tactical mag-fed paintball operator or something for back yard plinking fun, the Valken Combat Grey TR50 paintball revolver by Umarex is a great paintball Christmas gift!

A light, simple .50 caliber paintball revolver made by Umarex and offered by Valken in a Combat Grey color you can’t get anywhere else, the TR50 feeds from 6-round .50 caliber paintball rotary clips that swap out quickly for fast reloads, and operates via a 12 gram CO2 cartridge inserted into the grip. One of the most affordable paintball pistols available in the modern marketplace, the combat grey TR50 will shoot .50 caliber paintballs or .50 caliber reusable rubber balls, ideal for back-yard plinking or target practice and is easy to get up and running thanks to its 12 gram CO2 power source.

Valken M17 MagFed Paintball Gun

Valken M17 Mag-Fed Paintball Gun

Give the gift of mag-fed tactical paintball performance this holiday season with the Valken M17! Magazine-fed paintball is growing constantly with more players joining the ranks every weekend thanks to the unique challenges of magfed paintball, like the limited amount of paintballs players are able to carry, forcing them to make every single shot count, and the realism of the equipment, lending itself to a real-life tactical video game experience! A rugged, full-featured yet affordable magazine-fed paintball gun, the M17 is a great way for any player to break into the world of serious magfed paintball, tactical paintball and scenario paintball! 

Able to feed and shot both .68 caliber round paintballs like Valken Graffiti or .68 caliber First Strike fin-stabilized rounds right out of the box, the Valken M17 offers versatility and plenty of Picatinny accessory rails for the mounting of everything from a scope along the top to lights, sights, foregrips and lasers to suit any specific mission loadout or gear preference. Firing in semi-automatic mode or, for mag-dumping fun, fully automatic unlike most other mag-fed paintball guns, the M17 is a powerhouse paintball gun that runs on compressed air. For a mag-fed tactical paintball gun gift that truly can’t be beat, choose the Valken M17!

Valken Paintball Christmas Gifts!




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