2021 Major Paintball Events!

Paintball event calendar

2021 Major Paintball Events!

The 2021 Paintball Season is officially upon us! With paintball events actually happening again after a disappointing year of lockdowns and cancelations, paintball tournament promoters and major scenario event producers are cautiously releasing their schedules for thousands of paintball players anxious to come out of hibernation and play the game we love! Whether you’re a tournament paintball player ready to get back to the grind, or a tactical woodsball player looking for scenario games and events to play for fun and camaraderie among hundreds and even thousands of friends, it’s almost time to get out and play again!

NXL 2021 Event Schedule


The National XBall League promotes professional paintball in the United States and hosts teams from around the world! This is where top professional teams like Dynasty, Houston Heat, the Red Legion, the Ironmen, Edmonton Impact, San Antonio X-Factor and our own sponsored team, Columbus LVL compete multiple times a year to determine event and national series titles. These teams and these players are the best in the game and showcase their skills in an XBall format designed to test the mental and physical toughness of each and every paintball athlete when they step on the field, along with their paintball gear. The NXL also hosts divisional competitions at each event giving serious players and teams the opportunity to compete on the national level, earn trophies and rank up as far as they can go!  

New for 2021, the NXL will host both amateur open events, and major events where the pros will play, as the season marches towards the legendary Paintball World Cup. Pro and Semi-Pro teams will compile scores based on based upon their order of finish at all 4 NXL major events, while season scores for amateur teams, in divisions 2 through 4, will be tabulated based on 3 event scores with any combination of major and amateur events.

NXL 2021 Events

Dallas, Texas – March 19-21 – Amateur Open 

Kissimmee, Florida – April 30 – May 2 – NXL Major

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – June 25-27 – NXL Major

Sacramento, California – August 13-15 – Amateur Open

Chicago, Illinois – September 17-19 – NXL Major 

Kissimmee, Florida – November 11-14 – WORLD CUP

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Fulda Gap paintball


The Fulda Gap scenario event has been a steadily-growing, must-attend paintball scenario event and festival for years and 2021 is likely to be yet another amazing year for this fun yet challenging paintball scenario game! Based on a Cold War turned Hot, World War 3 scenario in which the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact came charging into western Europe through an area called the Fulda Gap, with the United States and NATO forces charged with stemming the tide and holding back the onslaught, the game is hosted by the incredible Command Decisions paintball facility, with its rolling acres of challenging terrain, woods, urban combat, firebases, bunkers and a ridiculous number of paintball tanks that wage armored paintball warfare across the landscape!

A large vendor presence with numerous vendors is always expected at the Fulda Gap paintball scenario game, with all kinds of paintball gear for sale along with tech support, food, drinks and even Charity, as the Make a Wish Foundation has found a loving and supportive home at Fulda Gap thanks to some remarkable paintball people who just keep right on giving and making the world a better place! If you’ve been to Fulda Gap, you already know why this is an amazing paintball event, and if you haven’t gone yet, don’t miss another Fulda Gap Scenario game!

Fulda Gap (Paintball) – November 5-7, 2021 

Command Decisions – North Carolina

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Skirmish ION event


Skirmish is one of American paintball’s storied destinations, operating since the 80’s and growing to become host to acre upon acre of amazing paintball experiences for new and experienced players from tournaments to scenario games! Home to one of the world’s largest games of paintball, the epic Skirmish Invasion of Normandy game, now known simply as Skirmish ION, is a yearly pilgrimage for players at every level of the game and members of the industry! As many as four thousand paintball players have blasted away at each other at Skirmish ION, playing paintball for an epic weekend and camping in the Pennsylvania Poconos.

For those who have charged across the beaches of Normandy at Skirmish, or played as one of the Germans tasked with holding the invading Americans, Canadians and British forces back as they surge out of landing craft, you know the rush of seemingly millions of paintballs flying back and forth at once as bagpipe music and colored smoke float through the air. If you haven’t attended a Skirmish ION paintball game, you’ll get another chance in July 2021 when the Skirmish Invasion of Normandy plays out again! This is a true paintball bucket list event that every serious paintball player should experience at least once!

Skirmish Invasion of Normandy – July 9-11, 2021 

Skirmish - Pennsylvania

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Iron City Classic 2021


It’s rare, even in paintball, that a single event comes to directly and remarkably define an entire segment or type of paintball, but the Iron City Classic does just that. Promoted by the late Tim Montressor, a beloved longtime professional player and member of the paintball industry, the Iron City Classic brought paintball playing legends and champions out of retirement to play alongside a new generation of competitive players in ten-man classic paintball games on hyperball, mounds fields and woodsball fields at Urban Assault near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The idea snowballed due to the love, nostalgia and intense competition of the event, along with its amazing “feel-good” atmosphere, and mechanical “classic” paintball exploded! ICC events since have sold out in mere seconds, with dozens of five and ten-man teams scrambling for spots! Now a major part of Tim Montressor’s remarkable legacy in paintball, the Iron City Classic will return in 2021 and is likely to be one of the great successes of the 2021 paintball season!

Iron City Classic: July 30-Aug 1, 2021

Urban Assault - Pennsylvania

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