2021 Valken Paintball Christmas Wish List

Valken paintball Christmas gifts

Valken Paintball Christmas Wish List!

Paintball Gifts the Valken Team Wishes Were Under Our Tree!

With Black Friday 2021 and the Christmas and holiday shopping season rapidly approaching, the wish list for paintball Christmas gifts is sure to be a long one! Valken has all the best paintball guns, new gear and the very best paintballs in the world that are sure to make the paintball player on your Christmas list happy! Give the gift of paintball this holiday season with paintball Christmas gifts from Valken! Valken’s 2021 Holiday paintball wish list is packed with the best paintball gear to give or receive this Christmas season!

Red TM40 Luxe Paintball Gun

Luxe TM40

The newest and best version of the legendary Luxe paintball gun that’s won title after title and numerous tournaments on the professional level in the hands of top teams like Houston Heat is the TM40 Luxe. Named in honor of the late professional paintball player and Iron City Classic event promotor Tim Montressor, the TM40 Luxe offers amazing, low-pressure performance, spool valve accuracy, quiet shooting, simple maintenance and an unmistakable look that’s good enough for some of the very best players in the world, like Ryan Moorhead and Tyler Harmon! If money’s no object for the paintball player on your Christmas list, give the gift of legendary pro-level performance and give the Luxe TM40!

Field One Force Paintball Gun

Field One Force

The most successful professional paintball team of all time, legendary team Dynasty, are surging again thanks to their recent 2021 National XBall League World Cup win! The Dynasty Dragon is breathing fire again and the paintball gun they used to win their latest World Cup title is the Field 1 Force! Light, accurate, fast and reliable, the Field One Force has proven itself on the pro level as more than capable of shooting it out with Planet Eclipse, Luxe, Shocker and MacDev paintball guns and winning! If the paintball player on your holiday shopping list is looking for a high-end, high-performance, tournament paintball gun but wants to stand out in the crowd, give the gift used by legendary champions this Christmas – the Field 1 Force paintball gun!

Planet Eclipse Geo4 paintball gun

Planet Eclipse Geo4

Some paintball guns just hit different. In the Planet Eclipse lineup, most of the top pros are using the CS2 Pro, but players in the know remember the smooth shot and all-around performance of the Geo line as the pinnacle of Eclipse performance and prefer it to their Gamma Core offerings. To that end, Eclipse offers the latest in the Eclipse Geo lineup, the Eclipse Geo4! Light, sleek, low-pressure, accurate and smooth-shooting, the Eclipse Geo 4 delivers pro level performance to players who take their paintball seriously and demand a paintball gun that delivers accuracy and a gentle touch on even the most brittle paintballs. Reliable and backed by legendary Eclipse customer service, selecting Planet Eclipse is always a good idea and with the Eclipse Geo4 paintball gun, it only gets better! No paintball player could be unhappy finding an Eclipse Geo under the tree this Christmas!

Affordable Paintball Guns for Christmas
Dye DSR+ paintball gun

Dye DSR+ 

The newest paintball gun from the brand that defined West Coast style and performance in paintball guns, clothing and loaders for years, the new Dye DSR+ has already proven itself more than capable of handling business against paintball guns costing hundreds more on the pro level! Sleek and stylish, offered in a myriad of anodizing colors and patterns to suit any player’s style and offering low pressure performance and spool valve accuracy, the Dye DSR+ paintball gun is an ideal choice for a serious paintball player looking for the latest technology!

Shocker AMP paintball gun

Shocker AMP

One of the most affordable pro-level paintball guns used in competition today, the Shocker AMP is the latest and best paintball gun to wear the Shocker name! Light, compact, accurate and fast, the Shocker AMP delivers performance that make it capable of doing battle at the professional level in the hands of teams like AC: Dallas and Seattle Thunder, and does it all at a price any serious paintball player, or holiday shopper, can afford! The Shocker AMP is even able to be converted into a powerful and capable mechanical paintball gun with a replacement grip frame! Versatile, reliable, accurate and affordable, the Shocker AMP makes a great choice for a serious paintball player who might mix it up between mechanical and electronic action!

Eclipse GTek 170R Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse GTek 170R

The best value in competitive paintball guns for each dollar spent is the Planet Eclipse GTek 170R. A reliable and simple tournament paintball gun built around the outstanding Eclipse Gamma Core, featuring all the firing modes and amenities a serious player could dream of, from hose-free air and a clamping feed neck to an Autococker threaded barrel and simple breakdown and maintenance, the Eclipse GTek170R punches well above its weight and can handle business against any paintball gun in the world at a price any serious paintball player or Christmas shopper can handle!

Affordable Paintball Christmas Gifts!


Valken CQMF Magfed paintball gun

Valken CQMF Mag Fed

Magfed paintball continues to grow in popularity thanks to the wide variety of new magfed paintball guns on the market plus the exciting, tactical nature of the format! Give the gift of magfed this Christmas with the newest Valken magfed offering, the Valken CQMF! The Valken CQMF magazine fed paintball gun delivers everything a tactical, mag-fed paintball player needs in a compact package with a short barrel, sight and accessory rails and an air-through stock set up for a remote line right out of the box! Simply plug your remote line into the CQMF, air it up, lock and load and hit the paintball field! Reliable, simple and accurate, the Valken CQMF paintball gun is an excellent and affordable choice for the magfed paintball player on your Christmas list!

Eclipse Etha2 PAL paintball gun

Planet Eclipse Etha2 PAL

Not every paintball player, or Christmas shopper, has hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on their paintball gun! However, thanks to the Eclipse Etha2 PAL paintball gun, anyone can put a great paintball gun under the tree this Christmas! A simple and reliable, affordable paintball gun that provides electronic performance, a double trigger and plenty of high-tech features to a paintball player on the recreational level, the Eclipse Etha paintball gun is light, easy to take care of and can be upgraded to grow along with a player at any experience level to keep them competitive!

Valken M17 magazine fed paintball gun

Valken M17 Mag Fed

One of the most popular magfed paintball guns in the world, the Valken M17 magfed paintball gun combines a solid, reliable platform with performance and capability any serious tactical player can rely on! Using a 13 cubic inch compressed air bottle in the stock for air power and an 18 round magazine ready for round .68 caliber paintballs or First Strike rounds and complete with a picatinny sight rail and plenty of accessory rails around the barrel for lights, lasers and fore-grips, the Valken M17 is ready for action and makes a great gift for the hard core tactical paintball operator in your family this holiday season!

Umarex Glock 17 Gen5 T4E paintball pistol

Umarex Glock17 Gen5 T4E

One of the newest and certainly the most exciting new paintball gun release of 2021, the Umarex Glock17 Gen5 T4E is an officially licensed Glock replica paintball pistol! Shooting .43 caliber paintballs and powered by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge, the impressive new Umarex Glock 17 paintball pistol is compatible with Glock Gen5 back straps for an ideal grip, features front slide serrations and will even fit in a Glock holster! Ideal for tactical force-on-force paintball training or for the ultimate in realistic magfed paintball action, the Umarex Glock 17 Gen5 T4E paintball pistol is a great addition to the world of paintball and is certain to light up the eyes of any tactical shooter when it’s unwrapped on Christmas morning!

Eclipse EMF100 magfed paintball gun

Planet Eclipse EMF100 Mag Fed

One of the greatest additions to the world of magfed paintball is the Eclipse EMF100 magfed paintball gun! When Eclipse chose to set their sights on magfed paintball and drop into the battlefield, they did it right. Their EMF100 paintball gun is built around the reliable and time-tested Gamma core drive system, making it reliable, simple and gentle on paintballs, while offering a lightweight chasis and plenty of rails for sights, scopes, lights and grips! Lighter than most magfed paintball guns and able to operate with both .68 caliber round paintballs or First Strike rounds, the Eclipse EMF100 magazine fed paintball gun is a great choice for a magfed player looking for a great addition to their arsenal this holiday season!

Valken Graffiti paintballs

Valken Graffiti Paintballs

Give the gift of the best paintballs in the world this Christmas – give them Valken Graffiti! It’s no mistake that Graffiti has become known as the “purple box of trust” to paintball players worldwide, as Graffiti is the most consistent paintball in the world for quality, accuracy and consistency shot after shot, bag after bag, case after case! Trusted by serious players and event promoters for its ability to shoot through practically any paintball gun, fly straight, break on target and leave a bright mark, Valken Graffiti paintballs are a great choice when it’s time to put paintballs under the tree this Christmas!

Valken New World paintballs

Valken New World Paintballs

Valken offers paintballs for every budget and every need, and when it’s time to give the gift of splat this Christmas, Valken New World paintballs make a great paintball Christmas gift! Valken New World paintballs fly straight, mark brightly and perform well through all types of paintball guns, from affordable paintball guns to high-end, high-dollar tournament electronic paintball guns and do it all at an affordable price! Great paintballs like Valken New World paintballs make a great gift this holiday season, so gift the gift of round, high-quality paintballs this season!

First Strike T15 Mag Fed paintball gun

First Strike T15

Serious tactical magfed paintball players demand a serious magfed paintball gun! So when it’s time to give a paintball Christmas gift that a serious magfed paintball operator will appreciate, you can’t do much better than a First Strike T15 magfed paintball gun! A time-tested, proven M4-style magfed paintball gun, the First Strike T15 magfed paintball carbine features controls where an M4 or AR shooter’s hands will easily find them, a sight rail for mounting a scope or red dot, accessory rails and is even delivered standard with a compressed air tank!

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