Affordable Airsoft Gear, Part 1

Affordable Airsoft Gear

Affordable Airsoft Gear - Part 1

Affordable airsoft equipment doesn’t have to mean cheap airsoft gear! Just because some airsoft rifles cost hundreds of dollars and there are operators out there creeping around with thousands of dollars in equipment doesn’t mean it’s necessary to spend thousands to hit what you aim at, have a great time and accomplish your mission when the airsoft BBs are in the air! Valken’s line of airsoft rifles and airsoft pistols, along with airsoft BB’s, green gas, airsoft eye protection and more can help any airsoft player on a budget gear up with quality airsoft gear that won’t break the bank!

Valken ASL Mod-L Airsoft Gun

Valken ASL Mod-L AEG

You won’t find a more feature-packed and capable tactical airsoft carbine at a better price than the Valken ASL Mod-L AEG! This electric airsoft rifle takes the look of a modern M4-style tactical rifle and crams it full of features like a flat top receiver and quad rail with plenty of rails for mounting sights, scopes, grips, lights and lasers, a six-position stock, flip-up iron sights, a rotary hop up, fully and semi-automatic firing modes, a hi-cap airsoft magazine holding 300 rounds, and 375fps muzzle velocity and hangs it on the wall at a ridiculously low price of only $144.95, in black or tan! Don’t confuse the Valken ASL Mod-L with a cheap airsoft gun – the Mod-L is an affordable airsoft gun that combines quality, features and price to get an airsoft operator off the couch and into the action at a great price. If airsoft is your game but your budget is tight, you don’t have to settle thanks to the Valken ASL Mod-L!

Valken AP92 Airsoft Pistol

Valken AP92 Airsoft Pistol

Looking for an airsoft pistol that can do it all at an amazing price? Look no further than the versatile performance and sleek looks of the Valken AP92 blowback airsoft pistol! This blowback airsoft pistol can, at the swap of a magazine, switch from 12gram CO2 power to green gas, meaning no matter which propellant source is available at the field, or if one runs out, your pistol can always go “bang” when the trigger is pulled! Built from rugged, anodized aluminum for durability, firing at over 300 feet per second and standard with a lower sight or accessory rail, a threaded muzzle ahead of the compensator and packaged in a hard case, the Valken AP92 blowback airsoft pistol drops into your holster at only $124.95, meaning a high-quality, versatile, reliable airsoft pistol doesn’t have to be a cheap airsoft gun.

Valken Echo Goggles

Valken Echo Airsoft Goggles

High-dollar or low-budget, from day one through years of battlefield experience, there’s nothing more important than leaving the airsoft field with the same number of eyes you showed up with, every single time. Airsoft safety is paramount. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend big money to protect your eyes with high quality airsoft goggles. With anti-fog coated lenses in clear, smoke or yellow and protecting the wearer with a full-seal around the eyes and an adjustable retention strap, Valken Echo airsoft goggles offer the look, comfort and protective performance a serious airsoft operator requires to survey the field, look through the scope, make the shot and accomplish the mission, at a price anyone can afford at only $14.95!

Valken Infinity Airsoft BBs

Valken Infinity Airsoft BB's

All the best airsoft gear in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t hit what you aim at. Cheap airsoft BB’s may seem like a great way to save a little money, but it’s not that simple. Cheap airsoft BB’s sometimes have seams that can cause feeding issues, lead to increased wear and tear on internal airsoft gun components, and they certainly won’t fly straight. And let’s face it, airsoft is challenging enough with all those bad guys slinging BB’s at you – it gets a lot harder if you can’t shoot straight or you have to clear a feed jam when the heat is on. All that said, quality airsoft BBs don’t have to be expensive, either! Valken Infinity airsoft BB’s are available in 3,300 round bags in various weights for any airsoft application and are polished to a round, seamless finish for accurate shooting and trouble-free feeding and performance! Cheap airsoft BB’s aren’t always good, but affordable airsoft BB’s from Valken combine quality with a great price!

Affordable Airsoft Gear!


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