Affordable Paintball Gear, Part 1

Affordable Paintball Gear


Valken offers many options for paintball players to hit the field with affordable paintball gear! Players looking to gear up and enjoy paintball on a tight budget may worry that their only option is cheap paintball gear that may not offer the quality and performance they desire, but thanks to many brands like GOG, HK Army, J&J, Planet Eclipse and of course Valken, players can hit the field with quality paintball gear at low prices and enjoy the game they love!

Cheap Paintball Guns

GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun

One of the best values in modern paintball guns is the GOG eNMEy! At $149, some might mistake the GOG eNMEy for a basic, cheap paintball gun, but it’s well-made, sturdy, packed with features and offers performance that will help paintball players at any level enjoy the game competitively with everything but a high price tag! The GOG eNMEy features a low-pressure, spool valve operating system that has no sear or springs to fail and is even compatible with CO2, making the necessary additional purchase of a paintball air tank much more affordable! Compressed air tanks can also be used if desired, and performance will be better when compressed air is used with the eNMEy. The eNMEy paintball gun is gentle on paintballs, operates mechanically requiring no batteries, and is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around the paintball field and shoot, even for younger or smaller paintball players. Easy to clean and maintain, quiet and accurate, with plenty of upgrades already on the market like barrels, feed necks and on/off bottle adapters, the GOG eNMEy is a great, affordable paintball gun for mechanical paintball purists or any paintball player on a budget!

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HK Army Pinokio Speed

HK Army Speed Loader

For serious paintball players, the need for a motorized, electronic paintball loader is an important one. Standard, gravity-fed paintball loaders that rely on gravity to feed paintballs into a paintball gun can only manage a few paintballs per second and often jam, which can lead to broken or chopped paintballs within a paintball gun and this ruins accuracy and often leads to a bad game and a lot of time spent cleaning gear instead of having a good time. However, many modern, motorized paintball loaders are just plain expensive and cheap paintball loaders often aren’t very trustworthy! All that has changed with the HK Army Speed, a high-quality, high-performance electric paintball loader that’s available at a great price! Small and extremely lightweight, the HK Army Speed paintball loader uses two 9volt batteries to operate that are quick and easy to install, and functions via a simple, single on/off button so there are no tricks or complicated programming to worry about. Simply add batteries, snap the battery door back in, load paintballs, push the button and go play! Best of all, the HK Army Speed loader just won a professional paintball World Cup, used by legendary paintball team Dynasty, so it’s been proven at the highest levels of the game! Light, fast, durable, simple, easy to clean and affordable at only $79, don’t mistake the Speed for a cheap paintball loader – the Speed is world class!

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J&J Paintball Gun Barrel

J&J Paintball Gun Barrel

Paintball is a great deal more fun when paintballs fly straight, and the shooter can hit their target! It’s hard enough to play paintball with all those bad guys over there shooting at you – even harder when you can’t hit what you aim at. Most paintball players choose to upgrade their paintball gun with a replacement paintball gun barrel or barrel kit very quickly because the stock barrels delivered with most paintball guns offer large internal diameters, allowing almost any brand of paintballs to be shot reasonably well, but none of them with great accuracy or tight groups at medium to long ranges. However, many upgrade paintball barrels and paintball barrel kits cost hundreds of dollars! Not to worry – paintball players on a budget can still shoot paintballs accurately, thanks to J&J! The J&J Ceramic barrel has been around paintball a long time and for good reason – it offers improved accuracy and all-around performance at a low price! The J&J Ceramic paintball gun barrel is available in various lengths, threaded for many popular paintball guns, and will instantly improve accuracy and consistency while reducing the noise of the firing paintball gun thanks to its several rows of porting. Don’t let its $36.95 price tag fool you – the J&J Ceramic barrel is no basic, cheap paintball barrel – it’s a quality product that’s stood the test of time!

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Cheap Paintballs

Valken Tango Paintballs

Cheap paintballs. Everyone wants them. Or at least, everyone thinks they want cheap paintballs. Then those cheap paintballs get used to play paintball and nobody wants cheap paintballs anymore. Cheap paintballs don’t fly straight. Cheap paintballs don’t feed properly, cause feed jams and cause chops and breaks in paintball guns and barrels. Cheap paintballs don’t mark well. Cheap paintballs bounce, instead of breaking on target. So before you go running to cheap paintballs, consider quality paintballs that also happen to be offered at a great price, instead! Valken Tango paintballs are fresh, high quality paintballs that fly straight, break on contact and feed well, providing performance that will help anyone shoot straight, play well and win, at a great price! Quality paintballs don’t have to be expensive, and cheap paintballs don’t necessarily have to equate to poor quality paintballs. Valken Tango paintballs are available in 2000 count cases and in 500 round boxes, at a price that any player can afford!

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Affordable Paintball Gear!



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