Affordable Paintball Loaders

Affordable Paintball Loaders

Affordable Paintball Loaders!

Serious paintball players know a motorized paintball loader, or an electronic paintball loader, is an important piece of paintball gear they’re sure to need as their game moves to the next level. But there are many paintball loaders on the market, from ten-dollar plastic “shake and bake” hoppers to two hundred dollar high-end, tournament paintball loaders! It’s easy for a player to fall into the concern that they may need to spend hundreds on an electric paintball loader, and if they spend less, they’re just getting a cheap paintball loader, but thankfully that isn’t the case! There are plenty of great new electronic paintball loaders on the market now that are affordable paintball loaders, rather than simply cheap!

Protoyz Speedster


The Protoyz Speedster paintball loader is a great example of an everything you need, and nothing you don’t motorized paintball hopper at a great price. Holding 200 .68 caliber paintballs, able to be converted easily to .50 caliber, and featuring clean, simple lines making the shell easy to clean, the Speedster is built from rugged glass-reinforced nylon making it one tough loader that won’t fall apart after a slide or dive that ends badly. Simple to disassemble for cleaning and feeding a solid ten shots per second, the Protoyz Speedster loader is a great addition to a mid-level electronic paintball gun, or a mechanical paintball gun that will prevent jams and chops without breaking the bank! If a rugged, tough electronic paintball loader at a great price with a 200 round capacity and decent rate of fire sounds like you, the Protoyz Speedster is a great choice!

Valken VMax+ Paintball Loader

Valken V-MAX+

The Valken Vmax+ paintball loader is back and better than ever! In its latest version, the Valken VMax paintball hopper builds on years of success by improving battery life and tweaking little things like the on/off button operation to prevent it from being switched on while lying in a gear bag. Easy to disassemble for cleaning and featuring quick and easy battery swaps, the Valken V-Max loader holds well over 200 paintballs and feeds up to twenty paintballs per second, more than enough for electronic paintball guns or mechanical paintball guns. Plus, with a weight of around one pound, this loader is a light on weight and high on capacity and features. For its price, there’s not much better in affordable paintball loaders in the game of paintball! With a great price, great versatility and the highest capacity of the loaders on our list, if keeping the hammer down in long games is something that’s important to you, the Valken Vmax+ loader is your best bet!

HK Army Speed Loader


We’ve talked about the HK Army Speed paintball loader before around here and for good reason – this loader means business! Incredibly light, perfectly balanced and extremely small, the HK Army Pinokio Speed loader is good enough for the best paintball team ever to play the game, Dynasty, and they’ve won a professional paintball World Cup to prove it. The Speed is the features a design that is a departure from other paintball loaders at any price, in that its feed tray and mechanism for preventing jams sit in front of the hopper’s feed neck, rather than behind it, dramatically improving down-field vision when used on top of a paintball gun. Featuring feed rates well in excess of twenty balls per second, weight less than one pound, simple 9volt operation and a great price, the Pinokio Speed is affordable enough for any player, yet good enough for the best in the game! While this is the smallest loader on our list, and thereby has the smallest capacity at around 180 balls, if you’re leaning towards playing tournament paintball, the HK Army Pinokio Speed is the affordable paintball loader you need!

Affordable paintball loaders don’t have to mean cheap paintball loaders with poor performance, and Valken has many choices at under one hundred dollars that will feed any paintball gun consistently. So keep that money in the wallet for extra paintballs, because with any of these paintball loaders, you’ll be shooting faster than ever!

Affordale Paintball Loaders!

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