Airsoft Christmas Gifts Under $100

Airsoft Christmas Gifts Under $100

Airsoft Christmas Gifts Under $100

Affordable Airsoft Gear for a Merry Airsoft Christmas!

Don’t let the technical terminology and high-tech tactical look of airsoft gear intimidate you as you finish your Christmas shopping this holiday season! Valken Airsoft offers a full line of quality airsoft equipment and we’re certain to have something perfect for the airsoft operator on your list! From airsoft guns, sights and scopes to airsoft accessories like tactical lights, tracer units and even gun bags to transport all that new airsoft gear, Valken can help any shopper make a merry Airsoft Christmas with airsoft gifts under $100!

Tri-Shot Airsoft Shotgun

Tactical Force Tri-Shot Airsoft Shotgun

We like to keep this handy, for close encounters! The Tactical Force Tri-Shot airsoft shotgun is a pump-action, spring powered airsoft shotgun that requires no air or green gas to operate, making it an ideal gift under the tree Christmas morning! The Tri-Shot airsoft shotgun loads with airsoft shotshells and fires three airsoft BB’s per shot and holds spare shells in an included “side-saddle” mount alongside the receiver. A picatinny sight rail allows the shooter to attach a red dot for rapid target acquisition, accessory rails on the pump handle are ideal for a laser or small light. A compact yet powerful airsoft pump shotgun ideal as a backup or for intense close-quarters airsoft combat, the Tactical Force Tri-Shot airsoft shotgun makes a unique and fun airsoft gift this holiday season!

Valken Airsoft Red Dot Sight

1x30 Multi-Reticle Red Dot Sight

Give the gift of accuracy this Christmas season with a Valken 1x30 red dot sight! Adding a red dot sight like the rugged, reliable Valken 1x30 Multi-Reticle Red Dot improves target acquisition speeds and accuracy at all ranges on the airsoft battlefield, and this rugged, low-profile red dot is packed with features! Standard with red or green illuminated reticles, the Valken 1x30 airsoft red dot sight includes scope rings making mounting the site to any rifle with a Picatinny sight rail a breeze and getting sighted in after it’s mounted is simple as well thanks to large windage and elevation turrets. Shoot straight this holiday season with the Valken 1x30 Multi-Reticle red dot sight!

Valken 3x Optic Magnifier

Valken 3x Magnifier

Once the gift of accuracy has been given this holiday season, consider doubling down with the gift of LONG RANGE accuracy! The best companion to a Valken Red dot sight this holiday season is a Valken 3X Magnifier! Not every encounter or airsoft shootout happens at the same range, and from game to game, event to event and battlefield to battlefield, sometimes players engage at close range, and then find themselves reaching out to touch someone from long range. For players who demand versatility and might find themselves engaging opponents at various ranges on the airsoft battlefield, a red dot sight mated to the Valken 3X Magnifier is the perfect option! When playing at close ranges, simply use a red dot with the magnifier flipped aside, and when it’s time to make a long range shot to send an opponent packing, flip the Magnifier into position, take aim and engage! Keep in mind that with some red-dot sights, riser rails may be required for proper magnifier-to-sight alignment.

Best Airsoft Gear
Valken Zulu Spitfire Airsoft Tracer Unit

Valken Zulu Spitfire Airsoft Tracer

In low light conditions or for indoor airsoft CQB, an airsoft tracer unit is a popular accessory many airsoft shooters chose to mount to their airsoft gun to dial up the intensity! The Valken Zulu Spitfire airsoft tracer unit does what any other airsoft tracer unit does – activate tracer airsoft BB’s as they pass through the unit to provide shooters with a visible indication of where their rounds are going, but with a twist! The Zulu Spitfire tracer also features forward-facing LED lights to simulate muzzle flash during shooting! Compatible with practically any airsoft rifle or airsoft pistol with a threaded barrel (with the included thread adapter), the Valken Zulu Spitfire airsoft tracer unit adds a tactical look to any airsoft rifle or pistol while lighting up the opposition!

Valken Gun bag

Valken Double Rifle Gun Bag

So much of airsoft is focused on the airsoft gun, an airsoft pistol, optics, tactical loadbearing gear and all those BB’s that often it’s easy to forget that once that high-tech airsoft rifle loadout is ready to hit the field, it’ll never fit back in the box it came in! Transporting all that ultra-realistic airsoft gear back and forth to the airsoft field means doing it safely, in a closed bag or case to ensure it’s never seen by anyone who might be alarmed, and storing that gear safely means way more than cramming it into a closet or corner! That’s where a Valken Double Rifle Gun Bag comes in! Safely store multiple airsoft guns and other equipment, and transport it safely while out and about. Safety is always first, and that doesn’t end when the games stop and the BB’s aren’t flying!

Valken tactical weaponlite

Valken 500 Lumen LED Weaponlite

Give a whole new meaning to Christmas lights this holiday season with the Valken 500 Lumen LED Weaponlight! As at-home on a firearm or paintball pistol as it is on an airsoft gun, the Valken 500 Lumen Weaponlite combines an ultra-right LED tactical light with mounts for either a pistol accessory rail or a rifle rail for the ultimate versatility! Easily switched on with a constant-on or momentary-on switch for a flashlight or quick bursts of ultra bright light to stagger opponents in low light conditions, the Valken 500 Lumen LED Weaponlite is a great tactical accessory for any serious shooter in indoor or CQB battlefields!

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