Airsoft Christmas Gifts Under $300

Best Airsoft Gifts Under 300

Best Airsoft Gifts Under $300

Affordable Airsoft Guns and Gifts for Christmas!

If you’re giving the gift or airsoft this Christmas, but shopping for airsoft equipment is intimidating, look no further than Valken! Valken offers a full line of affordable airsoft gear from airsoft guns and airsoft pistols to airsoft protection, clothing, accessories and even airsoft ammo like airsoft BB’s and airsoft green gas and CO2 cartridges! Whether you’re shopping for complete airsoft packages to provide a new player with all the airsoft gear necessary to play the game safely, or for a Christmas gift for the airsoft shooter in your life, Valken has a wide variety of the best airsoft equipment at any price! Valken Airsoft Gifts Under $300 provide some amazing gifts certain to put a smile on any serious airsoft operator’s face on Christmas morning!

Umarex Glock34 airsoft pistol

Umarex Glock34 Airsoft Pistol

Every airsoft loadout needs a high-quality, accurate and reliable sidearm and when it comes to airsoft pistols, there’s nothing quite like a Glock airsoft pistol from Umarex! An ideal choice for an airsoft pistol a serious airsoft operator can rely on should their primary airsoft gun run low on ammo or the battle move into the confined spaces of close quarters combat is the Umarex Glock 34 airsoft pistol! This gas blowback Glock airsoft pistol is an officially-licensed Glock34 replica, providing a full-size grip, extended 20 round CO2 magazine and a long barrel inside a long slide for increased accuracy at range. A Glock-standard accessory rail is ideal for mounting lights or a laser, and this semi-automatic airsoft pistol holds, holsters and handles like a real-steel Glock pistol for the utmost in realistic operation! When it’s time to sling the airsoft rifle and switch to the pistol, trust the mission to the Umarex Glock 34 airsoft pistol and draw from the holster with confidence!

Valken Foxtrot45 AEG airsoft gun

Valken ASL+ Foxtrot45 AEG Airsoft Gun

For airsoft shooters operating through intense close quarters battle environments, a compact but powerful airsoft gun is what it takes to overcome the opposition and complete the mission! The Valken ASL+ Foxtrot45 AEG is the ultimate expression of this combination of form and firepower, thanks to a mix of features that combine to create a compact yet powerful airsoft gun able to help an operator clear rooms and move fluidly through obstacle-packed environments on their way to victory! The Valken Foxtrot45 airsoft gun is a compact M4 style PDW firing from a 280-round SMG magazine that includes a three-position PDW-style stock, an MLok accessory rail, a flat-top sight rail ready for red dots or scopes, short barrel with flash hider, flip-up High-Viz sights and ambidextrous controls like the magazine release and selector switch. Any serious airsoft shooter is certain to love this high-end airsoft PDW, just remember to grab a battery before checkout as this airsoft gun does not ship with a battery!

Valken ASL+ Romeo airsoft gun

Valken ASL+ Romeo AEG Airsoft Gun

A compact yet full-featured M4-style airsoft gun, the Valken ASL+ Romeo AEG provides an impressive yet affordable combination of features and firepower in a compact package! Handling and functioning like an M4 or AR carbine, the Valken Romeo airsoft gun is an electric airsoft gun that includes a high cap M4-style magazine, offers a flat top for sights and plenty of accessory rails for grips, lasers or lights, along with a PDW-style collapsible stock. High-Viz flip-up sights are included on the rugged and reliable Romeo AEG airsoft gun and the short, compact barrel is topped off with a flash hider. This fast-firing fully automatic airsoft gun is equally at home roving outdoor airsoft battlfields or indoors in airsoft CQB environments and needs only a battery and airsoft BB’s to come out from under the tree and hit the battlefield blasting!

Best Airsoft Christmas Gifts!
Flintlock airsoft pistol

Flintlock Airsoft Pistol

Whether you’re shopping for your favorite pirate this Christmas, or you’re looking for a unique, like-nothing-else airsoft gift that will turn heads at the airsoft field, look no further than a Flintlock airsoft pistol! This green gas-powered 18th Century Flintlock airsoft pistol fires from an internal 21 round magazine and features authentic looks down to the imitation wood and engraved metal! Shooting 300 feet per second with green gas and .20g airsoft BB’s, this Flintlock airsoft pistol makes an amazing gift and is certain to fascinate and amaze anyone who lays eyes on it at home hanging on the wall or at the airsoft field!

Push Unite goggles

Push Unite Goggles

Attractive and packed with features, Push goggles are used on the professional level in paintball and make a great choice for speedsoft or for any serious airsoft operator looking for an outstanding eye and face protection option! Push paintball goggles are lightweight and comfortable, and provide full face and eye protection while remaining compact, streamlined and fog-free! An adjustable head strap, a magnetic chin strap, soft and comfortable face foam and plenty of ear protection are all standard on Push Unite goggles, which are available in various designs including Skulls, camouflage and plenty of color options ideal for standing out or blending in, no matter what an airsoft operator chooses for a uniform or loadout!

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