Airsoft Glossary

Airsoft Glossary: The top terms in the game!

When you're new to airsoft, players at the local field may use terms you're not familiar with. Here's what everyone's talking about, and what it actually means so you can speak the language!

Action: This is the part of the gun that loads and fires the round.

AEG: Automatic Electric Gun - term for the most popular form of airsoft rifle or carbine powered by batteries. 

ANSI: American Nation Standards Institute. ANSI Rating in airsoft refers to goggles and eye protection that conform to the ANSI-Z87 rating.

Bang Rule: When a player calls “bang” or “surrender” when closer to their opponent than minimum engagement rules allow, to avoid shooting an opponent with airsoft BB's at very close range.

Barrel Cover: A safety device, cover used to prevent pellets from accidentally being discharged from the gun.

BB Pellets: The pellets fired from an airsoft gun. The industry standard sizes are 6mm and 8mm.

Carbine: A shortened version of the standard full-sized rifle.

Clip/Magazine: The device on the gun that holds/loads the pellets.

Chronograph/Chrono: A device used to measure the speed of a BB as it leaves the barrel.

Feet Per Second (or FPS): The velocity in which a pellet is fired. Also used to describe an airsoft gun’s maximum firing capability.

Flash Hider: The tip of the airsoft gun, farthest away from the shooter’s eyes.

Full Auto/Fully Automatic: A firing mode in which the shooter holds the trigger down and the gun continually fires.

Green Gas: Usually a mixture of silicone oil and propane used to simulate recoil in gas blowback guns.

Hi Cap/Hi Capacity: Large capacity (300-5000) magazines (mechanically or electronically controlled).  

Honor System: The ethical standard for airsoft players in which a player calls themselves out when hit.

Low Cap/Low Capacity: A magazine which holds 100 rounds or less, often used in airsoft tournaments or by players that want more realism.

Milsim/Military Simulation: A military themed, role playing airsoft game with objectives and missions.

Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment/MOLLE: The loops added to tactical belts or harnesses for adding accessories and hardware.

Rate of Fire/ROF: The number of BBs/pellets that are discharged in a specific timeframe, usually measured in shots per second.

Rounds Per Minute/RPM: The number of BBs/pellets that are or can be discharged in a minute’s time.

SIG: Schweitzerische Industrie Gesellschaft, a German Swiss Arms manufacturer.

Speed Loader: A device that makes filling BBs faster and easier.

Stock: The back end of the gun that rests on the shoulder when in the firing position. 

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