Airsoft Green Gas

Airsoft Green Gas

One of the most popular power sources for airsoft pistols! 

A mainstay of the world of airsoft, green gas powers blowback airsoft pistols with a mix of propane and silicone oil added to assist in lubrication of the airsoft gun’s internal seals. 

An integrated safety valve is built into each Valken airsoft green gas can to safely vent pressure should it rise to potentially unsafe levels. Airsoft green gas cans should be stored at room temperature. Safe, affordable and simple to use, airsoft green gas users can expect consistent, cost-effective and efficient performance from Valken airsoft green gas, which is packaged and shipped in accordance with all DOT safety regulations and guidelines.

The most affordable and equipment-friendly way to power an airsoft blowback pistol, Valken airsoft green gas produces an output pressure of approximately 115psi at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and will generally provide 40-60 charges, equating to at least 1,200 shots, per can. This can vary depending on the airsoft gun in which it’s used, temperatures during a day of airsoft action, and rates of fire while shooting. Stored within most green gas-powered airsoft pistols’ magazines, airsoft green gas is easy to use by simply pressing the inverted green gas can’s nozzle against the fill valve at the bottom of the pistol’s magazine for a few seconds to fill, or charge, the magazine with gas. Once the magazine is filled with green gas, an airsoft player can load BB’s and then insert the magazine into the pistol, ready to fire! The green gas will provide power to both fire airsoft BB’s downrange and cycle the pistol’s slide in a realistic manner!

Available from Valken in various quantities from a few cans to an entire case of cans, Valken airsoft green gas is a safe, affordable and effective method of powering gas blowback airsoft pistols. While other power sources for airsoft guns are available, including CO2 cartridges and HPA (high pressure air), these offer increased performance with the tradeoff of a greater cost and increased necessary equipment maintenance, as the silicone oil mixed into green gas provides a level of lubrication to internal o-ring seals within an airsoft gun to help keep them running. From airsoft guns and airsoft goggles to airsoft batteries and air to power any airsoft gun, plus the knowledge to use it all, look to Valken for all the airsoft gear to capture any objective and accomplish the mission!

Airsoft Green Gas Key Points

- Airsoft Green Gas is Safe!
- Airsoft Green Gas is Affordable!
- Airsoft Green Gas is Easy to Use!
- Airsoft Green Gas is generally shipped via Ground only, so plan accordingly!
- Airsoft Green Gas is generally only shipped to the lower 48 United States
- Airsoft Green Gas produces a pressure of approximately 115psi at 70 degrees Fahrenheit
- Airsoft Green Gas cans should never be left in a hot car or stored in areas of high heat
- Airsoft Green Gas cans from Valken include an integrated safety valve

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