Airsoft on a Budget - Part 1


Airsoft on a Budget - Part I

The struggle to afford airsoft isn’t new! But airsoft with cheap airsoft gear can often end in a frustrating experience for everyone. That said, reliable and affordable airsoft guns and airsoft equipment is out there! Quality airsoft gear doesn’t have to be so expensive that buying it means breaking the bank. Valken has all the best airsoft gear and reliable airsoft guns at prices that will allow someone who loves airsoft to gear up and get tactical for enjoyable airsoft on a budget!

Affordable Airsoft Guns

Valken ASL Mod-M AEG

The most obvious big-ticket item in airsoft is an airsoft gun! There are many high-end, modern electric airsoft guns that cost hundreds of dollars, and while they’re certainly amazing and offer impressive performance and a long list of standard features, that doesn’t mean an airsoft operator on a budget has no choice but to spend hundreds on an AEG airsoft gun to have a great time when they gear up and hit the field! A great example of an affordable airsoft gun that isn’t just a cheap airsoft gun is the Valken ASL Mod-M AEG! This full-featured, tactical airsoft carbine offers plenty of features and great performance at a price practically anyone can afford! At just over $150, the Valken ASL Mod-M AEG airsoft gun is an AR-style tactical airsoft carbine with ambidextrous controls, flip-up sites, an adjustable AR-style stock, a billet-style nylon fiber receive and a 9-inch quad rail for the mounting of lights lasers sights scopes grips and other accessories! This affordable airsoft gun shoots at around 345fps, offers a threaded muzzle, fires in full-auto or semi-auto and is delivered with a single hi-cap 300 round magazine! For airsoft on a budget, the Valken ASL Mod-M AEG is a great airsoft rifle to carry into battle!

Affordable Airsoft Guns
Airsoft batteries

Valken NiMH 9.6V Battery

With an affordable airsoft gun like the Valken ASL Mod-M AEG selected, now it’s time to get some battery power to that airsoft gun! That means a safe, affordable airsoft battery like the Valken 9.6volt NiMH airsoft battery! Featuring a slim design and made from high performance 1.2volt cells, the Valken 9.6volt NiMH nunchuck airsoft battery is easy to charge and doesn’t require discharging like NiCd airsoft batteries and is a great value at under twenty bucks! For reliable, consistent power for airsoft on a budget, the Valken 9.6volt NiMH airsoft battery is a great choice!

Airsoft battery Charger

Valken 8.4-9.6V Charger

An affordable airsoft gun and an affordable, quality airsoft battery won’t do anyone much good no matter what their budget might be if there isn’t any juice in that battery! That means it’s time to charge up that Valken airsoft battery, and for that you’ll need a safe, affordable airsoft battery charger! For an airsoft battery like the Valken 9.6volt NiMH airsoft battery, the Valken 8.4-9.6V NiMH airsoft battery smart charger is a great choice! Safe smart and simple to use, not to mention a great deal at about sixteen bucks, getting the juice out of the wall and into your airsoft battery reliably can be affordable for even the most budget-conscious airsoft shooters!

Airsoft Batteries & Chargers
Airsoft Goggles

Valken Echo Airsoft Goggles

Nothing is more important in airsoft than safety! That means a good quality set of airsoft eye protection is no place to cut corners, but that doesn’t mean that safe, high-quality airsoft eye protection has to be expensive! Valken Echo airsoft goggles offer a clean, professional and tactical shooting eye protection look and are an extremely affordable option, too! Valken Echo Airsoft goggles provide a full seal around the eyes and feature an anti-fog coating, and are equipped with an adjustable elastic strap to keep the goggles over the eyes where they belong! Safe, comfortable, sleek and stylish, Valken Echo airsoft goggles are a perfect choice for airsoft eye safety equipment that also happens to be affordable!

Airsoft Mesh Mask

Valken KILO Airsoft Mesh Mask

Airsoft goggles aren’t the only protection a serious airsoft operator needs to enjoy airsoft safely! Airsoft shooters need to protect their face from incoming BB’s too, but once again, enjoying airsoft safely doesn’t have to be expensive! The Valken KILO Mesh Mask is a comfortable, breathable airsoft mesh mask that protects the shooter’s face from incoming rounds, while allowing clear communication and plenty of air flow for comfort! At just over ten bucks, the Valken KILO airsoft Mesh Mask is a great way to play airsoft safely, look tough and keep a few bucks in the bank for airsoft BB’s!

Airsoft Goggles and Masks

$16.95 $24.95

Affordable Airsoft BB's

Valken Infinity Airsoft BB's

Speaking of airsoft BB’s, have you ever tried to play airsoft without a full loadout and an airsoft magazine topped off with airsoft BB’s to slap into your airsoft gun? It’s not fun. It makes the game way more difficult and complicated, especially when everyone else is shooting airsoft BB’s at you! So load up with Valken airsoft BB’s! Valken Infinity airsoft BB’s are accurate airsoft BB’s that feed consistently, shoot straight and are available in various weights for any airsoft application, from indoor and urban combat at close quarters to taking out longrange targets! Plus, Valken Infinity Airsoft BB’s are extremely affordable! These aren't cheap airsoft bb's that don't feed well, jam or don't fly straight due to seams! So grab a couple of bags of Valken airsoft BB’s, load up your airsoft magazines and accomplish your mission, with enough money in your pocket for a hot dog and some chips at lunchtime!

Airsoft BB's

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