Airsoft Optics Rundown

Airsoft Optics Rundown

What to look FOR when looking for something to look THROUGH!

You have a new airsoft gun and some good eye protection. What do you do now? Accessorizing your gun is the next step. These can come in the form of an optic, sling or even a laser. This can be confusing to say the least so let’s do a quick run-down on some basic additions to your airsoft platform. Let’s look at optics.

Optics can be broken down into three main groups: close-up reactive optics, long range magnified scopes, and a newer category known as variable zoom. Choosing an optic is one of the easier decisions you will make when accessorizing your airsoft gun. Quite simply, it comes down to the engagement ranges at your local field.

If you’re into Speedsoft or CQB, the family of reactive optics are going to be your best bet. These optics typically have holographic images that project or reflect onto a piece of glass. You may have heard them called “reflex” or “red dot” sights. This style is ideal for up close engagements, because it allows for a simpler acquisition for your eyes. Quicker target acquisition means more winning on the skirmish field.

Next up we have the rifle scope. This category is best for Milsim, or large open fields of play. Basically, any game where you need to find the other team in the bushes at medium to long range. These will look like your typical long-body scope you find on hunting rifles in the firearm world. They come in too many styles to count, but we can break down your decision into three basic components: eye relief, magnification, and how they mount to the airsoft rifle. Eye relief is how close your eye needs to be to the back of the scope in order to see a clear picture. Magnification is next. 4-power magnification and higher have become relatively standard in airsoft. A 4-power magnified optic is going to be all you need for most fields, but you may want more if you are using a sniper rifle. Finally, mounting rifle scopes can be tricky, but if you follow the simple rule of sticking with scopes that already include a mount, you will never have to worry about fitment because almost all modern airsoft rifles have a standard optic rail mount along the top of their receivers, making mounting as easy as simply fitting and then snugging down a couple of screws.

Last, but not least, is the variable optic. These optics have become a favorite based on the fact that they can be used in any environment. A good example of a variable optic is the Valken 1-4x20 Mil-dot Scope. This optic has a 1x-4x magnification at the turn of a nob, and comes with a 1-piece mount that fits onto any picatinny or weaver style rail, as standard on almost every airsoft rifle as mentioned above. Whether it’s indoor CQB, or large Milsim events, these optics are especially useful at fields that have several urban and outdoor areas. 

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