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The intense thrill and rush of airsoft tactical combat is tough to beat and once most people try airsoft, they’re hooked for life! For some, however, simply enjoying airsoft isn’t enough: they desire an even greater challenge. For some, the intense, fast-paced adrenaline of in-your-face speedsoft is the answer, and for others the opposite is true. For them, the challenge of creeping, crawling and maneuvering, unseen, against opponents, remaining hidden and then delivering single well-aimed shots from range to devastate unsuspecting opponents is the ultimate airsoft thrill. For them, there is no greater challenge or excitement than the role of the airsoft sniper.

For the airsoft sniper, the challenge is a great one – move unseen, seek locate and occupy a position with long fields of fire that afford an advantage over opponents, remain hidden in that position and then, when the time is right, place expertly-directed fire onto opponents to eliminate them from the game without being observed or discovered. As if the concept of shooting it out with opponents in regular games of airsoft isn’t enough, the airsoft sniper adds much greater challenge – but to the airsoft sniper the reward is worth the risk. Placing a single well-aimed, calculated BB onto an opponent who, shocked and confused, raises their hand and leaves the field with no idea where the shot came from, makes all the hard work worthwhile! Valken has what it takes to get an airsoft sniper into the action and knocking down targets!

Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Airsoft Sniper Rifles

For delivering accurate single shots onto targets at medium to long ranges, an airsoft sniper rifle is the ideal tool of the trade! The Ares Amoeba Gen2 Striker airsoft sniper rifle checks off all the right boxes, offering a truly tactical fit, finish and feel, with true bolt-action sniper rifle function, a long barrel with hop-up, a 60 round removable box magazine, the ability to interchange with AEG springs and, of course, plenty of Picatinny sight rail to mount a scope. An airsoft spring gun that requires no green gas, CO2 or airsoft battery to bang bb’s at up to 400fps, the Ares Amoeba Gen2 Striker airsoft sniper rifle is an excellent choice for any serious airsoft sniper!

Not every airsoft sniper has the luxury of a long gun, and for serious airsoft snipers who may be working in indoor or urban combat environments where something a little more compact is desired, Ares meets that need with the Ares Amoeba Gen2 Striker Airsoft Scout rifle! Still a bolt action airsoft sniper rifle, the Scout cuts the weight and trims the length to create a much more compact platform, with a shorter barrel and a more compact, 45 round box magazine. Much lighter and much more compact than the Amoeba, the Amoeba Scout airsoft sniper rifle still punches BB’s downrange at up to 400 feet per second and offers the same top rail for mounting a scope, making this an ideal tool for precision shooting for airsoft snipers operating in confined spaces, urban environments or indoor combat arenas!  

Sometimes the best-laid plans go astray and even snipers have to shoot their way out of intense situations, or get overrun. When these situations occur, it’s always nice to have an airsoft gun with a “rock and roll” switch. While a bolt action, spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle may be the preferred tool of the airsoft sniper trade, some airsoft snipers and sharpshooters, or even squad designated marksmen, may wish to use something with a little more muscle and the Valken ASL + Hi Velocity Whiskey AEG is a great choice! An AR-styled electric airsoft rifle, the Valken Hi-Velocity Whiskey offers a long barrel for tighter shot groups and precision at longer ranges and offers impressive velocity, at 375 feet per second, while retaining the ability to feed from AR magazines and flip over to full auto should the enemy get inside the wire or the exfil get hot at the landing zone. With an adjustable stock, a sight rail for a scope and plenty of accessory rails, an airsoft sniper can still reach out and touch someone, while retaining the ability to duke it out with opponents if the need-be with the Valken ASL+ Hi-Velocity Whiskey AEG!.

Airsoft Sniper Rifles & Carbines

Airsoft Sniper Gear

Operating as an airsoft sniper doesn’t just mean a long-range, high velocity airsoft sniper rifle. Choosing the proper peripheral equipment to carry onto the field is extremely important for the airsoft sniper, who has to build their entire loadout around the concept of making well-aimed shots from concealed positions, move slowly and with purpose and remain still and hidden for extended periods of time. A good set of thermal airsoft goggles is critical for the airsoft sniper, as unlike other battlefield roles that enable airsoft shooters to move around, keeping air flowing through airsoft eye protection, snipers often must move slowly or remain still for long periods, relying on thermal goggles to keep clear vision. Valken Thermal airsoft goggle options include the tactical goggle-style Valken Sierra Airsoft goggle, or the Valken Zulu thermal airsoft goggles, which are styled more like high-end shooting or tactical glasses. Both are designed to protect the eyes while keeping vision clear and fog-free, and this is critical for the airsoft sniper who must be able to survey their environment and see through a rifle scope to make accurate shots.

For sighting comfortably through a scope and creating a comfortable, natural cheek-weld with an airsoft sniper rifle, Valken Zulu thermal airsoft goggles may be the better choice. For placing single, well-aimed airsoft BB’s on targets far away, a reliable, accurate airsoft rifle scope is critically important for the serious airsoft sniper and the Valken 1-4x20 variable zoom rifle scope is an excellent choice! Delivered with a mount ready to attach to any airsoft carbine or airsoft sniper rifle with a Picatinny rail, the Valken 1-4x20 mil-dot scope offers an illuminated reticle, finger adjustments for windage and elevations, and is resistant to water, fog and shock for reliable long-term performance. For airsoft games that are often fluid, with opponents moving constantly in different directions, the variable zoom allows an airsoft sniper to move in on long-range, stationary targets or back out for a wider view of the field so no enemy movement goes unnoticed.

Airsoft Sniper Gear
Airsoft BBs

Airsoft Sniper Ammo

Anyone who shoots knows accuracy isn’t simply a product of a high dollar rifle. There are many factors that enter into just how accurately a round flies and lands when a trigger is pulled. This is especially true in airsoft, in which a player is firing a small, light, round BB and hoping to land it on a target that is actually trying its best not to be shot and may even be shooting back! For the airsoft sniper, ammo choice is extremely important. An airsoft sniper must make the right choices in equipment, regularly practice their craft to hone their straight-shooting skills, then select the right airsoft BB’s to give each shot the very best chance to hit its target. For long-range airsoft shooting, an airsoft sniper should select a heavier-weight airsoft BB like a .36 or a .40 airsoft BB, as these will retain energy over longer ranges better, and resist the external forces working against them like wind. A well-polished BB like Valken Accelerate Pro Match BB’s are an excellent choice, as these are polished to perfection with no seams, so they will feed consistently and fly straight shot after shot.

Airsoft Sniper Ammo

With the right equipment and ammunition, an airsoft sniper can be an absolutely devastating force on the field. Firing from hidden positions and moving unseen, an airsoft sniper can delay, distract and even decimate the opposing force, helping his team win!

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