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Valken Airsoft Stocking Stuffers!

Affordable airsoft gear perfect for Airsoft Christmas Gifts!

Airsoft is an amazing tactical adrenaline action sport, but shopping for the airsoft operator on your Christmas list can be difficult if you don’t play the game yourself! Simply typing airsoft gear or airsoft equipment into Google can be daunting as many of the listings can be expensive and the technical jargon can be intimidating! Some may come away wondering if affordable airsoft gear is even a possibility! But don’t worry – Valken has assembled a collection of airsoft stocking stuffers here to make your airsoft Christmas shopping easy! The airsoft shooter on your Christmas shopping list is sure to love the Valken airsoft gear listed here, and it’s all simple and affordable!

Valken Bravo airsoft gloves

Valken Bravo Airsoft Gloves

Amongst other things, airsoft is an impact sport! That means airsoft operators are constantly moving in and out of cover both indoors in airsoft CQB arenas and outside on wooded and urban fields. Protecting the hands from the elements, surroundings and, yes, incoming airsoft BB’s is important! For soft, comfortable tactical airsoft gloves that protect while preserving dexterity to operate an airsoft gun and other airsoft equipment, there isn’t much better than Valken Bravo Gloves! Available in colors to match or accent any airsoft operator’s uniform or loadout, Valken Bravo airsoft gloves make a welcome addition to any serious airsoft shooter’s gear!

Valken Alpha airsoft gloves

Valken Alpha Airsoft Gloves

While some airsoft operators prefer a soft, minimal airsoft glove, others who get right up into the action and engage the opposition at close range in airsoft CQB situations often prefer a set of armored airsoft gloves! Valken Alpha airsoft gloves feature plenty of rugged armor for the fingers and back of the hands while remaining comfortable for all-day battles! For the aggressive airsoft shooter who always closes with the enemy or anyone who operates in CQB environments with sharp corners and rough materials, Valken Alpha airsoft gloves are a great choice for airsoft hand protection! Valken Alpha Gloves are available in half-finger and full-finger models to suit any serious airsoft operator’s needs.

Valken Zulu Spitfire airsoft tracer unit

Valken Zulu Spitfire Airsoft Tracer Unit

Light up the night with airsoft tracers with the new Valken Zulu Spitfire airsoft tracer unit! This unique airsoft tracer unit lights up airsoft tracer BB’s as they pass through for easily tracking shots in low light conditions, while also lighting up at the front to simulate muzzle flash! Compatible with practically airsoft gun or airsoft pistol with a threaded barrel and powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, the Valken Spitfire tracer unit is simple to operate, easy to install and is a unique, high-tech addition to a serious airsoft shooter’s loadout that they’re certain to appreciate!

Best Airsoft Christmas Gifts!
Valken airsoft morale patches

Valken Airsoft Morale Patches

Sometimes it’s the little things. Not every piece of airsoft gear has to be some expensive airsoft gun or a high dollar set of the latest camouflage pants and a matching shirt. Sometimes all you need to put a smile on an airsoft operator’s face is an airsoft morale patch that accurately or hilariously relays the message they want other people looking at their loadout or airsoft gun bag to know! Valken offers a wide range of affordable, well-made morale patches make the perfect airsoft stocking stuffers!

Valken Kilo airsoft mesh mask

Valken Kilo Airsoft Mesh Mask

Airsoft combat can be an intense affair, and nothing is more important than safety once the battle starts and the airsoft BB’s are in the air! Give the gift of comfortable, attractive airsoft safety this Christmas with an affordable Valken airsoft mesh mask! Comfortable and stylish while offering the mouth, cheeks and nose protection from incoming fire without restricting breathing or communication, a Valken airsoft mesh mask is a great choice for protective airsoft equipment that’s built to last!

Valken RDA05 airsoft red dot sight

Valken RDA05 Airsoft Red Dot Sight

Give the gift of airsoft accuracy this Christmas or Hanukkah with a Valken red dot sight! A compact, lightweight airsoft red dot sight like the Valken RDA05 is an ideal addition to compact airsoft carbine or even an airsoft pistol as it immediately improves accuracy without adding bulk or weight to the setup. Simple to use and reliable without breaking the bank, the Valken RDA05 airsoft red dot sight not only works well, but it adds a futuristic, high-tech tactical look to any airsoft carbine, SMG or pistol setup!

Valken Airsoft speed loader

Valken Airsoft Speed Loader

Everyone who tries airsoft is immediately hooked by its tactical nature, the adrenaline rush and realism of the equipment used to enjoy the game! However, one of the least amusing parts of airsoft is sitting at a picnic table at the local airsoft park or on the couch at home laboriously loading airsoft magazines. Make loading up for airsoft operations faster and easier with a simple and inexpensive airsoft speed loader! A Valken airsoft speed loader set is delivered in a two-pack and makes loading airsoft magazines much faster and simpler, providing more time on the battlefield! An airsoft speed loader is something practically every airsoft operator needs, regardless of experience or how expensive their airsoft gear might be!

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