Anatomy of a Magfed Paintball Player

Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Gun

Anatomy of a Magfed Paintball Player

High-Tech, Tactical Paintball Gear!

Magfed paintball has become incredibly popular as players continue to fall in love with the concept of a truly tactical form of the game of paintball. This, plus the enjoyment of crafting a purpose-built paintball gear and paintball gun loadout tuned specifically to the role a player wants to play on the field and all the amazing magfed paintball equipment that continues to hit the market, continue to push magfed paintball to new levels of acceptance and participation! While the idea of magfed paintball has been around the game for decades, limitations in technology held the concept back, but new innovations, new ideas and companies willing to invest in the concept have given new life to tactical paintball using magazine fed paintball guns and equipment! Now a major part of the paintball world, magfed paintball and the operators who enjoy it are supported by top companies like Valken, Umarex, Planet Eclipse, First Strike, Dye and Tippmann with high-tech paintball gear, magazine fed paintball guns, tactical equipment and projectiles like paintballs and First Strike rounds! The Magfed Paintball Player is a unique breed that utilizes impressive paintball equipment tailored to their style, operational requirements and the missions they intend to accomplish once the paintballs start flying!

Anatomy of a Magfed Paintball Player

Joining the world of magfed paintball can be daunting at first as the equipment is technical and the players look geared up for hard core combat! But the Anatomy of a Magfed Paintball Player is not as complicated as it is specifically designed and built by each operator to help them be more effective once the goggles go on and the game starts. Players, therefore, have the option of building an effective magfed paintball loadout designed to perform well in an all-around environment dictated by the flow of the game, or study the magfed concept, decide the role they want to play, be it long range sniping, close-quarters-combat or something in-between, and build equipment to best perform that task! Magazine fed paintball involves input from the player building their paintball equipment at every level, from the best paintballs like Valken Graffiti or the long range accuracy of First Strike rounds, to air tank size, optics for improved accuracy, various options for magfed paintball guns, loadbearing equipment, camouflage, tactical boots and even self-expression with morale patches!

Magfed Paintball Guns

Considerations a magfed paintball operator must take into account as they begin their adventure includes whether they’re working alone or joining a team that might require a certain camouflage pattern or team uniform, and then selecting a paintball camo pattern for the region or environment in which they plan to engage. The East Coast favors green like Woodland Camo or Tigerstripe camouflage, while the more arid areas out west find tan camouflage to be extremely effective. While tournament players simply ned to pull on a harness carrying however many pods they might need for a five-minute paintball game, a magfed paintball player must select a loadbearing option like a plate carrier or paintball vest that will carry everything from spare paintball gun magazines and a paintball pistol holster to pouches for radios and even a hydration system for longer games in hot weather. Most magfed players will also want to add a Dump Pouch, ideal for dropping spare magazines so they aren’t lost or damaged after use. A high-quality, comfortable paintball goggle with a thermal anti-fog lens is absolutely necessary for serious magfed paintball, as they will keep a player comfortable with ventilation, soft face foam and effective on the field by preventing fogging.

Magfed Paintball Gear

Finally, there’s the most exciting part of magazine fed paintball that doesn’t involve playing the game – building a magfed paintball gun! Many amazing options are available at various prices for paintball players to consider, from the Tippmann TMC and TiPX paintball pistol to the Valken M17 paintball gun, the Eclipse MG100, the First Strike T15 and FSC pistol, various Umarex replica .43 caliber pistols and the Dye DAM. Players can select their ideal magfed paintball gun based on price considerations, or on more technical aspects like whether the paintball gun requires a small air tank in a stock or can accept a larger bottle, whether the paintball gun can feed and fire both round paintballs and First Strike Rounds, the availability of accessories like barrels, internal modifications and spare magazines, or capabilities like fully-automatic capability versus semi-auto firing. Once the best paintball gun for the individual is selected, the player can start adding parts and accessories like a scope or a red dot optic, foregrips, lasers, a more accurate barrel and anything else they might desire! Once it’s built to the shooter’s specifications, a magfed paintball player can load magazines, air up, goggle up, get their optic sighted in, chronograph and hit the field!

Tactical Paintball Equipment

The Anatomy of a Magfed Paintball Player is an incredible example of how the game of paintball can provide excitement, enjoyment, camaraderie and fun to all kinds of people regardless of age, size, shape or game style preference! With the right magfed paintball equipment, a player can lock and load, hit the battlefield, accomplish their mission and WIN!

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