Best Airsoft Christmas Gifts for a New Player!

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Airsoft Christmas Gifts for a New Player!

Valken Airsoft makes Airsoft Christmas Gifts Easy!

Christmas Shopping for a new airsoft player can be difficult and confusing! Airsoft is a hobby, and in many cases a tactical sporting obsession, that is packed with amazing airsoft gear that can be high tech and confusing, making airsoft Christmas shopping daunting. Some new airsoft guns use 12gram CO2 cartridges for power, while many popular and affordable airsoft guns use airsoft batteries to power every shot! Then there’s different types of airsoft BB’s and all that amazing new airsoft gear to wade through. When it comes to shopping for airsoft Christmas gifts, Valken offers a wide range of reliable, affordable airsoft guns, quality airsoft BB’s, all kinds of airsoft batteries and plenty of airsoft safety gear like airsoft goggles and airsoft masks that make perfect Airsoft Christmas gifts for new airsoft players! Valken Airsoft makes Christmas airsoft shopping for new airsoft players or experienced airsoft operators affordable and easy!

Airsoft Christmas Gifts!

Safe Airsoft Eye Protection

We bet you thought the first thing on this list would be a nice new airsoft gun! And while an affordable, reliable airsoft gun is an important thing for any new airsoft player, what’s more important is safety every time an airsoft player picks up their airsoft equipment, and that means safe airsoft eye protection! Valken offers a wide variety of choices for airsoft eye protection, including full-face masks like the fog-free thermal Valken MI-7 goggle in various colors and camouflage patterns, or a full line of airsoft goggles like the Valken Tango airsoft goggles. For younger players or those new to the world of airsoft, full-face, ear and forehead protection like the Valken MI-7 goggle is an ideal choice as it pairs comfort with rigid protection and a thermal, anti-fog goggle lens to help a new airsoft operator see the opposition. Other airsoft shooters may choose to pair a set of Valken Tango airsoft goggles with a Valken airsoft mesh mask or the Valke Bravo airsoft Balaclava and mesh mask combo, to create their own sleek, lightweight yet safe airsoft face and eye protection at a great low price. Airsoft safety means quality airsoft goggles for comfortable yet trustworthy face and eye protection and Valken Airsoft checks all the boxes!

Valken airsoft eye protection
Airsoft Protection

Affordable Airsoft Gun

Most modern airsoft rifles are AEG, or automatic electric gun, style. This simply means that they utilize a battery to power their internal operating systems to go bang every time the trigger is pulled! This also means each airsoft gun of this type also requires a battery and a battery charger that generally do not come with the airsoft gun. Airsoft AEG rifles are popular, reliable and affordable airsoft guns, and Valken offers a full line of airsoft AEG rifles perfect for a new airsoft player to find under the Christmas tree. To take even more confusion out of airsoft Christmas shopping, Valken even offers Christmas airsoft gun packages that are delivered with everything a new player needs like an airsoft gun and a matching airsoft battery and a battery charger. Just safely charge the battery, install it into the airsoft gun, load up the airsoft gun magazine, put on airsoft eye protection and it’s time to start knocking down targets. The Valken line of affordable, reliable airsoft AEG rifles includes the Valken Mod-M, the Mod-L and the best-selling Valken Echo airsoft gun, and they’re all available for airsoft Christmas shopping in airsoft gun packages ready for action!

Valken airsoft gun
Valken Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Gloves

A set of quality, affordable airsoft gloves make a great gift for a new airsoft player! Airsoft, after all, is a tactical adrenalin impact sport and that means sometimes the airsoft BB’s hit their target in the fingers and back of the hands as they grip an airsoft gun or hold onto cover to stabilize the shooter. Take the sting out of those incoming airsoft BBs with a set of durable tactical airsoft gloves from Valken this Christmas, with airsoft gloves for every budget like Valken Alpha armored airsoft gloves that are available in full-finger or half-finger styles, the soft and tactical Valken Bravo airsoft gloves, or the fully armored, high-end Valken Zulu tactical gloves!

Valken airsoft gloves
Airsoft Protection

Airsoft BBs

Every airsoft operator, from their very first day plinking in the back yard to the most intense airsoft operations around the world have airsoft BBs in common! Quality airsoft bbs that feed consistently through an airsoft gun magazine and shoot straight make a day of airsoft enjoyable, while cheap airsoft bbs that are poorly made will cause feed jams and ruin a fun day at the airsoft battlefield! Valken airsoft BBs from the Valken Accelerate line and the affordable Valken Infinity line are high quality airsoft BBs, feeding consistently and reliably through airsoft rifle and airsoft pistol magazines and delivering straight, accurate flight! Don’t trust Christmas morning, or any morning at the airsoft field, to cheap airsoft bbs – whether it’s a bag of Valken Infinity airsoft BB’s or a bottle of high-end Valken Accelerate airsoft bb’s, putting Valken airsoft BB’s under the tree will ensure straight shooting, reliable feeding and smiles for the new airsoft operator on Christmas morning!

Valken airsoft bbs

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