Best Paintball Christmas Gifts 2022

Paintball Christmas Gifts 2022

Best Paintball Christmas Gifts 2022

The best Christmas Paintball Gifts of 2022 are at Valken Paintball!

With the Thanksgiving turkey now officially leftovers, the Christmas tree up and packed with ornaments and the inflatable Santa out on the lawn, it’s officially Christmas shopping season, and the best paintball Christmas gifts for 2022 are on-sale now at Valken Paintball! Whether you’re shopping for a new paintball player who’s ready for their own new paintball gear, or you’re looking for the best paintball equipment for an experienced player, Valken has affordable paintball guns, the best magfed paintball guns and plenty of quality paintball gear to put under anyone’s tree!

Paintball Christmas Gifts

Valken Razorback Paintball Gun

Shopping for a new paintball player can be difficult, especially around the holidays! But don’t worry, the Valken Razorback is an affordable paintball gun that’s ideal for a new paintball player, not a cheap paintball gun that won’t stand up to the rigors of the modern game! The Valken Razorback semi-auto paintball gun is lightweight and compact, ideal for younger players or anyone new to the game and is packed with useful features like a vertical feed neck allowing left or right-handed use, a double trigger for higher rates of fire as fast as the trigger can be pulled, a Spyder threaded barrel allowing the user to upgrade and modify their paintball gun for increased accuracy, and an external velocity adjuster at the rear of the paintball gun, making adjustments and tuning quick and easy! The Valken Razorback features an aluminum body available in red, blue or black, and stainless-steel components for increased quality and reliability, and is even available as a package with a paintball air tank and a hopper this Christmas season, making it a great gift! Just add paintball goggles, fill up the air tank and add paintballs for a great Christmas paintball gift!

Valken Razorback paintball gun blue

Valken M17 Magazine Fed Paintball Gun

If the paintball player on your Christmas list is an experienced, hardcore operator who prefers tactical paintball played with a magazine fed paintball gun, don’t worry – Valken offers a reliable, affordable magfed paintball gun ideal for a Christmas paintball gift! The Valken M17 magazine fed paintball gun is available in black, or black with desert tan components, and offers performance and features that other magfed paintball guns simply can’t match! This affordable magfed paintball gun feeds and fires either round paintballs or First Strike rounds with the same magazines and offers a select-fire feature, allowing shooters to switch from semi-auto shooting to fully automatic fire at the flip of a switch! Featuring an advanced, high-performance operating system, plenty of accessory rails for tactical lights, laser sights and vertical grips, plus a flat top ready for a red dot sight or a scope to suit any mission spec, the Valken M17 magfed paintball gun is available this Christmas in a package with a 13 cubic inch, 3000psi paintball compressed air tank, allowing any Christmas paintball shopper to give the gift of a reliable magazine fed paintball gun this Christmas with confidence!

Valken M17 magfed paintball gun
Best Paintball Christmas Gifts!

Valken V-Max+ Paintball Loader

As paintball players make the transition from new player to regular player and then to more advanced paintball, their paintball equipment must also evolve as the player needs increased performance! A perfect example is the paintball hopper or loader used to feed paintballs to a player’s paintball gun. Most paintball players begin their adventure in the game with a basic, affordable paintball hopper that simply relies on gravity to drop paintballs down into the paintball gun where they’re fired. However, as players advance and learn to shoot their paintball gun faster, a cheap paintball loader can lead to jams and chopped, broken paintballs. An ideal upgrade for any paintball player and a great paintball Christmas gift is the Valken V-Max+ electronic paintball loader! The Valken Vmax paintball loader is powered by 9volt batteries and uses a sensor and motor to ensure paintballs are steadily fed into the paintball gun for firing, eliminating jams and chopped paintballs as players shoot faster than gravity can feed! This simple, reliable motorized paintball loader holds over 200, .68 caliber paintballs and features a flip-lid for quick and easy loading, making it a great paintball Christmas gift!

Valken Paintball Christmas Gifts

Valken MI-7 Anti-Fog Thermal Paintball Goggles

Fogged paintball goggles are more than just annoying – they’re dangerous. A paintball player wearing a paintball mask that fogs up might make the mistake of pulling their goggles off their face to try and see what’s happening around them, and this should never happen on the paintball field! Valken has the answer, with affordable anti-fog paintball goggles! The Valken MI-7 fog-free paintball goggle is standard with a dual-pane, thermal goggle lens that resists fogging, allowing the player to keep their eyes on the game and their face safely protected from paintballs while enjoying the game of paintball! Affordable paintball goggles don’t have to be uncomfortable, cheap paintball goggles and the Valken MI-7 thermal paintball goggle proves it with comfortable face foam, plenty of face, ear and forehead protection, and a standard visor to keep glare off the lens and rain out during bad weather! Give the gift of fog-free, safe paintball this Christmas with the Valken MI-7 thermal anti-fog paintball goggle system!

Valken paintball equipment
Christmas Paintball Gifts!



Valken Fate GFX Paintball Harness

Whether the paintball player on your Christmas paintball list is a new player or an experienced paintball player, one thing all players have in common is the desire to carry more paintballs onto the field during games! Valken offers an amazing array of paintball harnesses and paintball packs that make carrying extra paintballs easy and comfortable, like the Valken Fate GFX paintball harness! Available in a wide selection of colors and patterns to fit any player’s style or team uniform, the Valken Fate GFX paintball pack line is offered in 4+3 or 5+8 styles, meaning that the harness can either carry 4 paintball pods holding extra paintballs, plus another 3 in external loops, or 5 paintball pods and a whopping 8 more in external loops, allowing a paintball player to head onto the field with hundreds of extra paintballs! There’s nothing worse than running out of paintballs in the middle of a game, and giving the gift of more is always appreciated, and that’s where the Valken Fate GFX line of paintball harnesses and packs come in! Just remember to grab some extra Valken flick-lid paintball pods to load up that harness under the Christmas tree!

Valken paintball harness

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