Best Paintball Guns for Home Defense

The Best Paintball Guns for Home Defense

Less Than Lethal Home Protection Options

Less than lethal home defense has become a very effective way to protect your home, your property and your loved ones in these times of social, political and economic upheaval. There are many paintball guns that shoot a variety of less than lethal rounds that can deter a threat quickly and without the inherent dangers and worries associated with the use and storage of firearms. Whether it’s a magazine-fed pistol shooting a pepperball or hard nylon ball, or a semiautomatic, hopper-fed paintball gun shooting rubber rounds, less-than-lethal home protection is an alternative to other forms of home defense worth considering! And with a variety of types of less than lethal guns available—from .43 caliber pistols, to .68 caliber paintball guns and everything in between—there’s a perfect setup for every budget, every preference and every home or individual requirement.

Pepperball LifeLite

Pepperball LifeLite Kit

Caliber: .68 caliber
Action: Push-button Semi-Automatic
Air Source: 12gram CO2 cartridge

The newest, and by far the most unique and practical take on home and personal less than lethal defense is the Pepperball LifeLite. Pepperball, a company who manufactures less than lethal solutions for law enforcement and personal use, have released the LifeLite, a clever and extremely versatile take on a handheld protection device – think large flashlight that also happens to shoot Pepperballs or other round projectiles as far as 60 feet at the push of a red button. Powered by a 12gram CO2 cartridge and a small battery that powers the flashlight and integrated laser sighting system, perhaps the best part about the LifeLite is that it doesn’t LOOK like a gun! Rather, this thing looks like the flashlight it really is, until danger approaches, at which time the carrier can put a laser on the target to aim, then deter that threat with 5 pepperballs, chalk balls or other round .68 caliber projectiles loaded into the device’s internal magazine. Ingeniously designed and ideal for the purse, backpack, home, car, RV or camper, walking the dog or anywhere a person may need protection from a threat, the Pepperball LifeLite kit is an affordable, versatile take on less than lethal defense everyone should take a serious look at!

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First Strike FSC Pistol

First Strike FSC Pistol

Caliber: .68 caliber
Action: Semi-Automatic
Air Source: 8gram or 12gram CO2 cartridge

The .68 caliber C02 powered First Strike FSC is the most powerful compact less than lethal paintball gun available anywhere. Semi-automatic for quick follow-up shots, the FSC pistol can fire up to 330 feet per second, capable of hitting its target at nearly 30 foot pounds of impact pressure. The FSC Pistol shoots any .68 caliber rounds including pepperballs, nylon-wrapped copper balls, rubber rounds and of course paintballs—and it uses either 12-gram or 8-gram C02 cartridges, as well as high pressure air.  First Strike (Formerly known as Tiberius Arms) has been making less-than-lethal guns for more than a decade—and everything they make is first class, top-shelf quality. The First Strike FSC is customizable, with interchangeable barrels, an under-mount accessory rail for a light or laser and various capacity spare magazines are available.

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Umarex HDP Pistol

Umarex T4E HDP

Caliber: .50 caliber
Action: Semi-Automatic
Air Source: 12gram CO2 cartridge

The Umarex T4E HDP .50 caliber, 12-gram C02 powered pistol is a small and compact weapon, capable of firing rubber balls, chalk balls, marking balls, pepperballs and paintballs. The T4E uses an internal six-shot magazine with a quick-piercing system to make loading your 12-gram C02 cartridges quick and easy. Using heavy rubber rounds the Umarex T4E HDP is capable of shooting velocities as high as 360 feet per seconds, with an impact of roughly eight foot pounds. Semi-automatic for fast-firing, the T4E HDP comes with a Picatinny accessory rail for easy mounting of lights, lasers or other accessories and has sights that are easy to use even in low light. 

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Umarex Walther PPQ

Umarex T4E Walther PPQ

Caliber: .43 caliber
Action: Semi-Automatic
Air Source: 12gram CO2 cartridge

The Walther PPQ .43 caliber paintball pistol uses an eight-round magazine and is capable of shooting in the 350-360 feet per second range, powered by 12-gram C02 cartridges. Designed by Umarex to as closely resembly a Walter PPQ firearm as possible for realistic force-on-force training for law enforcement, this one shoots paintballs, rubber balls, or chalk balls efficiently, accurately and realistically. The T4E Walther PPQ features an accessory rail for a light or laser, an ambidextrous slide stop lever and like most .43 caliber guns, has an effective range of around 120 feet, depending on which type of round you are using.

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Valken Blackhawk Paintball gun

Valken Blackhawk

Caliber: .68 caliber
Action: Semi-Automatic
Air Source: Screw-in paintball CO2 or Compressed Air Tank

If you’re looking for serious volume of fire to deter a threat to your home or family, the Valken Blackhawk paintball gun shoots anything .68 caliber and is a hopper-fed paintball gun like those designed for weekend fun, meaning you can shoot 150 rounds or more without reloading—and you can do it at a firing rate of more than eight rounds per second with some practice. The Blackhawk is powered by C02 or HPA compressed air tanks that can give you 600-700 shots (or more) before refilling is needed. With rifle-style, two-handed control and a setup big enough to pull into your shoulder, the Blackhawk used for home defense can literally allow a homeowner to pummel a threat with a barrage of – well – whatever is loaded into the hopper from rubber balls to pepper balls, rather than a few well-placed shots from a pistol. If you’re a fan of shooting something larger than a compact pistol, this may be the way to go for you.

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Valken M17 paintball gun

Valken M17

Caliber: .68 caliber
Action: Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic
Air Source: Compressed Air (HPA) paintball tank

Valken’s M17 is a magazine-fed paintball marker which shoots semi-auto and full auto—both with incredibly stable velocities thanks to its unique mechanical operating system. Handling more like a tactical rifle than most other paintball guns due to its design and magazine-style feed, the M17 features an 18 round magazine. A sight rail along the top can be used to add a red dot sight or other optic, while accessory rails around the fore-grip allow for the mounting of vertical fore-grips for increased control, lights or lasers. A small paintball compressed air tank threads into the back of the gun and is then used as its shoulder stock. In terms of home-defense the M17’s large magazine capacity magazine and ability to switch to fully-automatic firing gives a homeowner impressive firepower, while its aggressive, firearm-like appearance adds an intimidation factor that alone may be enough to deter an intruder. 

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Whichever paintball gun or other device you choose for less than lethal protection for your home, business, church, hospital or property, know that you’ve got great protection without the dangers of a firearm—and no licensing or permits are necessary. You can practice literally in your backyard, again saving you from shooting lessons and firing range charges. While it may not be a universally perfect choice, the ability to deter a threat to home, family and person without the long-term social, mental, physical and legal ramifications surrounding the use of a firearm make a paintball gun or LifeLite an outstanding choice for protection. Be safe!

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