Black Friday Paintball Deals

Paintball black friday deals

Best Black Friday Paintball Deals!

The Best Black Friday Paintball Gear Deals of 2022 are at Valken!

Black Friday paintball deals are live at Valken Sports! Valken offers everything a paintball player needs to enjoy the game safely with affordable paintball equipment, like paintball guns, paintball loaders and air tanks, paintball goggles and plenty of fresh, Made in America 68 caliber paintballs, all at prices any player can afford! From affordable paintball guns to all the necessary paintball gear to get on the field and win, whether you’re getting a jump on paintball Christmas shopping or just grabbing paintball equipment for yourself, the best paintball Black Friday deals are at Valken in 2022!

Black Friday Paintball Gear Deals!

Black Friday Paintball Gun Deals!

The Valken Paintball gun lineup is bigger than ever and offers everything from affordable paintball guns like the Valken Razorback and the rugged, reliable Valken Blackhawk paintgun to magfed paintball guns like the popular M17 magfed paintball gun and the new remote-ready Valken CQMF magazine fed paintball gun! Whether you’re shopping for an affordable paintball gun to put under the tree for an amazing paintball Christmas gift or looking for a great Black Friday deal on a new magfed paintball gun for yourself, the best Black Friday paintball gun deals are at Valken for 2022!

Black friday paintball gun deals
Black Friday Paintball Gun Deals!



Valken Razorback Paintball Gun

The Valken Razorback paintgun delivers plenty of features and color options at an unbeatable price for a beginner paintball gun, and on Black Friday 2022 it’s more affordable than ever! A semiautomatic paintball gun that fires as fast as the double trigger can be pulled, the Valken Razorback features a vertical feed to prevent chopped paintballs, a Spyder paintball gun threaded barrel that’s easily upgraded and a quick pull bolt that’s easy to clean! Lightweight, compact and ideal for new or young players, this affordable paintball gun is by no means a cheap paintball gun, as it’s built from rugged aluminum with stainless steel components! Simple and affordable, the Valken Razorback paintgun is available in red, blue or black and is priced better than ever for a great Black Friday paintball deal!

Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun

Rugged and reliable, the Valken Blackhawk paintball gun is an affordable paintball gun that packs a tactical punch. Built around a time-tested, battle-proven inline blowback bolt system that is simple to maintain and will work in almost any conditions, the Valken Blackhawk paintball gun fires as fast as the shooter can pull the trigger and offers a vertical foregrip, a flat top ready for sights or scopes and a removeable, threaded barrel with plenty of longer barrels available! This tactical paintball gun is even available in Blackhawk Whiskey, Tango and Foxtrot rigs that are already upgraded with longer barrels, and tactical barrel shrouds for a tactical, combat-ready look and increased accuracy! If an affordable, reliable, tactical paintball gun is on your paintball Black Friday shopping list, the Valken Blackhawk is the best paintball gun to put in the shopping cart!

Valken Razorback paintball guns
Black Friday Paintball Gear Sale!


Black Friday Magfed Paintball Guns

Magazine fed paintball guns are better and more popular than ever, and Valken offers a full line of reliable magfed paintball guns that are priced better than ever for Black Friday 2022! The affordable, feature-packed Valken M17 magfed paintball gun is now available in black or in desert tan and black, and are joined in the magfed Black Friday deals department by the upgraded Valken CQMF magfed paintball gun that features a remote-ready stock, a sleek handguard and other upgraded features! Both the M17 paintball gun and the CQMF magazine fed paintball gun offer semiautomatic or fully-automatic firing modes and can shoot either round 68 caliber paintballs or First Strike rounds for added versatility on the battlefield! Even the double-barrel T4E HDS 68 paintball shot gun in Valken-exclusive combat grey is ready for the holidays at Black Friday pricing!

Black Friday Paintball Gear Deals

Black Friday Paintball Gear Sale!

From paintball air tanks and electronic paintball hoppers like the Valken V-Max+ and paintball masks like the thermal, anti-fog Valken MI-7 paintball goggle line, the Black Friday paintball deals don’t stop with the paintball guns at Valken! Shop everything from paintball jogger pants and paintball harnesses to Valken Daggers paintball barrel covers, all at special Black Friday prices! So whether you’re gearing up for the winter season for yourself or getting your paintball Christmas shopping out of the way early, Valken has the best black Friday paintball deals on everything a paintball player needs to hit the field, make the shot and WIN!

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