Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Goggle Review

Bunkerkings CMD Goggle

The Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Goggle

Bunkerkings aims high with one of the best paintball goggles available!

Paintball goggles are the single most important piece of paintball gear any paintball player can ever own. Whether you play paintball with a Valken Blackhawk that cost less than $200 or a Luxe, Dye M3+, Field One Force or Eclipse LV1.6 that cost well over a thousand dollars, if you can’t see because your goggles are fogged up, or you have a headache because your goggles are uncomfortable, you won’t play well. That means a good pair of paintball goggles is an upgrade that will, literally, instantly make a better player out of anyone who invests. It’s that simple.

The Bunkerkings CMD paintball goggle is advertised with some big promises. Unparalleled moisture reduction. Better hearing. Improved breathability. Superior lens technology. “Breathe, see, communicate” they say. Do those claims stand up? In a word, yes!

Built around the Virtue Vio’s quick change thermal lens system that’s already proven as a good one, Bunkerkings set out to produce a goggle that was comfortable, breathable, easy to hear and communicate in, and most importantly didn’t fog. The mask of the CMD paintball goggle helps accomplish this with ventilation that is bountiful across the front of the facemask and up the sides – those cuts aren’t just there for looks or light weight – they help air flow in and through the goggle and mask, taking all that warm, humid air that can cause fogged lenses out. As an added bonus, the CMD mask is soft and flexible enough to encourage the occasional bounce.

Bunkerkings CMD paintball goggle

Included with the Bunkerkings CMD paintball goggle system is a “micro visor.” What does that mean? Exactly what it says, it’s a small visor that helps keep glare off the lens, and keep moisture out should it rain while you’re playing. It can even help keep scratches off the lens if you’re the type to put your goggles down on a picnic table between games only to watch it tip over and spin around on the lens. No more of that! The face foam inside the CMD goggle frame is soft and comfortable, and can be swapped out for fresh, clean foam, while the goggle strap is wider for a better, more comfortable fit. These guys thought it out.

Once it’s out of the box and on the field the features of the Bunkerkings CMD paintball goggle truly work together to create a goggle that impresses. It’s lightweight. It’s comfortable. And when you’re moving around on the field, whether running to a bunker on a speedball field or moving through the trees playing a scenario game, you can actually feel the air flow into the front of the mask and through, and this really does help keep the hot, humid air you exhale from hanging around inside the mask and moving up into the goggle where fogging happens. During our testing the CMD did not even show a hint of fogging throughout a full day of play, even when sitting still for extended periods holding down a key spot. The soft goggle helps a player shoulder their paintball gun, the micro-visor keeps rainwater out and helps a little with glint, and the face foam is very soft.

Lightweight, flexible, cool and comfortable, with a variety of fog-free thermal lenses and mask colors available to help a player build their best goggle, the Bunkerkings CMD paintball goggle delivers performance equal to its price – right up there with the best in the game. For a serious tournament player, a serious woodsball or scenario player, and even mag-fed operators looking for a comfortable, fog-free paintball goggle option, add the Bunkerkings CMD to the short list! You won’t be disappointed!

The Bunkerkings CMD Goggle and Friends!

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