Celebrate National Video Games Day 2022 with Airsoft!

Valken Airsoft Gear National Video Games Day

Live your Call of Duty with Valken Airsoft!

Put down the Controller and Pick up an Airsoft Gun for some real-life COD or Warzone!

Video games like Call of Duty and its off-shoot, Warzone, are a modern phenomenon of gaming technology with big-budget game releases that rival and even surpass major movies! Gamers, both hard-core and casual, love the Call of Duty franchise and its releases (except Vanguard) for their immersive game-play, intense storylines and – let’s face it – Soap, Gaz and Captain Price! And while we love them too and celebrate them on this National Video Games Day, we also want to remind everyone that sometimes it’s good to put down the controller and step out into the real world for some adrenaline, some exercise and live-action, real-world CoD with airsoft! With the ability to build your own tactical loadout to suit any style of airsoft gun you might want to go into battle with, build your ideal gear loadout to surround it, and to operate in the battlespace however you may wish, from in-your-face battling in a CQB setting to the methodology and stalking of long-range sniping, airsoft can truly be compared to real-life, live-action Call of Duty!

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A big part of the fun of the Call of Duty franchise, especially once the story mode is played and it’s time to hop into a game with and against your friends and people around the world in multi-player – is the ability to be whoever, and play in any manner, you desire as you put on the headset, pick up the controller and leave the real world outside the front door! From grabbing a pistol or an SMG and running it down the opposition’s throat to climbing up high, sitting in the shadows and sniping with a bolt action rifle, or even “camping” and letting the kids that run around come to you and making them furious but shooting them to pieces when they try to move with a fast-shooting assault rifle, you can play the game however you want. The modern world of airsoft offers a very similar freedom with the added incentive of leaving the house, seeing friends face-to-face, the adrenaline rush of tactical combat with the possibility of the impact of an airsoft BB (or a few) and some moving, shooting, crawling and battling exercise! Get off the couch, get away from all the screens, gear up with the airsoft gear that suits your style and step into the action!

When you’re ready to try a little “real-world” Call of Duty action past this National Video Game day, airsoft is the perfect model and Valken Airsoft has all the airsoft gear and airsoft guns to make it happen! For new airsoft operators or anyone on a tight budget, Valken airsoft guns like the do-it-all Valken ASL Mod-M and Valken Hi-Velocity Mod-L are great choices available in black or that dark earth color, but the scrappy newcomer to the family, the Valken ASL Echo with its compact build and aggressive look is also an amazing choice! Go full Ghost on the opposition with a Valken airsoft mesh mask and a set of thermal, fog-free airsoft eye protection like Valken Tango goggles. Any serious CoD player or Warzone battle royale fighter knows that when you drop that magazine and reload can make or break a shot or a game and that’s true in airsoft too, so grab a Valken laser-cut plate carrier, some magazine pouches and plenty of Valken airsoft magazines to be ready and always have another mag to slap in and make that shot! Speaking of shots – shooting straight and hitting what you aim at is critical in both Call of Duty or in the airsoft battlespace, so give yourself the best chance you can with the accurate consistency and quality of Valken Accelerate airsoft bb’s!

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On this National Video Games day of 2022, we can celebrate the fun and excitement of games like Call of Duty and Warzone while remembering that sometimes we have to get up, gear up and leave the screen behind! If games like Call of Duty or Warzone are your thing, but you’re looking for in-person camaraderie, the adrenaline rush of an impact action sport and some heart-pumping intense exercise, the world of airsoft awaits and Valken is standing by to be YOUR airsoft armory!

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