Christmas in July!

Valken Christmas in July

Valken's Christmas in July!

It’s Christmas in July here at Valken and you know what that means! Actually we’re not sure what it means either. But what we ARE sure of is that just in time for Christmas in July, Valken has some pretty amazing paintball, airsoft and Gel Blaster gear that’s certain to make you, or a special person in your life, happy! Great gear that makes people happy is a pretty good reason for Christmas in July if you ask us, so join us for a run-down of some of Valken’s best paintball gear, best airsoft gear and new Gel Blaster products that are big on fun but easy on the wallet!

Valken Paintball Gear

Valken has brought some great new paintball gear to market just in time for Christmas in July! From new packs and pants to barrel covers and bottle covers, the new Valken paintball gear that continues to roll out is attractive, functional and, best of all, affordable! So if you’re looking for a Christmas in July paintball gift for someone you love, even if that special person just so happens to be you, Valken has the paintball equipment to put a smile on your face without putting a big dent in your wallet!

Valken Daggers Paintball Barrel Cover

Valken Daggers Barrel Cover

One of the newest product lines to join the Valken Paintball family is the line of Valken Daggers barrel covers! Made from rugged, durable and easily cleaned silicone and featuring several colors, styles and even some interesting designs that are certain to make fellow players smile, Valken Daggers paintball barrel covers slip easily over the muzzle of almost any paintball gun barrel and safely secure with an adjustable elastic tether to ensure no accidental discharges leave the paintball gun while players have their goggles off! Much more easily cleaned than cloth barrel covers, simply rinse with warm water should you accidentally pull your trigger and catch a paintball and the Valken Dagger barrel cover is like new! Affordable, simple and fun, a barrel cover from the Valken Daggers line is a great addition to any paintball player’s gear bag!

Valken Fate GFX Paintball Tank Cover

Valken Fate GFX Tank Cover

The Valken Fate GFX line continues to grow, including comfortable lifestyle jogger pants, paintball jogger pants ready to hit the field, matching paintball packs and harnesses, and now matching Fate GFX bottle covers! Designed to fit securely over anything up to and including a 68 cubic inch paintball air tank, Valken Fate GFX paintball bottle covers feature the same stylish sublimated designs as the rest of the Valken Fate GFX line, from 3D cube and digi Tiger camo patterns to the American Flag and Hawaiian designs, letting players mix or match their entire paintball soft goods collection for a great look! Made from rugged neoprene, paintball players can protect their paintball air tank from dings and scratches while sliding and diving on the paintball field, and from damage while transporting their air bottle in a gear bag, in matching style with the rest of the Valken Fate GFX line!

Christmas in July Paintball Gear

$29.95 $49.95


Valken Airsoft Gear

Style, features and affordable performance combine in the Valken Airsoft gear line, enabling airsoft operators to create the ultimate loadout to accomplish any mission on any budget! From airsoft guns to airsoft safety gear like airsoft mesh masks and goggles plus all the airsoft batteries, 12gram CO2 cartridges and airsoft green gas a player could ever need, Valken Airsoft gear gets the job done so you can focus on the mission and WIN!

Valken ASL Echo AEG airsoft gun

Valken ASL Echo AEG

Valken airsoft continues to roll out reliable, accurate and feature-packed electric airsoft guns, and one of the most popular and affordable is the new Valken ASL Echo AEG! An upgraded M4 style airsoft gun, the Valken ASL Echo features an ergonomic, lightweight design with a comfortable pistol grip and adjustable, multi-position stock, plus a short barrel shrouded by an MLok rail for grips and accessories! Standard with flip-up open sights but ready for a scope or sight, the Valken ASL Echo AEG airsoft gun also offers a threaded muzzle and fires in semi and fully-automatic modes from a high-cap M4 airsoft magazine. Light, reliable, affordable and packed with features, the Valken ASL Echo airsoft gun is an ideal airsoft carbine for the tactical airsoft operator in your life!

Valken Alpha Plate Carrier

Valken Alpha Plate Carrier

Airsoft operators looking for a comfortable, lightweight and versatile loadbearing solution that also happens to offer a unique style need look no further than the Valken Alpha Plate Carrier! This full-featured tactical plate carrier vest is adjustable at the shoulders and sides to create the perfect fit and offers plenty of laser cut MOLLE allowing the wearer to configure everything from mag pouches and dump pouches to air tanks, hydration and radios in the perfect position. Hook and loop panels allow identification and morale patches to be quickly added and unique designs are printed on the carrier to ensure everyone remembers running across you in the AO!

Christmas in July Airsoft Gear

$19.95 $29.95


Gel Blaster

The hottest new thing to hit the back yard in years is Gel Blaster! These amazing electric blasters fire water-based gellets at safe, low velocities making back yard Gel Blaster fun safe for players of all ages! From the affordable Gel Blaster Surge to Gel Blaster Gellets and other Gel Blaster ammo, plus all the safety gear and even bunkers and shooting cages to make the game more fun than ever, Valken has all the Gel Blaster equipment a parent or even a field or shooting gallery operator will ever need to take the fun anywhere!

Gel Blaster Surge

Gel Blaster SURGE

For fun like you never imagined, grab a Gel Blaster Surge and get blasting! These amazing fully automatic blasters are powered by a simple rechargeable battery that plugs right into the wall, and are fed Gel Blaster Gellets from included 800 round hoppers that keep the blasting going for as long as everyone wants to play! Safety glasses and both blue and orange Gel Blaster Surge fins are included, allowing shooters to split teams or personalize their Gel Blaster to their own favorite color! Affordable, reliable, lightweight and just plain FUN, the Gel Blaster Surge takes backyard summertime blasting to a completely new level and it’s the perfect gift for Christmas in July

Gel Blaster Gellets

Gel Blaster Gellets

Valken offers all the Gel Blaster Gellets a family will ever need to keep the Blasters blasting all afternoon! Made from absorbent polymer that’s completely environmentally safe, to get Gel Blaster ammo ready to use, simply soak it in water for at least two hours, then drain away the excess water, fill your hoppers and get to blasting! Able to be stored dry indefinitely and lasting weeks in water, Gel Blaster Gellets are the ultimate ammo for affordable backyard fun, and Valken offers them in colors and quantities to satisfy everyone from individual Gel Blaster players to entire families and even Gel Blaster field and shooting gallery operations!

Gel Blaster Gear



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