Components of an Electric Airsoft Gun

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Components of an Electric Airsoft Rifle!

The modern airsoft AEG, or Automatic Electric Gun, is a remarkable piece of modern engineering! Designed to sling airsoft BB’s downrange at 300 feet per second in semi or fully automatic firing modes, powered by an internal, rechargeable battery, and do that all day while being banged around a CQB indoor facility or dragged through the woods without breaking or otherwise falling apart, the electric airsoft rifle is a pretty amazing device. But for someone new to airsoft, the concept of what exactly an Airsoft AEG rifle is, what it’s features are and what they’re getting for their money might be a bit overwhelming. Between Valken’s full line of affordable airsoft guns and our extensive knowledge of airsoft and airsoft gear, we can help! Let’s take a look at the basic components of an airsoft electric rifle!

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Many modern airsoft electric guns, and most of the Valken ASL AEG line, are designed and built to look and handle like a modern tactical military carbine like the M4 family, as used by the US military, tactical law enforcement units and other forces around the world! This means the receiver, where the piston, gear box and inner workings are housed, is constructed of metal or polymers and everything else works around it! The electronic battery that powers an airsoft electric rifle like those from the Valken airsoft line are most often housed in the rifle’s buttstock, while some other configurations are out there depending on models. Valken ASL airsoft gun rifle stocks remain adjustable for length even with the battery housed inside.

With the battery that powers an AEG inserted into the stock of the airsoft rifle, the BB’s have to go somewhere, and that is the job of the airsoft gun’s magazine. Various capacity models are available, but Valken ASL AEG airsoft guns generally ship with an M4 style, high-capacity magazine holding 300 rounds! Once that magazine runs dry, a shooter familiar with the configuration of an M4 or AR-style rifle will know just what to do – press the magazine release on the side of the receiver at the top of the magazine well, and let that empty mag drop so a fresh one can be inserted! On Valken ASL AEG models, the magazine release is ambidextrous, as is the fire selector, that allows the shooter to switch the safety off, and shift from semi-auto into rock and roll, full auto mode! The fire control switch is found on the back, bottom portion of the receiver just above the pistol grip, where it can be easily manipulated by the thumb of the shooting hand. Speaking of shooting, most Valken ASL AEG airsoft guns are standard with an upgraded, Pro-Match trigger.

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Once the shooting starts with an electric airsoft rifle, it’s always more fun when you hit what you aim at – that’s where the open, front and rear sights or an optic of some kind come in. Most Valken ASL airsoft guns are delivered with flip-up, high-vis style open sights allowing the rifle to get into the action right out of the box, but many serious airsoft operators prefer an optic like a red dot sight or even a scope to help them with accuracy at all ranges. Valken ASL AEG airsoft rifles are equipped with sight rails across the top of the receiver, allowing quick and easy mounting of a red dot sight or a scope like the Valken 1-4x20 variable zoom scope. Once sighted in, these optics will allow a serious airsoft operator to knock down targets at all ranges!

In addition to sight rails at the top of a modern electric airsoft gun’s receiver, most modern airsoft AEG rifles are also equipped with handguards featuring accessory rails, surrounding the rifle’s barrel. These allow each airsoft shooter to upgrade and modify their airsoft gun with accessories like lights, laser sights and foregrips to improve accuracy, handling and shooting posture. Furthermore, many modern airsoft rifles like the Valken ASL AEG line are equipped with threaded barrels. Most airsoft guns in the United States are delivered with an orange muzzle device installed, but many serious airsoft shooters choose to swap this out with mock suppressors or even tracer units to light up the dark with tracer airsoft BB’s!

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From affordable airsoft guns like the Valken ASL Mod-M airsoft gun to all-metal models like the Valke Alloy Mark II, Valken ASL AEG electric airsoft guns, and many like them from companies like Umarex and Sig Sauer, offer a wide array of features designed to add value to a high tech airsoft shooting machine! Light, accurate, reliable and just plain fun to build, accessorize, customize and hit the field with, the modern airsoft electric rifle is an amazing piece of performance hardware that serious airsoft operators can trust, battle after battle!

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