Different Types of Paintballs

Different Types of Paintballs

We hold these truths to be self-evident: all paintballs are NOT created equal! But wait, we’re playing paintball – aren’t all paintballs the same? The answer is no! While all paintballs are designed to be shot back and forth by air guns in safe and regulated games of paintballs, there are many different types of paintballs and choosing the proper paintballs can mean all the difference between having a great day at the field winning the big game, or a lot of cleaning and a frustrating time.

Selecting the proper paintballs for a day of play is extremely important and making a good decision, like so many things in life, takes a little homework. Factors that must be considered when picking a great paintball include the paintball gun they’re going to be fed through, the weather and temperature and the basics like the proper caliber.

Modern paintball is no longer played with only .68 caliber paintballs, as it has been for many years. While tournament, competition, scenario and high-level recreational paintball are still played predominantly using .68 caliber paintballs, there are other options. .68 caliber paintballs have been joined in the game by other calibers with more specific uses. .50 caliber paintballs and special paintball guns to use them have been added to rental fleets at professional paintball fields and playing parks around the world, designed to make first-time paintball much more fun for new and younger players, as these paintballs land with much lower impact energy than their larger, heavier .68 caliber balls. Even smaller, .43 caliber paintballs are now offered as well, generally for use in smaller paintball guns designed for tactical force-on-force training. Lastly, but most certainly not least, are First Strike rounds. These projectiles, offered in .68 and .50 caliber sizes, feature plastic fins at the back to stabilize and spin them in flight, providing much longer range and greater accuracy than their round counterparts.

Once the proper type and size of paintball for the paintball gun through which they’ll be fired has been selected, there’s still a stack of different boxes to pick from! This is because, even within .68 caliber, all paintballs aren’t the same! For high-level tournament paintball competition, players require an extremely exacting paintball, like Valken Redemption Pro. These paintballs need to mark as brightly as possible and their shells must be extremely brittle in order to break on even folds of clothing of opponents as teams battle for the big money, but this also means that only high-level, finely tuned paintball guns are able to consistently fire them.

That said, most paintball players enjoying the game with friends on the weekend likely shouldn’t select these high-end, tournament level paintballs as entry to mid-level paintball guns that operate at higher pressures will not be able to fire them reliably. Rather, a high-quality paintball designed for the rigors of cooler climates and higher-pressure paintball guns, like Valken Graffiti, Fate or New World is a great choice, as almost any paintball gun will be able to use them game after game with great accuracy and dependability.

Players on a budget, or those looking to time and tune a paintball gun, don’t necessarily need to spend top dollar on their paintballs, and to this end more affordable paintballs are always available! These are packaged more simply and often feature a somewhat thicker shell formulated for use in practically any paintball gun, new or old and allow players to play the game as affordably as possible or test and tune a paintball gun in the back yard.

Different types of paintballs are made for the different types of paintball that everyone might play! High-end, tournament paintballs are made for tournament players and specially formulated for their specific needs, while other paintballs are formulated for use in cold weather, others glow in the dark, others are designed to fly further and straighter thanks to spiral shaped fins on each ball, while other calibers are available for younger players or for tactical training! Choosing the right paintball for your game and your gear will make your day of paintball great!

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