Eclipse Etha3M Paintball Gun Review

Eclipse Etha3M paintball gun

The Eclipse Etha3M

The Etha3M Raises the Bar for Affordable Mechanical Performance!

The resurgence of the throwback, mechanical paintball format for paintball tournament competition has ushered in a renaissance in the game for both newer and more experienced players to enjoy affordable paintball from the local all the way to the national level! As mechanical paintball has grown and mechanical paintball tournaments have appeared all over the United States, companies have risen to the challenge of bringing affordable paintball guns to the game that provide an ideal mix of features, performance and price for paintball players ready to enjoy the game without batteries in their grip frame! Planet Eclipse, known for making the best paintball gun in the game, rose to the challenge early with models like their Eclipse GMek and, later, the amazing and affordable Eclipse EMek paintball gun that has taken everything from field rental fleets to pro tournaments by storm, and now they’re rising to the challenge again! The new Planet Eclipse Etha3M paintball gun delivers proven, reliable Planet Eclipse performance along with a long list of features at an affordable price!

Eclipse Etha3M mechanical paintball gun

Affordable Quality

The Eclipse Etha3M builds on the success of the remarkable Eclipse EMek mechanical paintball gun that has proven itself capable of handling everything from weekly service as a rental paintball gun to winning tournaments in the hands of professional paintball players. Built around the proven, reliable Gamma core spool valve drive system that delivers accuracy, efficiency and reliability, the Eclipse Etha3M makes already-simple maintenance much easier by allowing the bolt system to be quickly and easily pulled out the back of the paintball gun without tools. Further adding to the versatility and performance, the Etha3M paintball gun is standard with a Push On Purge System on/off bottle adapter and the trigger and low-rise feed neck are aluminum! The feed neck is an adjustable, lever-clamping model that will hold onto any hopper from the Protoyz Speedster and Valken V-Max+ to higher end models like the Dye Rotor securely. Adjustable and interfacing with the standard Eclipse FL 3-way valve, the standard Eclipse Etha3M trigger provides a light and short pull for impressive mechanical rates of fire!

Eclipse Etha3M Bolt

Durable Construction

A combination of aluminum and glass-reinforced nylon construction, the Eclipse Etha3M paintball gun combines light weight with rugged reliability that will last game after game, season after season. Air moves around the paintball gun with no external hoses and even the most brittle tournament paintballs can be used with the Etha3M as it operates at a low 135psi. While plenty of barrels from companies like Dye, Freak or Field One are available as the Eclipse Etha3M is threaded for Autococker barrels, the standard barrel included with the paintball gun is a ported, two-piece aluminum Shaft5 model with an impressive internal finish that will deliver solid accuracy at all ranges! Thanks to its included SL4 inline regulator paired to the simple and time-tested Gamma Core spool valve engine, the Etha3M delivers accurate, consistent and smooth shooting performance that requires little more than a wipe down and grease to maintain, and adjusting velocity is simple and fast.

Eclipse Etha3M Accessories!
Eclipse Etha3M trigger

Reliable & Versatile

The long list of standard features of the Eclipse Etha3M combine to create an outstanding, reliable, trustworthy and affordable paintball gun! For mechanical paintball competitors or purists, the Etha3M will deliver season after season of reliable performance with little more than simple maintenance and cleaning, while players on a budget will quickly realize that even without batteries and electronics, their new paintball gun is able to compete with many electronic models! To get the most out of their Etha3M, players should plan to use an electronic hopper like a Valken V-Max+ or other lightweight motorized loaders that can provide consistent, reliable feeding to allow players to get the most out of the Etha3M’s rate of fire capabilities.

The Planet Eclipse Etha3M is a simple, reliable yet feature-packed and affordable paintball gun as much at home in the hands of a top-level player in a mechanical paintball tournament as it is roving the fields of scenario games and recreational play. Whether it’s mechanical performance and proven Eclipse reliability a player might be looking for, or simply an affordable paintball gun that keeps the game within reach of any budget, the Etha3M is an outstanding choice!

*images courtesy Planet Eclipse*

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