Eclipse GTek170R Review

Eclipse GTek170R Paintball Gun Review

Planet Eclipse GTek170R Paintball Gun Review

When it comes to serious paintball, whether competitive tournament paintball on air ball fields, throwback tournament paintball on mounds and hyperball fields, or traveling scenario paintball played at some of the most amazing paintball parks on the planet like Skirmish, Sherwood Forest, SC Village or EMR, you need a serious paintball gun. The problem is, many serious paintball guns cost serious money, and not every paintball player in the world, no matter how serious they take their game, can afford to fork over well in excess of a thousand dollars for their paintball gun. That said, thanks to paintball guns like the GTek170R, serious paintball players can play serious paintball – no matter what kind of paintball that might be – without spending thousands on a paintball gun with the performance and features to keep up! Dollar for dollar, the Eclipse GTek170R is one of the best paintball guns in the world!

Eclipse GTek170R Paintball Gun

A lightweight, tournament style electronic paintball gun with a spool valve operating system, the Planet Eclipse GTek170R is a sleek, lightweight blaster built from aluminum that offers the look and performance of much higher-end paintball guns costing hundreds more than its $799 price tag. Featuring the now time-tested and battle-proven Gamma Core spool valve operating system that delivers low-pressure operation that’s gentle on even the most brittle tournament paintballs yet capable of blasting in various firing modes at ten and even fifteen shots per second and more in all kinds of weather conditions, the 170R’s entire drive system can be removed and stripped for cleaning lubrication and other maintenance almost instantaneously without tools! There are no external hoses or air lines to snag, leak or otherwise fail at the worst possible moment, and the programmable electronics of the paintball gun like dwell, firing mode and other options is handled through a screen at the rear of the grip frame, with electric power delivered from a single 9volt battery that can be swapped without tools.

Eclipse GTek170R Paintball Gun

Past its electronics and Gamma Core, the Eclipse GTek170R is packed with valuable features that make it ready to take from the box and carry right into battle. The Eclipse 170R is equipped with a low-rise, clamping feed neck able to hold securely onto practically any motorized tournament hopper, and the on/off bottle adapter is simple to use with any standard threaded high pressure compressed air tank. The adjustable double trigger offers a snappy, tactile return and is easy to learn to pull fast should semi-automatic be the mode preferred by the shooter – though many will use the GTek170R in ramping mode. The barrel shipped standard with the GTek170R is a solid one that’s more than good enough for accurate, consistent shooting at all ranges with quality paintballs, thanks to its two-piece aluminum construction, along with plenty of porting to reduce noise. The 170R will accept any Autococker threaded barrel, allowing players to use anything from a Dye barrel to a Freak kit or even a Field One Acculock kit to deliver devastating accuracy. Thanks to its regulator and aforementioned, proven Gamma Core operating system, the GTek 170R is extremely consistent, quiet and accurate. Even maintenance of the gun is simple, requiring only a few minutes and a little bit of grease on o-rings and moving parts, along with periodically installing a fresh battery, to ensure trustworthy operation game after game.

The features and price of the Planet Eclipse GTek170R paintball gun, along with its availability in numerous color combinations and even camo, make it an impressive option for players in any environment, from the speedball arenas of tournament paintball to the woods and fortresses of the scenario battlefield! When used with high quality paintballs like Valken Graffiti, a good quality air tank like an HK Extra Lite or a First Strike Hero system and a loader capable of keeping up with it like a Pinokio Speed, Bunkerkings CTRL or a Dye Rotor LT-R, the Eclipse GTek170R becomes a mean machine capable of punching above its weight, easily keeping up with high dollar paintball guns and delivering consistent, accurate, reliable performance from the hot weather of the summer to chilly wintertime games through rain, mud and just about anything else a hard core paintball player might drag it through. For serious paintball players looking for a paintball gun that packs an impressive punch without punching a hole in their bank account, the Planet Eclipse GTek170R is one of the best paintball guns a player could choose!

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