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If you’ve been to Fulda Gap, you know. If you haven’t - you’re missing out!

For years one of paintball’s best-kept secrets was Fulda Gap - a paintball scenario nestled into the hills of western North Carolina drawing hundreds from around the Southeast. Battling it out in a game based on the nightmare concept of the Soviets storming through the Fulda Gap and into Western Europe, bent on overrunning the US and her NATO allies desperately trying to hold the line, the game featured some of paintball’s most challenging terrain and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere like few others! However, once word reached the paintball media and some of paintball’s traveling, vending companies, the secret was out! Now one of paintball’s centerpiece games, Fulda Gap has grown to host well over 1,000 players each year along with dozens of paintball tanks, a lot packed with vendors from around the US, and offers some of the friendliest paintball hospitality and camaraderie imaginable! 

Held in the Fall so players don’t drown in their own sweat and hosted by Command Decisions, a paintball field with a firm foundation in Carolina paintball history, Fulda Gap is famous for more than a hard-core mil-sim storyline and a cast of hundreds of players - the playing field itself is a challenging mix of rolling hills, steep slopes, thick woods, open ground dotted with bunkers and - added in more recent years - a little urban combat with structures, firebases and containers! Tanks of all shapes and sizes roam the terrain knocking out bunkers, picking one-another off with rockets and striking fear into the hearts of players in their path, while brave anti-tank gunners do their best to hold them back!

Then there are the snipers. Long a bastion of mag-fed paintball, Command Decisions and Fulda Gap draw hard core, ghillie suit-wearing, bolt action, First Strike shooting snipers able to engage, and eliminate, targets at ranges most paintball players would never even dream of shooting! Players who think they’re creeping through the woods all alone, or looking around with their head exposed over the top of a bunker, might be in the crosshairs!

Players camp at Fulda Gap. It’s what they do. While there are plenty of clean, warm, comfy hotels in the beautiful nearby town of Hickory, many of the attendees of Fulda Gap choose to camp and enjoy evenings around campfires telling war stories to enjoy every minute of an epic weekend, when they aren’t wandering the long row of vendors that attend the game every year, offering all kinds of paintball gear from paintball guns to camouflage!

It all boils down to one thing: if you’ve been to Fulda Gap, you’re going back and you already knew all this. And if you haven’t, and you’ve read all this, don’t wait! Get registered and enjoy one of the most incredible paintball games in the world!

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