How to Earn Money for Airsoft!

How Do I Raise Money for Airsoft?

We Get it: Airsoft Isn't Cheap!

Like any serious hobby (or passion) a player or participant takes seriously, airsoft isn't cheap. A good set of golf clubs can cost hundreds of dollars and then there's greens fees, a good compound bow doesn't exactly cost five bucks and neither does a warm set of hunting clothes, and while fishing on the bank is nice, have you priced a nice bass boat lately? Between the airsoft gun, green gas, batteries, BB's and a good load out like pants, a jacket, load bearing equipment and eye protection, you've spent a few bucks before you even get out of the car at the airsoft field. We get it. But if you get creative and look for opportunities (past a second job or trust fund you can raid), there are ways to bring money in for playing airsoft!

By far, the best way to earn a little extra money to enjoy airsoft is to work at the local park or airsoft field! They're likely always looking for good, dedicated and trustworthy people who love airsoft to help show new people the ropes, check players in, clean and maintain equipment and referee games to make sure everyone's calling their hits and playing safe. That sounds like you, right? Good, dedicated and trustworthy? In addition to a little pay that you can turn right back around into your own airsoft addiction, employee at most airsoft establishments earn discounts on everything from BB's and green gas to entry fees, so the cost of playing may go down as well!

Airsoft Ambassador

Don't forget that while you're out there working at the local airsoft field or store, you'll make friends that love airsoft as much as you do, and you'll be able to watch a lot people operate once the switch gets flipped from "safe" to "rock and roll." That means the ability to keep an eye on all kinds of airsoft situations and the players: you'll be amazed at what you didn't know! You'll pick up plenty of tricks and ideas for how to handle all kinds of tactical situations by watching how various players operate, move and shoot their way through situations to capture objectives and win that you can put to use the next time you line up your front and rear sights!

There may not be as many "brick and mortar" airsoft stores around as there used to be - and many are folded in with paintball and other "extreme" sports and hobbies, but if you can find an airsoft retail counter to stand behind, this is another great way to earn some money for the next bag of BB's or that M4 you've been wanting to build. Plus, again, discounts! Not to mention that you'll be able to see, touch and learn about all the latest and greatest airsoft gear to hit the market and see what works, what doesn't and what you might be able to work into your load out. 

More recently, a new opportunity to get paid while behind the trigger of an airsoft gun has been created: the Valken Ambassador program! Valken, one of airsoft’s big names, has decided that in the modern world of airsoft and social media, players dedicated to the game who also happen to have a big following on social media, or who are truly passionate about positively representing Valken’s brand and products, can partner with Valken to bring players into the Valken family! Joining the Valken Ambassador program means that when Valken succeeds thanks to you, YOU succeed too! When customers purchase Valken airsoft product thanks to your recommendation, you get paid!

At the end of the day, whether you choose to mow grass or shovel snow for extra airsoft money, referee at the local field or join the Valken Ambassador program to help grow the sport and partner with a big name, play safe and play fair!

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