How to Transport A Paintball Gun

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How to Transport a Paintball Gun

There are many different styles and types of paintball guns in the world, from mechanical paintball guns and electronic tournament paintball guns to tactical and mag-fed paintball guns and an often overlooked challenge for paintball gun owners is how to store and transport their high-end equipment to and from the field safely and securely! Nothing is worse than a dinged or scratched paintball gun from bouncing around unprotected in the trunk of a car next to the spare tire and lug wrench, or a big and potentially dangerous misunderstanding due to an un-cased paintball gun that might look like a firearm in the back seat of a car when a player is stopped for speeding by law enforcement! Valken offers various options for storing, protecting and transporting paintball guns of all shapes, sizes and styles that are a great investment for a player on any level of the game, on any budget!

Valken ZULU Gun Bag

Valken ZULU Gun Bag

A great new addition to the line of Valken gun bags, perfect for a tactical paintball gun or mag-fed paintball carbine (or an airsoft rifle or firearm) is the Valken Zulu Gun bag! Offering plenty of protective padding and a 38-inch length ideal for a long-barreled rifle or carbine, along with external magazine pouch and, the best part, a full laser-cut MOLLE hook-and-loop panel ideal for adding any MOLLE tactical accessory or, more importantly, all the morale patches you can think to slap on there. A rugged and durable tactical-style zippered gun case that also happens to let a paintball player, airsoft operator or real-steel shooter express their individuality with all the patches, the Valken ZULU Gun bag compares strongly to anything in the “big box” retail stores and offers more and better features for a much better price! So carry that tactical or mag-fed paintball gun back and forth to the field in padded, covered safety, keep that airsoft carbine safe and away from the wrong eyes, or safely store and transport a long-barreled firearm with an affordable but feature-packed Valken Zulu gun bag!

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Valken Tango Rifle Case

Valken TANGO Gun Case

The ultimate hard, protective case for a tactical loadout like a magfed paintball gun or paintball sniper rifle, or honestly anything else that might need rugged, tough, sealed, lockable protection that also happens to roll on wheels is the new Valken TANGO rifle case! A paintball gun, much like other types of high-dollar, high-tech gear like photographic equipment, video equipment, drones, airsoft guns, etcetera can be a big money investment and keeping it safe, clean and protected in transit to and from the local field, or even at airports and rented cars while traveling around the world, is important! There’s simply not much better for protecting high-value equipment including expensive paintball guns than the Valken TANGO rifle case! Water and dust resistant with a sealing gasket and padlock gates for secure lockable storage, plus rolling wheels at one end and plenty of foam inside to protect whatever might be within, the Tango rifle case is the kind of paintball gun case or airsoft gun case you’ll only need to buy once – it’ll stand up to years of work protecting paintball guns, airsoft guns, electronics or, well, whatever you might want to lock up inside – that’s your business!

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Eclipse Paintball Gun Bag

Eclipse GX Marker Bags

Not all paintball guns are tactical, or need big old tactical gun cases or gun bags to haul them around. With the air tank, hopper and barrel removed, most tournament-style paintball guns are actually pretty compact little units, and as such can fit in much smaller gun bags like the Eclipse GX line of marker bags! Designed by one of the great paintball gun makers in the world, Planet Eclipse, in between projects like the Eclipse Geo4, the Eclipse GTek170R and the Eclipse LV1.6 amongst other amazing gear, the Eclipse GX line of marker bags are sturdy, useful little painball gun bags that hold a dismantled paintball gun, spares like batteries, allen keys and other small items, and fit easily into a bigger paintball gear bag for safe transport! Available in various colors and even larger sizes to fit bigger paintball guns, the Eclipse GX marker bag is a great choice for a serious player looking to transport and protect their paintball gun with a great paintball gun bag from one of the most respected brands in paintball, Planet Eclipse!

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HK Army Gun Case

HK Army EXO Gun Case

Sometimes protecting your investment means more of a “briefcase handcuffed to your wrist” approach than a big tactical rifle bag or a paintball gun bag that might double as a man-purse. When those cases come up, like in the case of a high-end tournament electronic paintball gun or a high-end, hand-built Autococker or some other such piece of paintball artwork, that’s when it’s time for a hard, protective, padded paintball gun case like the HK Army EXO gun case! Available in large or standard sizes to fit just about any paintball gun from an Eclipse CS2 to a high-end Autococker or other classic paintball gun, and protect it with a rugged, hard outer shell and zippered closure. There are plenty of places for dismantled barrel backs and fronts, tools, o-rings, Allen keys and other tools as well, so it’s a great choice for serious paintball players looking to protect one of their most high-dollar paintball investments!

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Store, Transport & Protect Your Paintball Gun!

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