Is My Child Old Enough For Paintball?

Is my child old enough to play paintball?

Is My Child Old Enough to Play Paintball?

There was a time, early in the creation of paintball and for many years after, that the game of paintball was very much for adults. However, what was conceived and played for several years after as “The Survival Game” with simple bolt action pistols and rudimentary safety equipment barely up to the task has grown and evolved into an international phenomenon that can be fun and safe for players young and old, male or female! For a parent considering whether to allow their child to participate in paintball games for the first time, the question invariably arises: is my child old enough for paintball? While there is no simple or direct answer to that question, as new paintball players are as young as nine or ten when they begin their paintball adventure, we can offer information to help every parent make an informed decision to allow their child to play the game of paintball!

Paintball for Kids

Paintball is Safe

Paintball safety means a lot of different things, but to a parent, the first concern when considering whether to allow their child to play paintball is whether they may be injured while playing the game. Statistically paintball is one of the safest games and sports in the world thanks to the safety measures taken by paintball game operators and players who enjoy the game, and the safety equipment produced by the paintball industry to keep each and every player safe and having a great time! Every player on the paintball field must wear paintball-specific paintball goggles, equipped with a facemask that protects the eyes, ears, face and forehead. These goggles are manufactured to stringent and strict standards and tested and approved by the ASTM to ensure proper function. These goggles are adjustable to fit almost any player. Paintball guns are adjustable for velocity, or the speed at which they fire each paintball, and each and every player must test fire their paintball gun over a radar measuring device called a chronograph to ensure all paintball guns are shooting below 300 feet per second before entering the playing field. The combination of paintball approved safety goggles, paintball guns shooting at safe speeds and the right clothing to cover bare skin means paintball is safe for anyone to enjoy! 

Paintball is Inclusive

The modern game of paintball offers something for everyone, and when the gate to the local paintball playing field or paintball park swings open, everyone is welcome! Men and women, boys and girls, young and old of all colors and races are welcome at the paintball field – once the paintball mask goes on and the paintballs are flying, the adrenaline is pumping and players are working together towards the common goal of capturing the other team’s flag and tagging one another with paintballs to eliminate opponents from the game, there is no time to consider, or in most cases even the ability to determine, whether a fellow player is man or woman, boy or girl, old or young, white or black – there are only teammates and opponents, who have come to the paintball field to enjoy the game and escape the cares of the outside world for a few amazing hours of fun!

Gotcha Gear

Paintball is Safe – Again

There’s another aspect to paintball safety many parents are concerned about when making the decision as to whether to allow their child to play – what is and isn’t acceptable at a paintball park or paintball game field. Again, paintball is safe. As a game played between teams attempt to capture the opposing team’s flag while eliminating opponents by marking them with paintballs, almost no physical contact occurs on the paintball field and in many cases even advancing to within ten feet of an opposing player is prevented by referees and field staff to ensure safety. At many paintball fields, even the use of foul language is prevented by rule as many paintball fields welcome church groups and birthday parties with younger players. Finally, in this age of COVID19, paintball is a game played by social distancing, as players don masks and sneak through the woods or creep, crawl, slide and dive between cover on paintball fields, feet and often yards apart. With picnic tables and staging areas regularly cleaned and spaced at safe distances, paintball is safe to play during the age of social distancing, and is an enjoyable, safe, family-friendly game! 

Low-Impact Paintball

Finally, a new addition to the game of paintball – the concept of low-impact paintball guns and gear designed to help new and younger players enjoy the game of paintball with paintballs that are smaller and fly much more slowly, taking the initial sting of being hit almost completely out of the game, allowing players as young as 9 and 10 years of age to play the game and have an amazing time safely! Low impact paintball like .50 caliber paintball, JT Splatmaster paintball and Valken Gotcha gear, means the paintballs fly more slowly and land with much less impact energy, while the safety gear is more youth-oriented, with youth-sized chest protectors and goggles with head and chin straps designed to help paintball goggles stay in place securely on smaller, younger players. For paintball players enjoying the game of paintball for the first time, .50 caliber or Low Impact paintball is ideal as it offers all the adrenaline with the ability to ease into the game with a greater level of protection to ensure everyone has a great time!

Paintball is a safe and enjoyable activity for players as young as 9 or 10 thanks to the hard work of dedicated paintball field staff who work diligently to create a safe and fun environment for each and every customer regardless of age, race or color! As an escape from the cares of the world, paintball offers an excitement and adrenaline rush like nothing else in the world that parents can confidently allow their children to enjoy!

Gear for Young Paintball Players!

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