Merry Magfed Paintball Christmas

Paintball Sniper

Merry MagFed Christmas!

Lock & Load for a Merry Magfed Christmas!

Magfed paintball continues to grow in popularity and there’s no doubt as to why! Between the intense adrenaline rush of the most tactical form of paintball you can find and the need to make every shot count, mixed with some of the most specialized and well thought-out gear in the game and the ability to play all day without spending hundreds of dollars on paintballs, magfed paintball offers a lot to fall in love with! Besides, magazine fed paintball gear like magfed paintball guns and loadbearing equipment are almost as much fun to build and customize as it is to actually wear into a game! Every part of magfed paintball is a true adventure that has new players falling in love with the format, and old-school players falling in love with paintball all over again! Let Valken help make this a Merry Magfed Christmas!

magfed paintball guns

Magfed Paintball Guns

Magazine fed paintball guns are better than ever! Companies big and small now support magfed paintball with their full weight, bringing high-tech paintball gun designs and concepts to magfed paintball that provide serious tactical paintball players with some impressive options for their primary weapon! We might be a little biased considering the Valken M17 offers such a huge amount of bang for the buck, with its mechanical fully-automatic capability and the ability to run round paintballs or First Strike rounds at a price that’s hard to beat! There are other options as well, like the Valken CQMF, that is remote line-ready out of the box and uses M17 magazines to create a more compact, lightweight magfed paintball carbine while still providing that mechanical full-auto firepower everyone’s come to love! These aren’t all, though, as Planet Eclipse has moved into magfed paintball in a big way with the Eclipse EMF100 magfed paintball gun! A lightweight, reliable and massively upgradeable magfed paintball gun, the EMF100 is built around a rugged, reliable and time-tested Eclipse Gamma Core operating system that is gentle on paintballs, and the paintgun utilizes Eclipse CF20 magazines that have become an industry favorite for quality and performance! Other amazing magfed paintball gun options include the First Strike T15, an outstanding magfed carbine that looks and handles much like a “real steel” M4 or AR carbine with all the controls right where an AR shooter will be able to find them! If you’re shopping for a magfed player on your Christmas list, the EMF100 is extremely lightweight, while the M17 and CQMF offer full auto firepower at the best price, while the First Strike T15 delivers the ultimate in tactical AR-style realism and handling!

magfed paintball sniper

Paintball Sniper

For some players, the joy of magfed paintball comes in being able to do something on the paintball field they could never do with a hopper – snipe. The advent of First Strike spin-stabilized rounds, that fly much farther and with much greater accuracy than regular round paintballs, have opened up the world of real and true paintball sniping like nothing else could ever have! Now, high-end paintball guns like the bolt-action First Strike T15 Scout or modified, long-barreled and scope-equipped EMF100 or M17 paintball guns shooting First Strikes strike terror into the hearts of serious mag-fed players who move through the battlefield knowing that any moment, a single well-aimed shot from someone they never saw could send them back to the staging area for a Gatorade and a hot dog! Players looking to start down the road of a paintball sniper must begin with a magfed paintball gun able to shoot First Strike rounds, select a rifle scope like a Valken 1-4x20 variable zoom scope, consider a longer, more versatile barrel for tighter shot groups at longer ranges, then hit the back yard or the shooting range to practice, practice, practice. Not until they get it right – until they can’t get it wrong!

Paintball pistol

Paintball Pistols

Paintball pistols have come an incredibly long way! In the earliest days of paintball, when the game was created as The Survival Game in the early 1980’s, the only paintball gun option was a bolt action paintball pistol! Now, modern paintball pistols are back, driven by a demand for them for tactical, magazine fed paintball! Companies from Umarex and First Strike to Tippmann make amazing paintball pistols in various calibers, from full-size .68 caliber paintball pistols to .50 caliber paintball pistols and paintball revolvers, to amazing new .43 caliber paintball training pistols built to the exacting specifications of Umarex to match real-steel Smith & Wesson, Walther and Glock models! Whether used for tactical, force-on-force paintball training or for magfed paintball, the newest batch of paintball pistols and paintball revolvers are impressive, affordable and capable paintball guns!

Best Magfed Paintball Gear
Magfed paintball equipment

Magfed Paintball Gear

Magfed Paintball Gear Unlike other styles and forms of paintball games like speedball, tournament ball or even basic recreational paintball in which players carrying hopper-fed paintball guns often run or move quickly around the field looking to dump shot after shot on each other, magazine fed paintball is played more methodically and at a slower, more tactical pace. Players move as units, always on the watch for any hint of a sniper ready to send them packing with a well-aimed First Strike round from distance, looking to take territory, capture objectives and eliminate opponents. This means the gear is also a little different. A set of high quality thermal, fog-free paintball goggles is an absolute must as with minimal movement means minimal air flow to help prevent fogging. A high-end paintball goggle like a Push Unite paintball goggle, Dye i5 paintball goggle or Virtue Vio paintball mask will allow maximum air flow, clear communication and resist fogging for clarity during a game.

Magfed players will also need plenty of replacement magazines! While hopper-fed players can carry hundreds or even thousands of paintballs onto the field between their gun’s hopper and a few pods, magfed players will often only carry dozens of rounds onto the field, and need plenty of magazines to do it! Once the stack of Valken M17, Eclipse CF20 or First Strike T15 magazines is acquired, a high-quality loadbearing system for them will be needed to carry them onto the field, along with a hydration system, radio communication devices, field maps and even a paintball pistol holster. Some players will select a ready-made paintball loadbearing vest for this purpose like those from Eclipse, while others will start with an item like a Valken Laser Cut Plate Carrier and build their own system with MOLLE capable pouches and holsters!

Merry Magfed Christmas!

Magfed paintball’s popular owes as much to the amazing paintball equipment used to play this style of the game as it does to the intense, tactical nature of the format! Valken has everything a serious tactical magfed paintball player will ever need, so if you’re shopping for a magfed player this Christmas season, let Valken be your magfed paintball armory to help you create a Merry Magfed Christmas!

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