New Airsoft Gear for a New Airsoft Year - 2022!

New Valken airsoft equipment

New Valken Airsoft Gear for 2022!

Start your 2022 with New Valken Airsoft Equipment!

2022 has arrived and with it the promise of more airsoft! Whether you’re enjoying some friendly battles at the local airsoft field or operating operationally with your squad at major airsoft operations around the country and the world completing missions and capturing objectives, Valken has all the new airsoft equipment you need to start the new year with the best airsoft gear! From a new airsoft AEG rifle from the Valken ASL or Alloy line or a new airsoft pistol like the Valken BY HICAPA, to new airsoft accessories like a foregrip, tactical light or a laser, gear up for the new airsoft year with some new airsoft gear from Valken!

Valken Echo airsoft gun

Valken ASL ECHO AEG Airsoft Gun

While many airsoft shooters spend serious time and serious money building the ideal airsoft loadout to their specifications, carefully building their airsoft gun to suit their style and the engagements they choose to fight in, most airsoft operators simply never know from game to game, or even moment to moment, what the next shootout might bring! One game, they’re creeping through the woods maneuvering to an objective and battling with opposing forces at range, and the next minute they’re in an urban combat setting where an enemy might be around the next corner only yards (or even feet) away! Many airsoft operators require a do-it-all airsoft gun that can handle everything from ranged engagements to close quarters battle, and Valken has answered the call with an outstanding airsoft electric rifle that can do it all without breaking the bank, the Valken ASL ECHO AEG! A lightweight, compact yet reliable airsoft gun with all the AR features and function that will be familiar to almost any shooter, the Valken Echo airsoft gun features an adjustable stock, a flat top receiver ready for a red dot sight or scope, an MLok accessory rail for foregrips, lights or lasers and a compact barrel to keep the entire package easy to handle and move with in any environment! The ultimate compact airsoft AEG rifle that’s an affordable airsoft gun that won’t sacrifice performance or features for a lower price, the Valken ASL Echo airsoft gun is the one to own if you can only run one in 2022!

Valken BY HICAPA airsoft gun

Valken BY HICAPA Tan Airsoft Pistol

Already a big hit and a top seller thanks to its mix of performance, looks and price, the Valken BY HICAPA airsoft pistol is a proven performer! New for 2021 and beyond is a tactical desert tan and black version of the Valken HICAPA airsoft pistol ideal for shooters in arid climates or anyone in need of a reliable airsoft pistol who wants a little more than basic black! A CO2 powered blowback airsoft pistol, the Valken BY HICAPA airsoft gun delivers high-speed tactical 1911 looks and handling with top-tier features like a skeletonized hammer, crisp single-action trigger, scalloped grips, a flared mag-well for slick reloads, slide serrations, a front accessory rail for lights or lasers and a high-viz front sight that’s quick and easy to pick up and put on target! Accurate, reliable, easy to run and easy on the eyes, the tan Valken BY HICAPA airsoft pistol is an outstanding and reliable airsoft pistol perfect for a sidearm or as a go-to airsoft gun for close quarters battle!

Valken Airsoft Guns
Valken Tango foregrip

Valken TANGO ForeGrip

Looking to build a futuristic, tactical airsoft PDW for close quarters battle in 2022? Valken has the airsoft accessories and airsoft parts you need to build it once, build it right then gear up and get into the battle! The Valken Tango tactical foregrip mounts quickly and easily to any picatinny-style accessory rail and provides a light weight, comfortably angled, ergonomic tactical foregrip that looks sleek and futuristic without sacrificing function! For an affordable airsoft upgrade that will instantly transform the look of any airsoft gun, the Valken Tango foregrip is an outstanding choice! Get a grip on your airsoft gun in 2022 with a Valken Tango tactical foregrip!

Valken WeaponLite

Valken 500 Lumen LED WeaponLite

Moving through darkened CQB environments during airsoft operations will bring an operator to and through numerous dark corners, dark rooms, dark stairwells and other areas that could easily conceal an opponent and allow them to get a first shot off when seconds and half-seconds count! Cut through the gloom and bring light to the darkness with a Valken 500 Lumen LED WeaponLite! Compact and built from rugged aluminum to remain lightweight, the ultra-bright Valken LED WeaponLite will mount to any Picatinny accessory rail or pistol rail for use on either rifles or pistols, and features an ambidextrous on-switch that can be controlled for momentary blasts of light to disorient enemies or switch to constant-on for recon! Simple, durable and reliable, the Valken 500 Lumen LED WeaponLite is an outstanding upgrade for an airsoft PDW, compact carbine or pistol for CQB or indoor tactical action!

Valken Compact HD Green Laser Sight

Valken Red & Green Compact HD Laser Sights

Nothing beats a laser sight for instant target acquisition and when it comes to a new, reliable and high-tech laser sight for your airsoft loadout for 2022, the Valken airsoft armory is your one-stop shop! Whether your choice for a tactical airsoft laser sight is a classic red laser for low light conditions, or you demand the all-conditions visibility and performance of a green laser sight, Valken offers both a Red Compact HD Laser sight and a Green Compact HD laser sight that are new for 2022! Quick and easy to mount to an airsoft gun, the red and green Valken Compact HD Laser Sights are adjustable for windage and elevation to dial the accuracy in at the range of engagement preferred by the shooter, are constructed from durable yet lightweight aluminum and can utilize either an integral on/off switch or a remote coiled pressure switch for activation when needed to keep the opposition from tracing it back to the shooter! Reliable and packed with features, a Valken Compact HD laser sight is an ideal upgrade for an airsoft shooter looking to get a first shot hit consistently in 2022!

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