New Airsoft Year New Airsoft Gear 2023

Valken airsoft gear

New Airsoft Gear for a New Airsoft Year 2023!

Ring in the New Year with New Airsoft Gear from Valken Airsoft!

As the old year rides off into the sunset and 2023 arrives, a new airsoft season is right around the corner! If you managed to squeeze one last mission out of your old airsoft gear and it’s time to rebuild your airsoft equipment loadout for a new year, let Valken be your airsoft armory! Valken Airsoft has Whatever it Takes for a New Airsoft Year with NEW AIRSOFT GEAR!

valken foxtrot45 airsoft gun

New Airsoft AEG Rifle!

If it’s time for a new airsoft gun for the 2023 airsoft season, Valken Airsoft has the best airsoft guns for the best money in the game! One of the best airsoft deals around, that is giving airsoft operators the best airsoft gun for the least money swiped on that card is the Valken ASL+ Foxtrot45 AEG airsoft gun! Packed with features and built tough, but priced like a cheap airsoft gun, the Valken Foxtrot45 airsoft gun is at home creeping through the woods to secure an objective as it is in the intense room-by-room battles of indoor airsoft CQB! With its PDW-style adjustable stock, short barrel, MLok rails and a quick-change spring system and rotary hop-up, the Valken Foxtrot 45 offers M4-style handling and controls with a sleek, SMG style and a hi-cap SMG stick magazine that can be replaced to run M4 style magazines too! When it’s time to move into combat and do unto others before they do unto you, don’t worry if your primary airsoft gun can handle its job – grab the Valken ASL+ Foxtrot45 AEG and accomplish your mission!

New Airsoft Guns


Valken airsoft pistols

New Airsoft Pistol

Whether used as a primary for CQB or as a sidearm for when a reload isn’t possible, the ammo runs dry or a primary weapon goes down, Valken offers the best airsoft pistols from brands like Umarex, Elite Force, Glock, Sig Sauer and Beretta! One of the best airsoft deals for a new airsoft pistol is the Valken S&W 1911 Tac Gen3 airsoft pistol! This 1911 airsoft pistol is packed with features and is ideal for tactical force-on-force training or as a reliable airsoft pistol sidearm carried into battle a low-ride rig! A CO2 blowback airsoft pistol the Valken 1911 airsoft pistol features combat style sights, forward slide serrations, a commander-style hammer, a threaded barrel and an accessory rail ideal for a tactical weaponlight or a laser sight! If a new airsoft pistol is on your list, Valken Airsoft has the best airsoft pistols at the best prices!

Best Airsoft Pistols
airsoft goggles

Airsoft Goggles

There’s no piece of airsoft gear more important in an airsoft loadout than good, quality, anti-fog thermal airsoft goggles. It doesn’t matter how high-end the new airsoft gun might be, how great that new rig might be or how hard you’ve been training – if you can’t see when the shooting starts and you aren’t safe, it’s not going to be a good day. So protect yourself and treat yourself at the same time with a new set of quality thermal airsoft goggles like Valken Tango Thermal Airsoft Goggles! Comfortable and featuring an anti-fog lens, these full seal airsoft goggles are available in olive, black or tan to work with any loadout or uniform and provide trustworthy anti-fog airsoft eye protection! Start your new airsoft year with safe, clear vision with Valken Tango Thermal Airsoft Goggles!

Airsoft Goggles and Protection!
Valken airsoft equipment

Airsoft BBs and Green Gas

Whether it’s reliable, quality airsoft bbs or airsoft green gas and 12gram CO2 cartridges, Valken Airsoft has everything necessary for a successful mission! Stock up with round, reliable, straight-shooting Valken Infinity airsoft BB’s that are the best airsoft BBs at the best price and grab a few cans of Valken Airsoft Green Gas too! Shoot a CO2 blowback airsoft gun or airsoft pistol? Valken 12gram CO2 cartridges are the perfect choice! For everything a serious airsoft operator might need, from a new airsoft gun to the airsoft equipment everyone needs but that don’t get the love of the big-ticket items, make Valken your one-stop airsoft shop and spend more time shooting and less time shopping!

Airsoft BBs and Green Gas



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