New Paintball Gear for a New Paintball Year 2023

valken paintball gear for 2023

New Paintball Gear for a New Paintball Year 2023

The best paintball gear for the 2023 season is at Valken Paintball!

The 2023 paintball season is packed with paintball events like paintball tournaments and scenario events, offering amazing experiences for players at every level of the game! But the rigors of paintball, from creeping through the woods at a scenario game to all that diving, sliding, crawling and running in tournaments is hard on paintball equipment! Valken has all the new paintball gear a player needs to make 2023 their best season yet! From new paintball pants and the best paintball guns to the basics like paintball pods and anti-fog paintball goggles, Valken has the best new paintball gear for the new 2023 paintball year!

valken m17 magfed paitnball gun

Best Paintball Guns

The best paintball guns aren’t always the most expensive paintball guns, and cheap paintball guns are never the answer for serious paintball players! Valken Paintball offers reliable paintball guns that are also affordable paintball guns, rather than cheap. A new paintball gun can help any serious paintball player perform at their best and Valken offers numerous styles and types of paintball guns ready for action in 2023, from magfed paintball guns like the wildly popular Valken M17 magfed paintball gun and CQMF magfed paintball gun, to the affordable Valken Razorback and the rugged, durable and reliable Valken Blackhawk paintball gun, plus tournament models from brands like Planet Eclipse, Dye and Luxe! If a new Eclipse Etha3 or one of the world class tournament paintball guns like the amazing Eclipse LV2 or the hot new Eclipse CS3 are what’s needed to win points and climb podiums, Valken has Whatever it Takes from the best brands in paintball!

New Paintball Guns
valken paintball pants

Paintball Pants

Paintball pants are asked to do a lot! They’re supposed to keep the player inside cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s cold, safe during slides, diving, crawling and kneeling, offer storage for squeegees, tools, barrel covers and microfibers, and do all that event after event, game after game, without tearing or failing. They’re also supposed to be comfortable and look good, too! When it’s time for new paintball pants for 2023, Valken offers a great selection of the best paintball pants, from Valken Fate GFX jogger paintball pants with an athletic cut, stretch panels and swab pockets, to our new Valken Zulu Pro tactical paintball pants, ideal for magfed paintball, scenario games or anyone in search of a set of rugged, comfortable and feature-packed camo paintball pants! Look good in 2023 with a pair of new paintball pants from Valken Paintball!

Paintball Pants and Jerseys
valken paintball harness

Paintball Harness or Paintball Pod Pack

A paintball harness or paintball pod pack is another piece of paintball equipment that literally carries a heavy load. Asked to carry all the paintballs a player might need into every game, and even an air tank if a player runs a paintball remote line to a tactical paintball gun, and carry all that gear comfortably in all kinds of weather while the player crawls, slides, runs, kneels, crouches and even dives, a paintball harness is a hard-working piece of paintball equipment! A new paintball harness like a Valken Fate GFX paintball pack is a great new piece of paintball gear for the 2023 season, available in 4+3 and 5+8 configurations and in various styles, colors and camo patterns to fit into any loadout and carry all the paintballs a player might need to win the point or accomplish the mission!

Paintball Harness and Paintball Pod Packs


valken paintball pods

Paintball Pods

Often overlooked in a sea of high dollar paintball gear, at least until they’re needed, paintball pods are a necessity for every player who isn’t getting tactical playing magfed paintball! Whether a dedicated tournament paintball athlete or a weekend player who just enjoys hitting the woods with some friends, affordable paintball pods to carry all that extra paint are pieces of paintball equipment everyone needs! Valken Flick Lid paintball pods are available in various colors to suit any team style or personal preference, and as both 140 round paintball pods or 100 round paintball pods! As the paintball gear was put away at the end of 2022, it was easy to forget the pod bag might be empty – so gear up with new paintball pods for the new season and hit the field ready to play!

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