New Paintball Year, New Paintball Gear!

New Paintball Gear

New Paintball Year - New Paintball Gear!

2020 is finally over and despite a bumpy start to 2021, the New Year is upon us and everyone we know is committed to making this one better than the last! Amongst plenty of other things, that means a new paintball season with plenty of tournaments to play, major scenario and big game events around the world and, of course, pick-up games at the local field! After so many event cancellations, schedule changes and social distancing in 2020, 2021 looks to be a great year for paintball and numerous brands are bringing out new paintball gear – so let Valken get you some New Paintball Gear for a New Paintball Year!

Shocker AMP Paintball Gun

Shocker AMP

The hottest new paintball gun in the game currently is the newest version of the long-running Shocker badge, the Shocker AMP. The new Shocker AMP builds on everything the platform has come to stand for – feature-packed performance good enough for competition on the pro level at a price almost any serious paintball player can afford! The new Shocker AMP electronic paintball gun is already being used by professional teams like AC:Diesel, AC:Dallas and Seattle Thunder to great effect, and it’s no surprise as this sleek platform comes out of the box ready for battle with a FREAK barrel system, a clamping feed neck, no external air hoses or lines, an on/off bottle adapter, anti-chop eyes, a double trigger with a wide trigger guard and the AMP core that is easy to field strip, clean and maintain! Light, quiet, smooth-shooting, accurate and simple to care for, the Shocker AMP paintball gun is available in a wide range of anodized colors to suit anyone’s style and at a price of $899, it’s a lot of paintball gun for the money, considering it’s competing at the pro level against the Luxe, the Field One Force, the Eclipse CS2 Pro and the Dye M3+ which all cost hundreds of dollars more!

New Year, New Paintball Gun!
HK Army Speed Hopper

HK Army Pinokio SPEED

It’s not exactly a brand new product, but plenty of people who watch legendary pro paintball team Dynasty play still ask – what kind of hopper is that? And let’s face it, any hopper that has a pro World Cup win under its belt is worth a look for the new season, so consider the HK Speed paintball hopper! Originally brought to market as the Pinokio Speed, HK now produces the Speed and it’s a hit thanks to its mix of performance, simplicity and price! The HK Army Pinokio Speed paintball hopper is designed to be the smallest, lightest, best-balanced and simplest paintball loader on the market, and it checks those boxes off well! The HK Army Speed, with its feed system in front of its feed neck, opens up the line of sight for the shooter behind it, making seeing the field while keeping a paintball gun shouldered and ready to fire much easier. The Speed loader weighs under one pound with its 2 required 9volt batteries installed, and the loader operates via a simple, single on/off button. Able to feed at well over 20 balls per second, the Speed is not force-fed, meaning it is extremely gentle on tournament paintballs and operates reliably in almost any weather condition. Simple, affordable, reliable and responsive, the lightweight HK Army Speed paintball hopper is a great choice for a new loader for the new season!

New Year, New Paintball Loader!

$109.95 – $129.95

Valken Zero G 68/4500 paintball air tank

Valken ZeroG 68/4500 Air Tank

Looking for a new paintball air tank for the new season? Look no further than the new Valken Zero-G V2 68/4500 compressed air system! A lightweight, attractive 68cubic inch, 4,500psi compressed air bottle with a 5 year hydro date is mated to a simple, reliable and consistent Valken V2 regulator to create an affordable paintball compressed air tank that will provide plenty of shots at a consistent air pressure for practically any paintball gun! Pre-set to push air into a paintball gun at approximately 850psi, the Valken Zero-G V2 paintball tank is simple, reliable and affordable with performance capable of feeding even the low pressure, high-dollar tournament paintball guns required to compete for the big bucks! The Valken Zero-G V2 68/4500 paintball compressed air tank is where paintball performance under pressure meets high pressure performance!

New Year, New Air Tank!
Valken Fate GFX Paintball Harness

Valken Fate GFX Harness

A paintball pack does much more than simply allow a paintball player to drag a few pods of extra paintballs around the paintball field. It’s required to wrap around a paintball player then hang on for deal life while the player wearing it sprints, slides, dives, crouches, and crawls around a paintball field, and those paintball fields don’t often make it any easier, with groomed grass and turf giving way to woodsball and rough terrain like dirt, mud, rocks and even urban combat! A new paintball pack is always a great way to start a new season and for the price there simply isn’t anything better than the new Valken Fate GFX paintball harness! A 4+3 paintball harness holding four paintball pods in ejector straps for fast one-handed rip-and-grip reloading plus three more in external loops, the Valken Fate GFX paintball pack is available in several sublimated graphic patterns that look great matching a uniform, player’s style or adding a pop of color to black pants and a jersey! So grab a new pack for the new season with an unmistakable look at an amazing price with the Valken Fate GFX pack!

New Year, New Paintball Pack!
Dye i5 Smoked Paintball Goggle

Dye i5 Smoked Goggles

There’s not much better in paintball than a new set of amazing paintball goggles. Fresh foam that isn’t holding leftovers from sweaty weekends and rainy days, no dried paint hiding in the cracks and crevices, a crispy new facemask that isn’t all bent up from being stuffed into a gear bag, and a new thermal goggle lens that won’t fog are all great reasons to step up to a new paintball goggle for a new paintball season, and the hottest new paintball goggle in the game so far in 2021 is the new Smoked Dye i5 paintball goggle! The Dye i5 paintball goggle is already a proven performer, with some of the very best teams and players in the paintball world dragging these things onto their faces before they step inside the net, from the dreaded Russian Legion to the legendary Ironmen, plus our very own sponsored pro team, Columbus LVL! The newest version of the Dye i5 paintball goggle, the Smoked version, builds on an already proven track record of style, performance and comfort and adds a sharp smoked facemask for a unique, unmistakable look that’s as at home in the woods or on a Hyperball field as it is inside the net on turf! Packed with features, offering hours of fog-free comfort and vision, and already proven by some of the best paintball players in the world, the Smoked Dye i5 paintball facemask might be just the thing for a serious paintball player looking to start the new season in style!

New Year, New Paintball Goggles!

$199.95 – $209.95

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