Paintball Christmas Gifts for a New Player!

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Paintball Christmas Gifts for a New Player!

Paintball Christmas Shopping for a New Player - Made Easy!

Whether you’re a parent, a relative or just a good friend and you don’t play the game of paintball, Christmas shopping for paintball gear can be daunting! It’s even more difficult if you’re paintball Christmas shopping and you’re trying to find affordable paintball gear for someone new to the game. But don’t worry – Valken Paintball offers reliable, affordable paintball guns and safe, quality paintball equipment for sale online that helps any shopper put the right paintball gear under the tree at a price Santa can afford! Christmas shopping for a new paintball player is easy and affordable at Valken Paintball!

Paintball Christmas Gift Packages!

Anti-Fog Paintball Goggles

We know. You thought paintball was all about the paintball gun and that’s where we’d start this list. However, as important as a reliable, affordable paintball gun is to starting a new paintball adventure, playing paintball safely is even more important! That means a quality, safe paintball mask with an anti-fog, thermal lens so players can see what they’re shooting at and avoid walking into things, and never have the urge to pull a fogged paintball goggle off their face to take a look around. The Valken MI-7 thermal anti-fog paintball goggle is the perfect choice for a new player and makes an amazing paintball Christmas gift, as it is comfortable, is fully tested and certified as a safe and reliable paintball mask, it protects the eyes, face, ears and forehead, and is available in a wider variety of solid colors and camo patterns than any other affordable paintball goggle! Give the gift of paintball with confidence and put a safe, no-fog paintball goggle under the tree with the Valken MI-7 thermal paintball goggle this Christmas!

Valken MI-7 anti-fog thermal paintball goggles
Thermal Anti-Fog Paintball Masks

$199.95 – $209.95

Affordable Paintball Gun

Giving paintball Christmas gifts doesn’t have to be expensive, and while some paintball guns can cost hundreds of dollars, affordable paintball guns are available that provide reliable performance! The Valken Razorback semiautomatic paintball gun is a perfect example, as it shoots as fast as a new paintball player can pull the trigger, offers a double trigger for faster shooting, a vertical feed neck allowing right or left-handed shooting, a threaded barrel for upgrades in the future, and is made from rugged aluminum and stainless steel components for added reliability and quality! Available in red, blue or black to suit any new paintball player’s taste, the Valken Razorback paintball gun makes a great Christmas gift!

If the new paintball player you’re shopping for might be more into tactical paintball in the woods, the best affordable paintball gun for them is the Valken Blackhawk! A rugged, reliable paintball gun that remains affordable, the Valken Blackhawk delivers all-weather performance that fires as fast as a shooter can pull the trigger, and operates well on CO2 or with a paintball compressed air tank. The flat top allows a clear sight picture and is ready for a red dot sight, while the threaded barrel can be upgraded for increased accuracy and performance! Simple, affordable and reliable, the Valken Blackhawk delivers impressive performance at a price that makes it easy to put under the tree as a paintball Christmas gift!

Valken paintball guns
Affordable Paintball Guns

Paintball Air Tank

Paintball guns use air to fire paintballs downrange! That may seem obvious to paintball players, but to new paintball players or paintball Christmas shoppers who may not play, this is important basic information! A paintball gun needs a paintball air tank to make it go bang, and Valken offers the perfect choice for an affordable paintball air tank that also happens to make a perfect paintball Christmas gift, the Valken V2.0 48ci 3000psi air tank! This simple, safe and affordable paintball air tank simply screws into the bottle adapter on any paintball gun like the Valken Razorback or Valken Blackhawk, and features a regulator at the top to safely and consistently deliver air into the paintball gun at the correct pressure to ensure proper and reliable function! On most modern paintball guns, the Valken 48 3000 paintball air tank will deliver hundreds of shots per fill, features a pressure gauge so the shooter can tell at a glance how much air remains in the tank, and any local paintball park or field can quickly and easily fill and refill the air tank. When it’s time to give a new paintball player the paintball equipment they need to fall in love with the game, they’re going to need a paintball air tank, and Valken has the ideal paintball air tank for Santa to leave under the Christmas tree!

Valken paintball equipment
Paintball Air Tanks

Paintball Hopper

Paintball guns are fed by a paintball hopper, pressed onto a paintball gun’s feed neck. Most paintball hoppers or loaders feature a flip lid for fast reloading, and hold around 200 .68 caliber paintballs. The simple and affordable paintball loaders, costing only a few dollars, rely on gravity to feed paintballs down into a paintball gun, and sometimes need a little shake to encourage proper feeding. If a simple and cheap paintball hopper is all a new paintball player will need, a Valken 200 round paintball loader is a perfect option that costs only a few dollars and will deliver paintballs into affordable paintball guns like the Valken Razorback or Valken Blackhawk with few issues! A paintball hopper like the Valken V-Lite Fast Feed even offers an upgrade, a tray within the loader that helps prevent feed jams during play for faster, more consistent shooting at a great price! For the ultimate paintball loader, paintball players often upgrade to a motorized, electronic paintball loader that uses a battery powered motor and sensors to prevent jams and feed paintballs faster and more reliably than gravity, allowing players to shoot faster than ever while eliminating feed jams or chopped paintballs inside the paintball gun! Whether it’s a simple and affordable paintball hopper or an advanced electric paintball loader like the Valken V-Max+, Valken offers the ideal paintball hopper for any Christmas paintball package!

Valken V-Max+ paintball loader
Paintball Hoppers and Loaders

Valken Bravo Vest

Many new paintball players look for gear to take the sting out of those incoming paintballs like a padded paintball vest. Every new paintball player reaches a point where their paintball hopper just doesn’t hold enough paintballs and they need to carry more ammo onto the field, and Valken can deliver both in a simple and affordable paintball vest! The Valken Bravo vest is an ideal gift for anyone new to the game of paintball, as it offers a protective, padded paintball vest and features pouches to carry more paintballs, all in one adjustable package! Available in black or camouflage, the Valken Bravo padded paintball vest is adjustable to fit most paintball players and can carry four paintball pods holding up to 140 rounds each! For paintball players new to the game, there’s no better gift than the Valken Bravo Vest – just remember to grab a few paintball pods to carry all those extra paintballs!

Valken Paintball gear
Paintball Pads & Paintball Gear

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