Paintball Christmas Gifts Under $300

Paintball Christmas Gifts

Best Paintball Christmas Gifts Under $300

Christmas, Holiday and Black Friday Paintball Shopping Tips!

The holiday season is right around the corner and with it, the challenge of finding the best paintball gifts for the players on your Christmas list! Black Friday paintball shopping and finding the best paintball Christmas gift can be tough, but Valken is happy to do the legwork and put together a list of the best paintball gear for any budget this season! Whether you’re putting paintball equipment under the Christmas tree or lining up paintball gear for those crazy nights of Hanukkah, Valken is pleased to present a paintball holiday gift guide with the best paintball gifts under $300 to make your holiday shopping easier!

HK Army Expand Paintball Gear Bag

HK Army Paintball Gear Bag

One of the most challenging parts of paintball is how to drag all that paintball gear back and forth to the field, through the airport and store it all when you’re not playing the game. An HK Army Expand roller gear bag is a perfect choice for dragging paintball equipment to the field and back in style! Well-made and stylish in various patterns to suit any player’s style, the HK Army Expand paintball gear bag is a great paintball Christmas gift for the serious player on your Christmas list!

Eclipse paintball gear bag

Eclipse Classic Paintball Gear Bag

Widely respected as the best paintball gear bag ever made, the Eclipse GX2 Classic roller paintball gear bag is roomy and durable! Featuring a huge main storage compartment for all kinds of paintball gear plus a separated compartment for cleats, clean clothes or paintball goggles, plus reinforced handles and rugged rolling wheels ready for the pits, the parking lot, the airport and everything in-between, the Eclipse GX2 Classic paintball gear bag is a great way to store and transport paintball equipment for any player at any level of the game and as such, it makes a great paintball holiday gift! Bad news though – it won’t fit under the tree!

Paintball Gear Bags!
Eclipse EMek Paintball Gun

Eclipse EMek Paintball Gun

Mechanical paintball is all the rage in the paintball world today and for good reason! Companies like Shocker and Planet Eclipse are making amazing mechanical paintball guns that shoot great, look amazing and can power teams to victory with no batteries required! One of the very best paintball guns in the world, regardless of whether it has a circuit board or not, is the Eclipse EMek and it makes a great paintball Christmas gift! Simple and reliable with its Gamma core spool valve drive train, low pressure operation, vertical feed neck and hose-free air system, the Eclipse EMek paintball gun shoots great in its stock form and can be built into a pro-level paintball gun with replacement body kids, triggers, valves, barrels, on/off bottle adapters, feed necks, bolts and more! Give the gift of mechanical this holiday season with the best paintball gun around – the Eclipse EMek!

Eclipse EMek & EMek Upgrades!
Push Paintball Goggles

Push Paintball Goggles

Paintball is a hard enough game to play when you can see all those people with paintball guns down there on the other end of the field getting ready to do their best to put their paint on you! It’s way more difficult when your goggles are fogging and you’re not comfortable. Those problems can be solved in style with the ultimate paintball facemask from Push! Push paintball goggles combine years of experience with unique style and performance, plus an unmistakable look in colors, camo patterns and designs to make any player at any level of the game look good! Give the gift of style and comfort so your paintball player can play the game with fog-free thermal lenses, a flexible, comfortable facemask and plenty of ventilation like top professionals from teams like Infamous with a Push paintball goggle this Christmas!

Dye i5 Paintball Goggles

Dye i5 Paintball Goggles

If there’s one company in paintball that knows how to seamlessly merge style and performance in paintball gear, it’s Dye. These guys know how to win and know how to build paintball gear good enough for winners on the pro level, like the legendary Ironmen, the Moscow Red Legion and Columbus LVL! One of Dye’s most popular pieces of paintball gear is their flagship paintball goggle, the Dye i5! Comfortable, flexible, sleek and stylish, with fog-free thermal lenses for all-weather and all-condition vision when the paint is flying, a serious paintball player will truly appreciate the gift of style, comfort and vision a Dye i5 paintball mask will provide!

Best Paintball Goggles

$199.95 – $209.95

BK CTRL Paintball Loader

Bunkerkings CTRL Paintball Loader

No paintball gun, no matter how high-tech or expensive, can perform at its best without a great paintball loader to feed it paintballs as fast as it can shoot! This Christmas, give the gift of higher rates of fire, more consistent shooting and a compact, lightweight loader with the Bunkerkings CTRL paintball loader! Designed for, and used by, the very best paintball players in the world on teams like Edmonton Impact, Tampa Bay Damage and many more, the BK CTRL paintball loader is simple to use, lightweight, gentle on paintballs and easy to clean and maintain! For the serious paintball player on your Christmas shopping list, the BK CTRL loader makes a great paintball Christmas gift!

First Strike Half Pint Paintball Air Tank

First Strike Half Pint Paintball Air Tank

For the magfed paintball player or tactical paintball operator on your Christmas shopping list, give the gift of more shots per tank and more eliminations per game with the First Strike Half Pint paintball compressed air tank! Many of the best magfed paintball guns like the Valken M17, the Eclipse EMF100 and the First Strike T15 utilize a shoulder stock that contains a 13 cubic inch, 3000psi compressed air tank and while this system works just fine, players are limited by the number of shots this type of paintball air tank can provide. The First Strike Half Pint air tank solves that problem by giving magfed tactical players a high-tech 4500psi bottle and world-class regulator, instantly providing more shots per fill and more magazines of shooting! For the magfed paintball player on your Christmas list, there may not be a better gift this Black Friday than the First Strike Half Pint paintball air tank!

Paintball Loaders and Air Tanks

$109.95 – $129.95


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