Paintball Force on Force Training Options!

Paintball Force on Force Training

Paintball Force on Force Training Equipment!

While people have been shooting at one-another with paintball guns of varying types since the early eighties and enjoying it, and a few military, security and law enforcement agencies have used paintball equipment for force-on-force training, it has not exploded in popularity for this purpose. The main reason for this is the inability of many paintball guns chambered in the most popular calibers, .68 caliber and .50 caliber, to properly imitate modern tactical firearms in size and handling, making the all-important aspects of muscle memory, sight picture and reloading difficult to emulate. Until now. The latest advancements in .43 caliber paintball equipment like paintball guns, paintballs, chalk balls and even reusable rubber paintball ammo have revolutionized the concept of affordable force on force tactical training using paintball, and Valken has everything needed to safely train until you can’t get it wrong!

Paintball tactical training

Paintball tactical training equipment has come a long way thanks to companies like Umarex and their line of .43 caliber T4E, or “Training 4 Engagement” paintball gear. As important as the concept of hitting opponents with a real projectile during tactical training is, and that paintball is good for in any caliber, other concepts of tactical training are equally, if not more important that have made agencies shy away from using paintball for this purpose. The major facets of force on force training that make it so important is learning sight picture and muscle memory when using tactical equipment in stressful situations so that those being trained will be better able to quickly create a sight picture and put rounds on the intended target, along with successfully reloading in stressful situations with adrenaline pumping, weapons firing, opponents advancing and the associated distractions and challenges. With the advent of modern .43 caliber paintball guns that look, feel, shoot, load, and handle like modern tactical firearms, paintball force on force training is now an extremely realistic, extremely viable and extremely affordable option that any agency, big or small, would do well to consider! 

Whether training with modern tactical carbines that are most often used by government, military, law enforcement and security agencies, or with modern automatic pistols and shotguns, the Umarex T4E line of .68 and .43 caliber paintball equipment that is both affordable and impressive in its ability to mimic modern tactical weaponry, and deliver safe, reliable performance that is required for tactical scenario training. Using 12gram CO2 cartridges as air power sources, which are inserted into the rifle and pistol magazines, and firing .43 caliber paintballs, chalk balls or even reusable rubber paintballs, Umarex T4E paintball guns like the Umarex TM4 and Umarex TPM1 enable tactical training to not only create the impacts that get the adrenaline pumping, but do so in a manner that enables training with similar holsters or slings, allowing drawing, shouldering, sight picture and reloading training that is realistic, safe and friendly to any agency budget!

Umarex T4E TM4

Umarex T4E TM4 Carbine

An impressive M4 carbine replica, the Umarex T4E TM4 carbine looks the part of a modern AR-style carbine that has become almost universal in its adoption and use by military, law enforcement, government and security forces, making it an outstanding training tool that will translate to almost any agency. Powered by 12gram CO2 cartridges and featuring semi-automatic shooting, fed from box magazines that are readily available, this .43 caliber paintball carbine is an outstanding tactical training tool for entry and active threat scenarios in which those responding would utilize a rifle. Whether shooting .43 caliber paintballs that break on impact leaving a washable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable splat, chalk balls that mark with powder or even reusable rubber training ammo that will stretch an agency’s budget even further, the Umarex T4E TM4 .43 caliber paintball carbine is an outstanding training tool to help new recruits figure out how to shoulder, aim, fire and reload, or to keep a veteran’s edge sharp!

Tactical Training Paintball Guns
Paintball Training Pistols

Umarex .43cal Paintball Pistols

In addition to the Umarex T4E .43 caliber paintball rifles available for force-on-force training, Umarex also offers an impressive range of paintball pistols that do the job as well! The Umarex T4E line of paintball pistols includes the TPM1 and even pistols like the S&W M&P and Walther that look, feel and even reload like their “real steel” counterparts! Semi-automatic .43 caliber paintball pistols that, like their rifle big brothers, utilize 12gram CO2 cartridges for air power, these T4E paintball training pistols can be holstered and drawn against incoming threats in force-on-force tactical scenarios that mimic the scenarios and situations officers find themselves facing every day on the streets, allowing extremely realistic force-on-force training that is affordable and safe that will build confidence and proficiency with holstering, drawing, obtaining a proper sight picture, delivering accurate fire onto threats and reloading under stress, making any serious shooter better at what they do.

Tactical Paintball Pistols
Paintball Training Goggles

Valken Paintball Goggles

No force-on-force training can be considered if it isn’t safe, and Valken offers safety equipment that is ideal for this purpose! Valken offers the MI-3 paintball goggle in various colors like black, blue and red, allowing agencies to provide good guys, bad guys and even instructors with eye, ear and face protection that will easily enable them to be identified even during intense training situations! Simple to clean and care for, with chin and even head straps for added safety, with lenses that are easy to replace and that can be upgraded to fog-free thermals when training days run hot and run long to avoid fogging, Valken MI-3 paintball goggles are the ideal paintball facemask for use in force-on-force, red versus blue, training scenarios!

Paintball Goggles

When it’s time to go beyond the firing line at the shooting range for realistic force on force training that will make any operator, shooter, officer or agent better at what they do and help ensure everyone goes home safe at the end of each shift, modern paintball equipment from Valken and Umarex is the ideal, budget-friendly choice!

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