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The Guns of Pro Paintball!

Professional paintball demands the best paintball gear! The best paintball players use the best paintball guns in the world! Unlike some other pro sports, pro paintball plays rain or shine, hot or cold, ice and snow, muddy or dry, grass or turf, early and late and pro paintball players demand a paintball gun that can perform at the highest levels, shoot straight and work well no matter the conditions or the challenge! If you’re looking for a paintball gun like that, learning what paintball guns the pros use is a great place to start!

San Antonio X-Factor

Eclipse CS2 Pro

By far one of the most widespread and successful paintball guns used in the ranks of pro paintball in recent memory is the Eclipse CS2 Pro.  Its combination of light weight, all the features and refinements a serious player demands and, of course, performance, have made it extremely popular and the Eclipse stable of professional paintball players and teams have used it to great effect – none more-so than the Best Kids in Texas, San Antonio X-Factor. X-Factor and their roster of top players including Archie Montemayor, Colt Roberts and Raney Stanczak enjoyed an incredibly successful 2019 season in the NXL using the Eclipse CS2, which was also used by Edmonton Impact, Baltimore Revo and New York Xtreme.

The Eclipse CS2 Pro offers a full list of features like a quick-pull spool valve bolt system for quick and easy maintenance, hose-free air transfer, a multi-piece Autococker-threaded barrel system with lots of porting, anti-chop eyes, an adjustable double trigger, clamping feed neck, a large screen for electronic interface, tool-free maintenance and battery replacement and, of course, that Eclipse logo that stands for impressive quality and unparalleled customer service. For a player looking for a paintball gun that has an impressive trophy case to its credit, the Eclipse CS2 Pro is one of the best choices available!

Edmonton Impact

Eclipse LV1.6

There was a time in professional and serious divisional tournament paintball that players and teams did their battling with poppet valve paintball guns like the Intimidator, and later, the Ego. Paintball guns like these were very efficient, capable of ridiculous rates of fire and matched them with rugged reliability that helped teams like the Oakland Assassins and XSV achieve greatness inside the net. That greatness has created a legend that refuses to die even in the face of numerous spool valve options that are better than ever, a legend that lives on today in the Eclipse LV1.6. A light, attractive and advanced stacked-tube style paintball gun, the LV sees action on the pro field in the hands of such top players as Justin JRab Rabackoff of Edmonton Impact and every time Eclipse releases an LV run, they sell fast.

The Eclipse LV1.6 is the culmination of years of Planet Eclipse engineering tech on the stacked tube platform and it’s better than ever. The LV1.6 is sleek, light and attractive, offers a full list of standard features, an advanced electronics suite and of course, that Eclipse reliability and customer service. Standard on the LV is an Autococker-threaded, carbon fiber multi-piece barrel kit, clamping feed neck, quick-pull bolt, on/off bottle adapter, adjustable double trigger and anti-chop eyes.

The Ironmen

Dye M3+

The evolution of the legendary Matrix paintball gun culminates here – the Dye M3+. The latest and greatest tournament paintball gun from the minds at Dye, one of the great names in tournament paintball history, the Dye M3+ paintball gun powers Columbus LVL and one of the original and greatest names in tournament paintball history, the Ironmen. Packed with features and offering a sleek, flowing, attractive look, the Dye M3+ tournament paintball gun is an amazing piece of paintball gear!

Standard with a long list of advanced features from a clamping hopper adapter and two piece, Autococker threaded Dye Ultralite barrel to a large color electronic screen and hose-free air, the Dye M3+ offers an extremely comfortable Ultralite 45 grip frame, on/off bottle adapter, quick-release bolt system and double trigger. Available in various anodized color options and offering accuracy and smooth-shooting performance among the very best paintball guns in the world, the Dye M3+ is a proven pro paintball tournament winner that should be on any serious paintball player’s short list!


Field One Force

One of the newest paintball guns on the pro scene, the Field One Force is the weapon of choice for legendary team Dynasty, the most successful professional paintball team of all time! A spool valve paintball gun with a healthy list of standard features and a unique look that won’t be mistaken for anything else, the Force has proven itself more than capable of taking on the top tournament paintball guns at the very pinnacle of the sport! Let’s face it – any paintball gear that’s good enough for players like Ryan Greenspan, Tyler Harmon and the Dynasty team is worth a look for any serious player.

The Field One Force features bold styling cut and carved from rugged aluminum and is standard with both the expected features a tournament paintball gun should offer, plus a few unique items. A lever locking feed neck and cam drive bottler adapter are standard, air is moved around with no external hoses or air lines, and an Autococker threaded Field One Acculock barrel system is delivered with the gun. Maintenance is simple thanks to an easily removed Nucleus spool valve system and electronic power can be had from AA batteries or a lithium polymer rechargeable unit. The Force foregrip can be adjusted to suit any player’s preference, and a double trigger and anti-chop eyes are standard. 

Tampa Bay Damage with Luxe

Luxe X

The Luxe has been battling and winning at the highest levels of the sport of paintball for years, with regular refinements by DLX steadily improving its performance. Currently used by teams including Tampa Bay Damage and Houston Heat, the Luxe X offers smooth and quiet shooting performance in a sleek, simple package that helped define what a modern pro-level paintball gun should be! In the hands of a serious paintball player, the Luxe can be a devastating weapon of mass destruction!

The Luxe remains the paintball gun that talks, with simple electronic mode adjustment and a rechargeable battery power source, plus a Freak multi-piece barrel standard, along with a clamping feed neck, on/off bottle adapter, double trigger, anti-chop eyes and low-pressure operation. The Luxe bolt is quickly and easily removed for cleaning and service and there are no external air lines. Fast, quiet, accurate, available in one of the widest varieties of anodized color combinations and proven with a long history on the pro level in the hands of some of the world’s top paintball players and teams, the Luxe X is one of the undisputed best paintball guns in the world!

Pro Level Tournament Paintball Guns!

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