Paintball on a Budget - Part 2

Eclipse EMek

Paintball on a Budget - Part II

It’s easy to look at all the amazing paintball gear in the game, like thousand-dollar paintball guns that talk, high-tech paintball loaders with programmable electronics, multi-piece barrel kits and goggles that cost hundreds of dollars and be concerned there’s no room in the game for a paintball player on a budget. But there’s nothing to fear! Paintball is packed with amazing, affordable paintball equipment that can help any paintball player enjoy the game they love without having to resort to cheap paintball gear that may not perform very well! Let Valken help you gear up with affordable paintball gear that works well and ball on a budget!

Eclipse EMek

Planet Eclipse EMek

One of the most popular paintball guns currently on the market also happens to be one of the most affordable! The Planet Eclipse EMek paintball gun is a mechanical paintball gun that’s garnered a great deal of attention not only for its price at $249.99, but for its impressive performance and ability to be modified and upgraded to become a capable, tournament winning platform! Indeed, in the world of mechanical paintball, the Eclipse EMek has rapidly earned respect as capable of winning events, even when being carried into battle against thousand-dollar paintball guns! The Emek’s blend of a proven, reliable Gamma Core spool valve operating system that provides durable, consistent performance with a simple glass-filled nylon body shell that’s easily upgraded, a crisp and short trigger pull and Autococker barrel threads, along with a long list of available upgrades, make the Eclipse Emek mechanical paintball gun an affordable paintball gun that’s ideal for a serious paintball player on a budget!

Once a player has committed to the Planet Eclipse EMek paintball gun as their weapon of choice for an affordable paintball gun, the most exciting part of the game can begin, because upgrading the Eclipse EMek to improve its already solid performance is almost as much fun as playing paintball with this great mechanical paintball gun!

Eclipse EMek Graphic Sport Body

EMek Graphic Sport Body

Planet Eclipse, along with several other popular companies, have released a line of attractive replacement Emek paintball gun bodies that replace the basic black outer glass reinforced nylon shell of the EMek with something a little more attractive, with patterns or a pop of color! Simple to install and affordable, Eclipse EMek graphic sport bodies allow a player to easily upgrade the look of their weapon of choice without voiding any warranty or spending hundreds of dollars for the privilege!

Emek Barrel

Aftermarket Barrel

A new paintball gun barrel is perhaps the best upgrade a player can make to their Eclipse EMek, as it will instantly improve accuracy, tighten shot groups at range, improve consistency over the chronograph and significantly reduce the sound of the firing gun! As the EMek is such an excellent paintball gun, choosing a versatile yet affordable paintball barrel kit for the EMek, with its Autococker barrel threads, is the perfect time to squeeze more performance from the platform and tailor it to perform at its best with any paintball in any weather. However, this doesn’t mean a player needs to spend hundreds, as an affordable barrel kit like a Field 1 Acculock Lite paintball barrel kit, or a GOG Freak JR barrel kit will provide drastically improved accuracy, noticeably improved consistency and a much quieter shooting sound profile at a great price!

Valken Zero-G V2.0 paintball air bottle

The Right Air Bottle

The Eclipse EMek needs compressed air as its power source but that doesn’t mean hundreds need to be spent to make the EMek go bang! The new Valken Zero-G V2.0 68 cubic inch 4,500psi paintball compressed air system is the perfect choice for the EMek as it offers lightweight, reliable, consistent performance and plenty of shots per fill at an amazing price! The new Valken Zero G V2.0 air system pushes compressed air to the paintball gun at a consistent 800psi and the 68 cubic inch bottle will provide plenty of shots per fill, allowing a player to shoot their entire hopper and 3 or 4 140 round pods of paintballs depending on velocity and rate of fire before a refill is necessary. The combination of the EMek and the Valken Zero G V2.0 68/4500 air system make a lightweight, consistent, accurate and reliable package that’s sure to help any player enjoy their day of paintball at a price anyone can afford!

HK Army Speed Paintball Loader

The Right Hopper

If we’ve made nothing else clear, it’s that the Eclipse EMek is a mechanical paintball gun capable of great things! An affordable yet light, rugged and impressive paintball gun that, with the right peripherals and upgrades, can truly achieve greatness, the EMek can directly benefit from the right choices in the gear a player adds to it, no matter what their budget. A prime example is the hopper a player chooses to add to their EMek. While a basic, five dollar gravity fed paintball hopper will work with the EMek thanks to its mechanical operating system, a player will never be able to experience everything the Emek is capable off without an electronic, motorized paintball hopper that will keep the paintballs feeding fast. This will truly unlock the capability of the EMek to shoot faster and more consistently, allowing it to keep up with competitive electronic paintball guns and help a player compete and win! A great choice for the lightweight, affordable EMek paintball gun is a lightweight, affordable HK Army Speed paintball loader. Ridiculously light, capable of feeding lightning fast and operating with two 9volt batteries that are easily installed, the HK Army Speed paintball hopper is the ideal choice for the EMek paintball gun!

Eclipse EMek and Upgrades!

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