Parent's Guide to Airsoft Christmas Shopping

Parent's guide to airsoft Christmas shopping

Airsoft Christmas Shopping Guide for Parents!

A parent's guide to airsoft Christmas shopping!

As the holidays have descended upon us, many parents may look over their child’s Christmas list (or a copy of the one they sent to Santa) and see airsoft gear. And while affordable airsoft gear can be easily found and purchased this Christmas, some parents may find Christmas airsoft shopping difficult and daunting. Some airsoft guns use batteries and most don’t come with those batteries. Other airsoft guns run on gas – but might also use CO2 cartridges! There are airsoft BB’s everywhere, but they come in different weights – why? How can you be sure your child is safe using the airsoft equipment they got for Christmas? Don’t worry! Valken can not only help you fight the best airsoft gear for your Christmas shopping, but we can also help you understand it! This Parent’s Guide to Airsoft Christmas shopping is proudly presented by Valken Airsoft to offer information to ensure the airsoft gear under the tree this Christmas is safe and ready to use!

Airsoft is an extremely safe, sportsmanlike and enjoyable outdoor adrenalin sport that is enjoyed around the world! Played by individuals using high-tech airsoft guns and safety equipment at professionally-run airsoft fields and playing parks staffed by knowledgeable men and women to ensure everyone stays safe and has a great time, every time, airsoft is played by men and women, young and old who enjoy the tactical nature of the game and building their own collection of the amazing, advanced airsoft gear needed to be effective on the field, from fast-paced action to sneaking, crawling and sniping, there’s something for everyone! But to get started in airsoft, especially when receiving airsoft equipment for Christmas, there’s a lot to know! Valken offers a full range of airsoft guns, airsoft pistols, airsoft goggles and safety equipment and airsoft BB’s that can make any Christmas morning a happy one, but it’s important to remember that mixing and matching the right airsoft guns with their power sources, ammo and safety equipment is critical to be sure it all works as it should when the wrapping paper comes off!

Valken Airsoft Electric Guns

AEG Airsoft Guns

The most common, popular and reliable airsoft guns in the game are airsoft AEG rifles. These are electric airsoft guns, powered by rechargeable lithium (LiPo) or nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. Most AEG airsoft guns are not delivered with such a battery, so simply buying an airsoft gun and some airsoft BB’s isn’t going to be enough for a merry Christmas morning. Furthermore, most airsoft batteries will also require the proper, safe airsoft battery charger in order to charge safely and provide power to whatever airsoft AEG rifle is selected. Fortunately, Valken offers a full range of not only airsoft AEG rifles, but also the airsoft batteries and chargers to power them! Best of all, each Valken airsoft gun listing at also provides critical information with each listing, such as recommended batteries and chargers to complete the package! So as you browse the wide selection of airsoft electric guns available at Valken, be sure to read the description to determine which batteries are compatible and recommended, with which chargers, and fill your shopping cart accordingly!

Valken airsoft battery

Airsoft Batteries & Chargers

In addition to purchasing the proper battery and charger to power up an airsoft gun given for Christmas, it is extremely important that everyone read and understand how to safely use the airsoft battery charger. Not all batteries and airsoft battery chargers are created equal, nor are they compatible. Again, Valken offers a full range of airsoft batteries and chargers, and offers plenty of safety information in the product descriptions! Valken’s intention is to ensure every airsoft battery and charger are used safely to ensure happy holidays and safe airsoft players!

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Airsoft Pistols

AEG electric airsoft guns aren’t the only airsoft guns available! Airsoft pistols are also extremely popular and fun to use. However, unlike airsoft rifles, airsoft pistols are not powered by airsoft batteries – rather, airsoft pistols are powered by 12gram CO2 cartridges that are inserted into the magazine along with airsoft BB’s, or by green gas. Green gas, a safe mixture of propane and silicone oil and sold in small cans, is often preferred as it provides a great deal of airsoft shooting per can and even lubricates the internal seals of the airsoft pistol that it powers, thanks to the silicone oil in the gas. More experienced airsoft shooters looking for more power will often select 12gram CO2 cartridge-powered airsoft pistols, and simply accept that they will need to perform regular maintenance to their pistol more often than players shooting green gas-powered airsoft pistols. The most inexpensive airsoft pistols available are airsoft spring pistols, that must be cocked before each shot is fired. This means that anyone shopping for an airsoft pistol must read the product information carefully to determine whether the pistol uses CO2 cartridges or airsoft green gas for power, and add a box of 12grams or a can or two of green gas to the shopping cart along with the pistol or it won’t go bang on Christmas morning!

Airsoft Pistols
Valken airsoft bbs

Airsoft BB's

When buying airsoft BB’s for an airsoft Christmas gift, a parent or other shopper can quickly become confused: why are there so many different weights of airsoft BB’s and which should I buy? As with any other serious, gear-centered high-tech sport, players are always looking for an edge. Airsoft BB’s are delivered in varying weights, and in biodegradable and non-biodegradable options! Most airsoft pistol shooters will often run a lighter weight airsoft BB like a .20 weight, while shooters running airsoft sniper rifles often select a heavier airsoft BB that will resist being pushed off course at longer ranges and higher velocities. Airsoft AEG rifles can run with most any weight of airsoft BB but you can’t go wrong with a .28g or .30g airsoft BB for general backyard blasting and all-around shooting performance!

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Airsoft Goggles & Masks

All the airsoft guns and batteries and BB’s in the world won’t matter if your new airsoft shooter isn’t safe! That means a good set of high-quality airsoft goggles and an airsoft mask for face protection are extremely important! Again, Valken offers safe, reliable airsoft face and eye protection at great prices that will keep any airsoft operator safe from incoming airsoft BB’s. For serious airsoft play, consider a set of thermal airsoft goggles, as these are designed to resist and prevent fogged goggle lenses while playing for increased safety and better vision during those long games!

Airsoft gun bag | Valken

Airsoft Gun Bags

Finally, anyone purchasing airsoft gear for someone they love this Christmas should consider some type of airsoft gun bag. While most new airsoft guns are delivered in a simple box, once an airsoft player adds a scope or red dot sight, a fore grip or other modifications, the airsoft gun will no longer fit in that box. For safety’s sake, nobody wants to transport an airsoft gun in plain view to and from the field, or simply toss it in a corner, in the closet or under the bed for storage. That’s where an affordable Valken airsoft gun bag comes in: transport the airsoft gun and spare gear safely back and forth from the airsoft field and store it in a protective case when it’s not being used!

Valken Airsoft Gear

Airsoft Christmas shopping can be overwhelming with all that airsoft terminology, technical jargon and complicated mix of airsoft equipment needed to enjoy the game effectively and safely! Let Valken Airsoft educate you to what’s needed and necessary to safely and affordably enjoy airsoft on Christmas morning and beyond!

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