Parent's Guide to Paintball Christmas Shopping

Parent's guide to paintball Christmas shopping

A Parent's Guide to Paintball Christmas Shopping

A Parent's Buyer's Guide for Paintball Christmas Shopping!

As parents begin the yearly adventure that is Christmas shopping, they may find their children asking for paintball gear this season! While paintball equipment for sale online is easy enough to find with a few searches and taps, once it’s time to start scrolling, adding to cart and figuring out which credit card to use, things can get more complicated. With all its technical terms, all that gear and prices that range from under one hundred dollars well into the thousands, it can be difficult for parents doing their paintball Christmas shopping to know where their money is best-spent! Let Valken take the worry and frustration out of paintball Christmas shopping and giving the gift of paintball this holiday season with all the information necessary to make the best purchases for the paintball player on your list! 

Paintball is a safe, fun adrenaline action sport played around the world since it was created in the 1980’s. The game is currently played locally at safe, professional paintball parks and paintball game fields with high-tech, quality paintball equipment that is safe and affordable! While serious paintball players can spend thousands on their paintball equipment, for players new to the game or parents shopping for paintball gear for to put under the tree, there are plenty of paintball Christmas shopping options that put affordable paintball guns and safe, quality paintball equipment within reach and Valken has it all! Valken proudly offers high quality paintball gear for sale to suit any budget, and offers everything necessary to get out and enjoy the game at any level, along with all the knowledge to make the right purchase!

Valken Razorback paintball gun

Paintball Guns

Modern paintball guns are more reliable, accurate and affordable than ever! While some paintball guns can cost thousands of dollars, look amazing, shoot fast and even talk, when it’s time to pick a new paintball gun for a young or new player for Christmas, Valken offers several affordable paintball guns that work well, are simple to operate and are extremely affordable, that make great beginner paintball equipment! All modern paintball guns require an air power source to make them function. For paintball purposes, paintball guns require either a paintball CO2 tank or a paintball compressed air bottle to fire. While some entry-level paintball guns can function on CO2, most modern paintball guns require compressed air and almost every paintball gun will function better on compressed air than CO2, so remember that when it’s time to pick a new paintball gun, be ready to pick an air source as well! It’s also important to remember that paintball air tanks cannot be shipped filled, so you’ll need to find a local option for air fills like a paintball field or store. On, check the product recommendations for a great paintball air source for your new paintball gun! Finally, while some paintball guns can be fed from included box magazines, most modern paintball guns are fed from a hopper that must be added on top of the paintball gun to feed paintballs.

Valken Blackhawk paintball gun

For a new paintball player hoping to find a paintball gun under the Christmas tree, great beginner options include the Valken Razorback paintball gun or the Valken Blackhawk paintball gun. The Valken Razorback is compact, lightweight, simple to take care of and easy to get ready to play. A mechanical semi-automatic paintball gun and firing as fast as the player can pull the trigger, the Razorback needs no batteries and can be powered by a simple paintball CO2 tank or a compresed air bottle. A simple, affordable 200 round paintball hopper is easily added to the Razorback, which can shoot almost any .68 caliber paintballs. The Valken Blackhawk is, likewise, a rugged and reliable mechanical semi-auto paintball gun that fires as fast as the trigger can be pulled, and is designed with a more tactical, military look. Like the Razorback, the Blackhawk can also function with CO2 or a paintball compressed air tank, and no batteries are needed to keep it running! With the Valken Razorback or Valken Blackhawk, adding a CO2 or compressed air tank to the cart, a basic and affordable paintball hopper, then paintballs is all it takes to get the paintball gun ready to play!

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paintball air tanks

Paintball Air Tanks

As mentioned before, modern paintball guns need an air source to go bang. While entry level paintball guns like the Valken Razorback, the Valken Blackhawk, Tippmann paintball guns and others can operate on affordable paintball CO2 tanks that thread into their air adapters, almost any paintball gun will function more reliably, especially in colder weather, when used with a paintball compressed air tank. Compressed air tanks are regulated to keep their air heading into the paintball gun at a consistent pressure, generally about 800psi, and are available in affordable options like a Valken 48 cubic inch, 3000psi air tank that will provide several hundred shots per fill. A local paintball store or scuba shop will be required to fill these air bottles, as most simple home compressors cannot pump to the high pressures required to fill paintball air tanks, so be ready to do some local searching! Paintball air tanks are extremely safe and are easy to use once filled – most simply thread into the air adapter of a paintball gun and are then used to power the paintball gun, recock it after firing, and as a shoulder stock. When done playing, the air tank can simply be unthreaded for storage.

Valken paintball hopper

Paintball Hoppers

A paintball hopper is a simple, hollow plastic device that holds around 200 paintballs. This hopper is attached via a feed neck to the paintball gun it will be used with, and then feeds paintballs down into the paintball gun one at a time for firing. A flip lid at the top makes reloading fast and simple, just make sure to snap it securely shut so you don’t spill your paintballs! These hoppers range from simple, affordable gravity paintball hoppers that cost around ten dollars all the way to high-tech, motorized models that help high-end paintball guns feed and fire faster, and cost anywhere from 50 to as much as 200 dollars. While these are amazing, they aren’t necessary for most entry level paintball guns and can be added later if a player finds they’re consistently jamming our out-shooting their paintball gun and hopper. Most modern paintball guns do not require an adapter to fit the hopper to the paintball gun like older models once did – most modern paintball guns now offer a clamping feed neck that can tighten down to securely hold the hopper once it’s added to make sure it doesn’t fall off.

Paintball goggles

Paintball Goggles & Safety

Nothing is more important than safety when it comes to paintball. Modern paintball fields employ experienced referees to ensure all players keep their safety equipment on at all times, obey the rules and have safe, clean fun! All paintball guns at a paintball field are fired over a chronograph – a radar measuring device – to ensure they all fire at safe velocity and so players cannot be injured. Anyone playing paintball or shooting a paintball gun must wear a paintball-approved, ASTM certified paintball goggle system that includes a facemask. These paintball goggles protect the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and even the neck and forehead from paintball impacts, ensuring everyone stays safe while playing the game of paintball! Any serious paintball player should consider a paintball goggle with a thermal, anti-fog lens to ensure they can always see well for improved performance and added safety on the paintball field! New players or anyone concerned about how a paintball might feel on impact can also add a padded paintball chest protector to their gear, a pair of paintball gloves and a simple neck protector to keep the sensitive areas safe and protected on the field!

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Give the Gift of Paintball this Christmas!

Paintball is a fun, safe and enjoyable outdoor adrenaline action sport that players of all ages, boys and girls, men and women from any walk of life can enjoy safely! When it’s time to give the gift of paintball this Christmas, a paintball gun, a paintball air tank, a hopper, some quality paintballs and a good paintball goggle system is all it takes to make sure everyone’s having a good time Christmas morning and beyond!

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