Pepperball for Home & Self Defense


Pepperball for Home and Self Defense

You’ve seen the news, and you’ve decided – it’s time to do something to protect yourself and your family but you don’t want to carry a gun or keep a firearm in the house – Pepperball is a potent option!

It only takes a few minutes watching the news on TV, looking through a few news articles on your phone or even worse – scrolling through your social media – to see that things are a mess. From the COVID19 pandemic to riots and protests in the street and defunded police departments, times are worrisome to say the least. Many good people have recently been faced with the chilling concept – it could happen here. It could happen to my family. I may have to protect myself and my home, my family and children, from harm. 

It’s true, millions of Americans are buying guns for home defense and protection. Likewise, many Americans want to protect their home and defend their family from harm, but either do not want to do so with a gun due to the possible legal and social ramifications of doing so, or simply want to deter a threat without the use of lethal force. Or maybe you simply don’t want to keep a potentially lethal weapon in the house where children may find it. These concerns are both real and warranted – so what’s the alternative? A great option many men and women, parents and individuals, are selecting for home defense and personal protection is Pepperball. 

Pepperball, by definition, is a brand and company centered around the Pepperball projectile. A round ball, offered in .68 caliber, .50 caliber and .43 caliber, Pepperballs are filled with a substance called PAVA, a synthetic powder that mimics the effects of strong pepper spray that is expelled when the Pepperball is fired and strikes an object causing the ball to break open. A threatening person or persons against whom Pepperballs are deployed will first experience the stinging pain of the impact of the fired ball – itself a deterrent to further threatning action. Once struck by the Pepperball, a threat who inhales PAVA powder from a pepperball will experience a burning sensation in the eyes, nose, throat and chest along with reactions that may include watery eyes, runny nose and possibly even dizziness and a headache. While deterring and possibly debilitating, these effects are less than lethal and generally last around 15 minutes, providing a person defending themselves to move away, call law enforcement and otherwise escape a dangerous situation without resorting to the use of lethal force, with all its surrounding ramifications. 

But how is a Pepperball delivered to a threatening target? That’s where the Pepperball LifeLite and other airguns like the Umarex T4E HDP pistol come in. The LifeLite, for example, is a large flashlight that is also equipped with an internal air gun that fires large, .68 caliber Pepperballs as far as 60 feet with the aid of a laser aiming device, at the push of a button. Ideal for carrying while walking the dog or in the car, or keeping in the home, the LifeLite is an outstanding option for personal defense, home defense or travelers who can’t carry a firearm while in various states that don’t allow it. It is, however, not the only option. Worldwide airgun manufacturer Umarex has entered the ring with their .50 caliber HDP pistol. This airgun is powered by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge inserted into the grip, and 6 .50 caliber paintballs are stored in the pistol’s internal magazine. Able to fire as quickly as the trigger can be pulled, the Umarex HDP pistol can deliver accurately aimed Pepperballs to deter a threat, and owners can easily practice with the pistol by shooting chalk-filled .50 caliber balls or reusable .50 caliber rubber balls in the back yard – legally. An accessory rail is the ideal place to mount a firearm-style pistol flashlight or even a laser to assist in accurate aiming. 

Storing a Pepperball-shooting LifeLite or airgun that will be used to fire Pepperballs is much easier, practically and legally, than attempting to store a firearm. Kept within close reach in a nightstand drawer, on the kitchen counter or at-hand around the house or on a walk or hike, the Pepperball LifeLite or Umarex HDP easily out-range any pepper spray, taser or stun gun, allowing a threatened person to deliver a deterrent at up to 60 feet away, rather than waiting until a potential danger is within arm’s reach to take action, yet using the device for self defense is less than lethal – indeed, Pepperball’s website states clearly that “In more than 20 years of successful application, there have not been any reported fatalities…” allowing owners to carry, and if necessary use, their Pepperball device without the worry, or ramifications surrounding the use of a firearm for self-defense. 

During concerning and worrisome times that are encouraging many peaceful families to seriously consider the concept of home defense, personal defense and how to protect themselves should the unthinkable happen to them, the ability to successfully do so with a potent option that remains less than lethal, like Pepperball, the Pepperball LifeLite and the Umarex UDP is an excellent option worth seriously considering. 

*Pepperballs and launchers may be restricted by law in certain states & cities – consult local laws before ordering

**Pepperballs and associated products should ONLY be used for personal and home defense, or by trained law enforcement and government agencies

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