Pepperball LifeLite Review

Pepperball LifeLite

The Pepperball LifeLite

An impressive new less lethal defense option!

All it takes is around five minutes watching the news – things seem to be a mess everywhere you turn. The Covid19 pandemic with people actively arguing about how to fight it. Civil unrest in the streets with homes and business on fire and shots fired from both sides. Hurricanes making landfall. Police departments defunded. Human trafficking. These incidents, and many like them around the world, suddenly have many people asking the question they hoped and prayed they would never have to: “it might happen here, how do I protect myself and my family?”

Added to the list of stressors in everyday life is a new one that is more real than ever: personal protection and home defense. How to protect home, person and family in the most effective way. Some are choosing to purchase and keep a firearm, or firearms in the home and while that is certainly an option, the ownership and use of a firearm brings with it a great deal of responsibility and consideration, from the legalities of ownership from state to state and where you can and can’t take your gun, to how to carry it, training and expertise, and the real concern for parents about keeping firearms in the home if children are present. Then there’s the very real concept of what might happen should a person use a firearm to protect life, home or family – police, lawyers, social ramifications and the possibility that in so-doing, someone might die. Some are comfortable shouldering these responsibilities and their costs. Others are not.

A new option for personal, home and family protection has arrived on the market from Pepperball, a brand known for manufacturing less than lethal projectiles. Their new LifeLite kit is an outstanding addition to any home, car, purse, backpack, RV or camper, or just a walk down the street with the dog, that offers a person of any size, age or stature the ability to deter a threat and add a measure of personal defense or home protection without the very real concerns surrounding the use of lethal options. 

The LifeLite looks like a big flashlight. And that’s what it is. However, it’s also a great deal more. While walking down the street, the LifeLite simply appears to be a flashlight that won’t attract unnecessary or unwanted attention, but should danger arise, Clark Kent removes his glasses and the LifeLite transforms. As a threat approaches, the owner simply places a laser on the target – already a form of deterrent as that threat suddenly must question what might happen if they attempt to come closer. Should that alone not deter the threat, the LifeLite, powered by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge, is able to fire up to 5 big, .68 caliber Pepperballs or Powderballs up to 60 feet with enough impact on-target to make almost any threat prefer to go away, at the push of a big red button. Loading is simple, the flashlight is bright and operation is easy. 

LifeLite doesn’t look like a gun. It’s easy to use and handle, and practicing with it in the back yard is safe and legal. When employed in a dangerous situation, it offers greater range and higher power than pepper sprays, and it’s a flashlight. For travelers who can’t necessarily, legally travel from one state to another with a firearm, it’s a great option. Walking the dog down the street in the evening? Grab the LifeLite. A bump or breaking glass in the night? Grab the LifeLite from the nightstand. Hiking in a park or location where firearms aren’t allowed? Take the LifeLite. Kids home alone? The LifeLite can help protect them without the worry of keeping a firearm where it might fall into the wrong hands or an accident might occur. And should the time come that the LifeLite might need to be used for its intended purpose, it gives the owner a chance to deter a dangerous threat without ending a life or potentially shooting a bullet through a wall or object where it might strike an innocent.

At the end of the day, nothing is certain but death and taxes. Nothing, not a firearm nor a panic room or armed security can keep anyone or anything safe from every threat. But preparedness brings both the ability to survive a dangerous situation and the peace of mind of knowing something has been done to offer a measure of safety and protection in dangerous times. For personal defense, for home defense and for a myriad of situations, the LifeLite is an outstanding option for protection that should be seriously considered. 

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