Push Unite Goggle Review

Push Unite Paintball Goggle Review

Push Paintball Goggle Review

Making paintball goggles isn’t an easy job. When a company decides to step up to the plate and design, manufacture and sell a paintball mask, they’re making a conscious decision to create a product tasked with keeping a player’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth and face safe. A product like that can’t have a bad day, or take even a moment of a game off – it has to work perfectly every single moment the player is wearing it in a paintball game. Building and selling a paintball goggle system is a sacred responsibility that no manufacturer in the game takes lightly, as the wearer is literally trusting their eyes and their safety to that product whenever they put it on. Add to that the challenge of producing a set of paintball goggles good enough to be worn by the very best players and teams in the game, and you’ve built a hill for your brand that’s extremely difficult to climb. Not only has Push climbed that mountain, they’ve climbed it successfully and planted their flag at the top of the paintball goggle podium. The Push Unite paintball goggle is one of the very best paintball goggles in the game!

Push Unite goggles

Paintball goggles come in many shapes and sizes, styles, colors, and even prices, all designed around the core concept of keeping the player behind the lens safe during a game of paintball. Some of these paintball goggles are designed as affordable, entry level paintball facemasks, others as mid-level, all-around paintball goggles with more features, improved comfort and better performance, and still others occupy the highest rungs on the ladder, offering the longest lists of standard features, the very best performance and attractive style, and they’re priced accordingly. The Push Unite paintball goggle occupies that final option – a high-performance, pro-level paintball goggle designed to deliver the ultimate combination of style, protection and performance. Make no mistake – this is no cheap paintball mask: the Push Unite is reserved for those who require the very best combination of comfort, performance and style in their paintball goggles for competition at the highest levels or long hours behind their paintball gun on a scenario battlefield!


The Push Unite paintball goggle starts with a sleek, slimline design that, once on the player, makes for a tight profile and minimal target presented to opponents as they play the game. As such, the Unite goggle can be a tight fit on larger players. However, most paintball players will find the fit comfortable and contoured without being confining. This contoured fit allows a player to shoulder their paintball gun and pull it closer to their face for accurate snap shooting, a stable stance and proper form, without the facemask pressing against an air tank and altering the fit or face seal of the goggles. The Push mask, with its integrated soft ear protection, an adjustable nose bridge and optimized air flow, is comfortable even when worn for long periods and does not pinch on the forehead, nose or behind the ears. For optimum safety and convenience, Push goggles even offer a magnetic chin strap that’s easy to buckle with one hand! 

Unlike some modern goggles that are “all lens” with a minimal facemask, or that present hard plastic to opponents that will assuredly break any paintball that comes along, the Push goggle provides plenty of vertical and horizontal vision without looking like a space helmet. The dual-injection molded mask is rigid enough to offer effective protection while remaining lightweight and comfortable. The Push Unite goggle lens is optically correct and held in place with a quick-change system allowing a player to swap lenses for optimum performance in various light conditions or perform a quick-clean between points in a tournament pit between games. Push goggle lenses are available in various colors, mirrors and even gradients, all offering thermal anti-fog performance, that allow a Push Unite goggle owner to tailor their look to any style or select a lens ideal for any light or playing conditions, from the woods to tournament turf.

Push Goggles & More!

The Push Unite goggle is available as a more basic and affordable Push Unite Base model, or in various models, colors and styles of the Push Unite, with its long list of features and advancements. Currently worn by top professional teams like Infamous and Seattle Thunder to compete in professional paintball events in the National XBall League, the Push Unite paintball goggle has proven itself more than capable of keeping even the best paintball players in the world safe, comfortable, stylish and seeing clearly on the paintball field as they run, slide, dive, shoot and shout their way towards the podium.

The Push Unite family of paintball goggles may not be cheap paintball goggles, but the buyer truly receives a refined, world-class product for the price they pay. For serious paintball players who demand top performance from their paintball gear and require their paintball goggles to deliver superior, fog-free vision, the Push Unite is at the top of the list. Safe, comfortable, packed with advanced features and offering unique, unmistakable style, the Push Unite is one of the very best paintball goggles in the game!

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