Santa's Paintball Naughty & Nice Lists!

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Naughty or Nice - Paintball Christmas Checklist!

He's making a list & checking it twice - are you a naughty paintball player, or nice?

We all know paintball’s a game of doing unto others before they do unto you! But that doesn’t mean the game can’t be played in a friendly, sportsmanlike manner so everyone can have fun! As paintball players approach the holiday season wishing for that new paintball gun, a new loader, new paintball goggle or a pack and pods under the tree while they await the start of the new paintball year, ‘Tis the season for finding out if your favorite paintball player is naughty or nice!

*Disclaimer – Santa Claus is not an employee of Valken Sports, and Valken and supplies him with paintball and airsoft equipment on a contractual, independent basis for use as Christmas presents only. Valken hereby affirms that a paintball player’s acceptance of the terms of this list as “naughty” or “nice” does not, in-fact, constitute evidence that may cause such a player to be placed on the “Naughty List” this Christmas or at any time throughout the Holiday Season. Some assembly required, batteries not included. Offer void where prohibited.

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Everyone probably knows what a “nice” paintball player looks like and how they act at the field. These are the boys and girls that Santa’s really going to be nice to when it’s time to come downstairs and look under the tree! A nice paintball player is polite, sportsmanlike and is always willing to help a new player learn the game! A nice paintball player doesn’t leave a trail of garbage like empty food wrappers, torn-open paintball bags and empty cardboard paint boxes all over the place at the paintball field – they pick up after themselves - and they probably don’t hesitate to lend a hand around the local field with everything from reffing games to blowing up bunkers if the need arises! Nice paintball players come out when they’re shot if the ball breaks and when they see a new player walking around without a barrel cover, taking their goggles off, or about to spill their paintballs all over the place, they come over to lend a friendly, polite piece of advice to keep them safe and having fun! Let’s face it – Santa loves a paintball player who makes their local paintball field a better place, and helps paintball grow! Not to put too fine a point on it, but we’re pretty sure nice paintball players shoot Valken Graffiti paintballs too.

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Then there’s the dark side. The other side of the paintball coin. The paintball players certain to wind up with a lump of coal in their stocking, otherwise known around the holidays as “Naughty.” We all know a Naughty paintball player or two down at the local paintball field. They show up and try to creep in without paying their field fee and you’ll definitely never see them lending a hand inflating bunkers or otherwise helping their local, hard-working field owner make their place better for everyone. The naughty paintball players are the ones you can find standing ankle deep in garbage in their staging area and you won’t see them gathering up their empty paint boxes or bags to put them in the dumpster or trash can before they leave. On the field, the naughty ones are just as bad – they’ll get rid of a hit, and we don’t mean sliding into the corner maybe it broke maybe it didn’t. They never hesitate to overshoot and bonus-ball, and when it comes to beating up the newer players, they’re all for it. You know who you are: the naughty paintball players who yell, talk smack and curse around the birthday parties and parents and think you’re too cool to use a barrel cover. That time you got in an opponent’s face and dumped your hopper out after a point? Santa saw that. *player pictured at left is in-fact on the Nice list - he just did very naughty things to the other team that game

Be Nice for a Merry Paintball Christmas!

It’s bad enough to be a naughty paintball player around Christmastime and wind up with Santa, who sees you doing all this stuff (it’s right there in the song), disappointed in you. But what about the rest of the year? Maybe it’s time to clean up your game just a little bit. Go easier on the walk-ons and the newer players to help them learn and fall in love with the game like we did! Maybe come out on the goggle hits next time? If you’re not going to help your local paintball field owner keep his place clean and make it better for the rest of the customers, at least head over to the counter and pay your field fee so he or she can keep the lights on, pay the refs and give you a nice place to play paintball! If you’re not going to at least try to be nice for the presents around Christmastime, how about trying to be a little nicer to make the rest of the paintball world a better place?

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