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The Art of Precision

Valken Airsoft BB's

Many brands of airsoft BB’s claim to be of precision grade, but what does it truly mean for an airsoft BB to be precision grade quality? The bottom line, up front, is that it is all about the manufacturing process and quality control. Let’s look at the Valken Accelerate ProMatch plastic non- biodegradable BB’s, which are highly polished, precision grade airsoft BB’s.

Valken Airsoft BB's

These ProMatch airsoft BB’s are made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene resin, otherwise known as ABS. Using ABS reduces the occurrence of air pockets and deformation, which gives a balanced weight that allows the BB to travel at a consistent velocity and trajectory. That means accurate airsoft BB’s. The best airsoft BB’s are the airsoft BB’s that shoot straight and hit what you aim at!

So now let’s look into how we get to the finished product. It all starts with the inventory management of raw materials. Our factory maintains an inventory rate of more than 95%, which means the amount of raw materials required to meet demand is almost 1:1. This ensures there is not a shortfall of the finished product.

Next, our factory uses high tech, modern machinery to form that raw material into a batch of airsoft BB’s through the technique of injection molding. Each batch is set to a specific formula, which dictates its weight and color. This batch of airsoft BB’s now passes through Ultrasonic Monitoring for identifying the transmittance of acoustic energy and speed of sound through the ABS plastic. Any BB that is found to have any air pockets are removed.

After passing ultrasonic testing, the batch goes through precision grinding, cleaning, and polishing to give the BB’s that very smooth exterior. Having a highly polished surface means the accuracy and flight path are more consistent as the BB rotates through the air. But it doesn’t go to packaging quite yet.

Next up is quality control. Each batch is sorted through finely tuned quality control machines. If the BB is smaller than 5.95mm, it will fall through the machine and be collected in a separate receptacle. If the BB is greater than 5.95mm, it will be ejected into another separate receptacle. Once the precision airsoft BB’s pass automated quality control, they go to another station where random sampling by hand is conducted. Any BB’s that were rejected by ultrasonic testing or quality control go back into the regrind of raw material and are reformed. So every ounce of material is exhaustively used.

Valken Airsoft BB's

Now our batch is ready for packaging, which is also automated to ensure precise BB count. Valken Accelerate ProMatch Airsoft BB’s are packaged in 2,500 and 5,000 count square bottles and colored labels. The bottles are square in shape, so they don’t roll off the table and possibly break open on the floor. The different colored labels are for quick and easy identification of specified weights of the BB’s. 

To maintain such a high-volume operation, which can produce up to 10 tons of BB’s daily, it also requires extensive environmental treatment systems in order to protect the environment, such as an air pollution treatment system and wastewater system. To recycle water from our factory, it all starts with a Dewatering Machine that takes wastewater from imperfect batches and grinds them down to 98% of the wasted material so it can be recycled and reformed into new BB’s. The wastewater is now free of physical solids and passes through an Ultrafiltration device (UF). Finally, the water goes through an effluent tank and later returned as clean water back into the environment.

In conclusion, Valken Accelerate ProMatch Airsoft BB’s are not only made with the highest quality materials possible, but the process to create these BB’s also includes recycling and protecting the environment.

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